WWE NXT: Johnny Gargano defeated Dexter Lumis in main event

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NXT TakeOver 36 is a few short weeks out and there’s a lot of action to look forward to on that big event. But before that night is to happen, another edition of WWE NXT went down on Wednesday night. With names like Hit Row, Legado del Fantasma, Diamond Mine, Pete Dunne, and more in action – this show was going to set the tone heading into that WWE Network special.

The night started off with tag team action as Hit Row took on Legado del Fantasma.

The match starts off with a brawl between two teams, with Hit Row standing tall in the middle of the ring. Adonis and Mendoza end up in the ring together with Adonis getting the early advantage. Mendoza didn’t stay down for long, but Adonis cut him off with a DDT. Adonis misses a crossbody, giving Mendoza the opportunity to tag out to Wilde. Adonis was isolated for a moment before tagging in Dolla to make the switch.

Dolla brings out the power game which switches the tone of the match. Neither Wilde nor Mendoza could deal with Dolla’s strength, but when he tagged Adonis back into the ring, they were able to get back on the advantage. Both Escobar Santos and the other members of Hit Row attempt to make the distraction on the outside, but it’s Mendoza that takes advantage of Adonis on the outside.

Wilde and Mendoza kept Adonis isolated once again but were unable to pin him. He even kicked out of a double suplex. Adonis finally gets to Dolla to make the tag, but Santos gets involved once again, this time hitting Dolla with a steel chair to cause the disqualification.

Hit Row defeated Legado del Fantasma via disqualification.

Ridge Holland took on Ikemen Jiro next in what was a one-sided destruction.

Holland brought out the power game early and Jiro did the best he could to fight out of the worst of the positions. He even got off some of his own offense against Holland, landing some punches, but it didn’t have much of an effect.


Outside the ring, Holland hit a pounce that knocked Jiro into the barrier. After a big suplex, Holland committed the ultimate sin, snatching off Jiro’s jacket. Multiple suplexes follow, even as Jiro continues to try to get back to his feet. After piling on the abuse, Holland plants Jiro in the middle of the ring and pins him for the win.

Ridge Holland defeated Ikemen Jiro via pinfall.

Bobby Fish and Roderick Strong are a long way from their time together in Undisputed Era. The two men met in a singles match on Wednesday.

Strong struggled to get out of the gate as Fish was able to beat him to the punch and better positions in early scrambles. During the picture and picture segment, Fish continued to batter Strong with kicks, punches, and knees in the corner.

The two men ended up standing square in the middle of the ring, throwing strikes back and forth. It would be Strong getting the upper-hand, stomping Fish who was face down on the mat. He attempted a pin from a suplex, but Fish immediately kicked out. Fish tried to battle back but took a backbreaker for his trouble. The backbreakers continued to come as Strong kept wearing Fish down.

Fish swung things in his way, landing a quick combination on Strong, then a sliding clothesline for a two-count. Fish attempted to lock in a submission, but Strong broke the hold by pushing him into the corner before hitting another belly-to-back suplex. Strong’s momentum continued to build but Fish would not go away. Fish attempted to go up to the top rope, but Strong pushed him down to the outside. Fish landed a stiff knee into a backbreaker on the knees for the victory.


Roderick Strong defeated Bobby Fish via pinfall.

LA Knight and Cameron Grimes teamed up to face off against Grizzled Young Veterans.

Grimes and Gibson started things out, but Knight quickly tagged in the match. Grimes got the wrong end of the stick when he was tagged back in and GYV were able to take control, isolating him away from Knight. Gibson locked in a sleeper on Grimes, slowing down any momentum he was creating. Grimes finally freed himself and nearly tagged in Knight, but Knight jumped off the apron, leaving Grimes alone.

Grimes went into the fight alone and started rolling early, hitting a double head-scissors takedown on both men. Grimes nearly pinned Drake but only ended up getting a two-count. Grimes was distracted before going for the Cave-In. He was then caught with the Ticket to Mayhem and pinned in the center of the ring.

Grizzled Young Veterans defeated LA Knight and Cameron Grimes via pinfall.

Trey Baxter and Joe Gacy were up next for the final match in the NXT Breakout Tournament.

Baxter attempted to use his quickness but Gacy was all about the power game, grounding the smaller man time and time again. Baxter was able to get a little space between the two of them, but Gacy was right back all over him. He’d even hit a big suplex on Baxter from the apron, bringing him back into the ring.

Baxter knocked Gacy from the ring and followed it up with a series of dives between each and over the top ropes. Baxter was able to make it through to the semifinals after hitting a 450 stomp onto Gacy’s chest, picking up the victory.


Trey Baxter defeated Joe Gacy via pinfall.

Johnny Gargano and Dexter Lumis were competing in a “Love her or leave her” match in the main event.

Gargano attempted to grapple Lumis early, but Lumis landed multiple drop kicks, forcing the former champion from the ring. Lumis made the mistake of following him outside, only to get suplexes onto the floor.

Both men continued to exchange attacks until Lumis slide out of the ring and crawled under the apron. Indi Hartwell followed him under the ring, only to be dragged out by Austin Theory and Candice LeRae. Lumis was at the mercy of Gargano who took advantage of the moment, getting him back in the ring.

Lumis was able to fight back to his feet in the ring, battering Gargano with punches and a bulldog out of the corner. Gargano kicked out of the two-count and turned things around when he tossed Lumis out to the floor. Lumis countered the slingshot spear, using the top rope for a springboard Falcon Arrow. Gargano kicked out at two.

Lumis missed from the top rope, allowing Gargano to plant a superkick in his face. Lumis and Gargano stood in the middle of the ring throwing punches back and forth. With both men staggering they landed their own versions of superkicks. Lumis missed an elbow dropped and Gargano answered with the Gargano Escape. Gargano pushed Lumis into Hartwell on the apron, which opened the door for Gargano to DDT him on the floor. He would finish off Lumis with One Final Beat to get the win.

Johnny Gargano defeated Dexter Lumis via pinfall.