WWE SummerSlam 2021 Rapid Fire Match Card Predictions

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Drew McIntyre vs. Jinder Mahal [Grudge Match]

It was foreseeable that Drew McIntyre would be in a major program at SummerSlam. Instead of booking McIntyre in another title match with WWE Champion Bobby Lashley, the WWE decided to book McIntyre in a non-title program that is still important and worthy of his main event status.

The currently teased program with Jinder Mahal could be the trick to preventing McIntyre from becoming an unbearable title contender. It is unfortunate that the crux of this feud involves swords and motorbikes instead of their 3MB history. However, that nonsense is expected on Raw.

As for the winner of this match, McIntyre will win because he needs to regain his momentum after losing the WWE Title. In order to reach the upper echelons of the pro wrestling world, McIntyre needs to gradually work his way back up the card once he loses in a big title match.

Hogging the title picture each month will neither help his babyface appeal towards the fans nor his long-term momentum. A break from the title picture is needed and this feud he has going on with Jinder Mahal should get him back on the fan’s good side in the long term.

Rapid Fire Prediction: Drew McIntyre

Edge vs. Seth Rollins [Grudge Match]

Before Edge lost to Roman Reigns at MITB, the seeds were already planted for a SummerSlam program between Edge and Rollins. Not only was the program heavily rumored but Edge deliberately took the title shot that Rollins claimed first after talking to management.

Rollins was clearly upset about this on Talking Smack and screwed Edge in his title match against Reigns as his way of getting his revenge against Edge while calling back to the time he tried to break his neck in 2014. Now is the time for Edge to get his revenge at SummerSlam.

As for the winner of this match, Edge will win as payback against Rollins for trying to break his neck in 2014. After losing to Reigns at both WrestleMania and MITB, Edge needs that consolation victory at SummerSlam in front of the fans.

It can be argued that Rollins needs the win more to get back into the title picture. However, Rollins is already established enough to find a loophole into a title opportunity whenever he wants at this point. Losing to Edge won’t necessarily stop him from getting a title opportunity for either the WWE or Universal Championship.

Rapid Fire Prediction: Edge