WWE NXT: Adam Cole defeated Bronson Reed in main event

WWE, Adam Cole Credit: WWE.com
WWE, Adam Cole Credit: WWE.com /

Samoa Joe was on a rampage and rightfully so on this week’s edition of WWE NXT. While that situation needed to play out, there was a wealth of other activities across both the men’s and women’s divisions. Plus, the NXT Breakout Tournament continued this week, with another competitor moving into the second round.

The first match of the night was tag team action. Pete Dunne and Oney Lorcan were facing Tommaso Ciampa and Timothy Thatcher.

Thatcher and Dunne started things off with both men looking to grapple early. They traded positions for much of the initial stages of the match, with neither man able to get a clear advantage.

They tag in Ciampa and Lorcan who continue the grapple fest until Ciampa locks in a headlock. Lorcan chops Ciampa first, which causes the latter to throw his own series of chops. Lorcan gets knocked out the ring but is immediately brought back inside.

Ciampa and Thatcher exchange tags but when Dunne returns to the match he takes over. He levels Ciampa with a clothesline and all four men are in the ring brawling. Ciampa and Dunne fight inside the ring while Lorcan and Thatcher fight outside.

When the action returns to the ring Lorcan and Dunne are in control. Lorcan and Thatcher exchange blows but when Ciampa comes back in he goes off on both men. Dunne lands a big German Suplex, followed up by an armbar by Ciampa.

Just when it looks like Ciampa and Thatcher are about to win, Ridge Holland returns. He attacks Thatcher, leaving Ciampa alone. Dunne hits the Bitter End to pick up the victory.

Pete Dunne and Oney Lorcan defeat Timothy Thatcher and Tommaso Ciampa.

Josh Briggs and Carmelo Hayes were out next to compete in the NXT Breakout Tournament.

Hayes was at a major disadvantage in size and strength. Briggs was ready to toss Hayes around and was doing so early in the match. Finally, Hayes was able to knock him into the corner and picked up the pace with a dropkick to Briggs’s knee. That momentum was killed when Briggs tossed Hayes outside the ring.

Hayes lured Briggs outside the ring and pounced on him once Briggs slowly tried to climb back in. He was able to ground the big man with a springboard leg drop before locking in a front headlock. That position helped get Briggs down to one knee, but the big man ran through Hayes with a back elbow.

Briggs had Hayes grounded then tossed him down and hit a splash. Hayes kicked out at two. Hayes countered, sending Briggs into the corner, and picked up the offense. Briggs went for a chokeslam but Hayes countered into a codebreaker. Briggs kicked out at two. Briggs landed a massive, big boot and a chokeslam. Hayes was barely able to kick out at 2.5.

Briggs went for a sidewalk slam but Hayes countered into a tilt-a-whirl takedown. He went to the top rope for a leg drop to the back of the head. That was enough to pick up the pinfall.

Carmelo Hayes defeated Josh Briggs by pinfall.

Women’s tag team action was next. Franky Monet and Jessie Kamea were out to compete against Kayden Carter and Kacy Catanzaro.

It didn’t take long before Kacy and Kayden broke out high-paced tag team moves against Kamea, with Kayden nearly pinning her. Kamea landed a big boot to Kayden’s face, knocking her to the mat before tagging in Franky.

Franky was in firm control, even after Kayden landed a stiff slap to the face. Kayden tried to fight out of the corner, but Franky mounted her and threw punches. Robert Stone made the mistake of distracting Franky, giving Kacy the opportunity to hit a 450 onto Franky, pinning her for the win.

Kayden Carter and Kacy Catanzaro defeated Franky Monet and Jessi Kamea via pinfall.

Hit Row were out for tag team action against Imperium.

Adonis and Barthel started things off. Adonis tried to use his quickness early but Barthel’s power was able to take over. Adonis had some better luck against Aichner until a nasty clothesline dropped him to the mat.

Top Dolla was tagged in and the momentum shifted. Aichner was unable to match his power as Dolla landed a knee to Aichner’s face. He and Adonis hit some tag offense but Aichner tagged out at two. Swerve and B Fab were able to run a distraction to help Adonis get back on his feet and landing some offense of his own.

Adonis couldn’t stay in control forever however, and Barthel was able to stop him from tagging out by locking in an ankle lock. Adonis missed an enziguri and that allowed Aichner to tag back in. They isolated him on their side of the ring and continued the beat down. Adonis finally got over to Dolla for the tag.

Dolla landed a big sidewalk slam and followed it up with an elbow drop. Barthel broke up the pinfall before the three counts. Legado del Fantasma interfered and that allowed Imperium to take out Adonis to get the victory.

Imperium defeated Hit Row via pinfall.

Bronson Reed versus Adam Cole was the main event of the evening.

Cole immediately with after Reed’s legs to cut the big man down. The strategy was working at first until Reed pressed Cole high into the air and landed an elbow drop to follow up. Cole’s experience allowed him to slow Reed down, wrapping his legs up in the ropes while keeping him trapped in the corner.

Cole locked in submission holds on the bigger man, but Reed was not about to submit. With Reed grounded, Cole remained firmly in control, slowing down the pace of the match. Reed was able to fight back, ended his offense with a senton that led to a two-count.

Cole dropped Reed with a big knee to the face, but Reed kicked out at two. Reed fired back with chops, but Cole hit the Panama Sunrise for another two-count. Reed landed a big clothesline and a powerbomb. He went up top for the Tsunami but Cole moved out of the way.

Cole landed a superkick and then the Last Shot to get the pinfall victory.

Adam Cole defeated Bronson Reed via pinfall.