Why Ricky Starks is a Future Main Eventer in AEW

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Ricky Starks returned to in-ring action on Fyter Fest Night 1, after being forced out of action for almost three months. Even with a “minor” neck fracture, Starks remained a notable character on AEW Dark and Dynamite.

The Team Taz member has been spotted hosting “AEW Starks” alongside Excalibur and Taz on AEW Dark, leading backstage promos, standing at ringside, or bickering in segments with Brian Cage. In each instance, he was the main attraction. Ricky Starks was made for television.

Consider the talent he must possess for his match at Fyter Fest Night 1 to be an FTW Title Match! A title match, by the way, that had a solid storyline that never faltered, even with the injury, and continues today.

Richy Starks will be a future main eventer for AEW

Starks is a charismatic heel. He breaks the traditional wrestling rules that require a heel to be booed and a face to be cheered. For that sanctified mold to be broken, the crowd must really latch on to an endearing part of the character. Endearing doesn’t mean the character has to be soft or extremely palatable, Stone Cold Steve Austin being the prime example.

Ricky Starks is self-assured in an unshakeable way. He exudes this trait with every movement and every word. This gives him the room to put a comedic spin on his act when appropriate, and not lose his edge. He does this while also giving us the viewers little room to doubt his abilities.

Finally, Starks is a great in-ring performer. He has been wrestling for a decade across many indy promotions including the National Wrestling Alliance and Inspire Pro Wrestling. When you watch his older matches, you will find that he is still a fan favorite. The crowd recognized a star.

Starks might be smaller than the wrestler archetype in America, but after that stalled sit-out powerbomb during his title match against Brian Cage, you can rest assured that Starks will hold his own when he reaches the main event scene.

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