WWE SummerSlam 2021 Rapid Fire Match Card Predictions

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AJ Styles & Omos (c) vs. RKBro [Raw Tag Team Titles]

After defeating the Viking Raiders at Money in the Bank and again in a rematch two weeks later, the only other babyface tag team left in the Raw Tag Division who would be top contenders to AJ Styles and Omos would be RKBro. In fact, the seeds have already been planted for that title bout since Riddle and AJ Styles have been screwing each other in high stake matches, and Riddle even recently lost to Omos this week. Hopefully, Randy Orton returns outta nowhere to help Riddle at some point.

As for the winners of this match, RKBro will win because they have been the major highlight on Raw each week and would thereby make the Raw Tag Team Titles eminently prestigious with the work they have been doing. Styles and Omos’ title reign has not been that eventful, and it’s probably best for Styles to perform as a singles star again with Omos as his bodyguard. RKBro can have a very fun title reign until Orton inevitably turns on Riddle to cost them the belts, sparking a feud where Orton can either give Riddle the rub or put him over as a future main eventer.

Rapid Fire Prediction: RKBro

Usos (c) vs. Mysterios [SmackDown Tag Team Titles]

Since the Mysterios lost the tag titles at MITB, they seem to be aiming towards a rematch for those tag titles at SummerSlam. Although this tag match has already occurred two times on SmackDown and one time on PPV, the Usos and Mysterios continue to tell good stories in the ring as a way to keep the fans invested in their upcoming title match. Although it’s predictable, this SummerSlam match should be a memorable end to their feud before the champions move on to new challengers and the contenders get to the back of the line in this infinitesimal tag division.

As for the winners of this match, Usos will win because they recently won the tag titles at MITB and should continue their dominance in the Bloodline alongside Universal Champion Roman Reigns. This time, Usos should win clean against Mysterios to solidify their title reign, instead of cheating to win as they did at MITB. The next opponents for Usos should be the Street Profits, who is the only other babyface tag team in the division, but they need a win over Alpha Academy to gain sufficient momentum for another title opportunity.

Rapid Fire Prediction: Usos