WWE NXT: Pete Dunne defeats Ilja Dragunov in main event

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News about WWE NXT has been painful over the last week, leaving fans wondering what is next for the third “brand” in WWE. However, that did not turn fans away from another edition of WWE NXT. As the promotion heads closer to NXT TakeOver 36, there was a lot to build toward with another Tuesday and another night of NXT action.

Dakota Kai and Sarray were out for a singles match in the women’s division. Kai is heading toward a singles match for the NXT Women’s Championship at TakeOver, but she had a tough matchup with the undefeated competitor in front of her.

The two women start off exchanging offense back and forth. Kai attempts to taunt Sarray, but she ends up getting planted on her neck and head. Sarray then goes to work on the ground as the fans continue to cheer her on. Kai had to resort to some underhanded tactics to get out of the submission attacks, and she then goes on the offense. She follows up with two pinfall attempts that Sarray kicks out of both times.

Kai’s offense continues to roll, but she cannot secure a pinfall. Sarray puts Kai in another unique submission hold, but Kai gets to the bottom rope to break the hold. Now it is Sarray going for pin attempts, but Kai is the one able to kick out. She lands a big German Suplex, but once again she cannot get the pinfall. Kai was in control once again, but that did not keep her from eating Sarray’s trademark low dropkick on the ropes. Sarray goes for it again but Kai moves, giving Kai the opening for a big boot. Sarray was rolling but Kai landing the Scorpion Kick in the corner to pick up the victory.

Dakota Kai defeated Sarray via pinfall.

LA Knight was out next for singles action against Andre Chase. Chase did not offer much in the way of a challenge though. Even though he hit two big arm drags, that did not stop Knight from using the middle rope and putting him away after planting his face into the mat.

LA Knight wins via pinfall.

Gigi Dolin was out next in singles action against Amari Miller.

Dolin knocked Miller to the ground easily to start the match, and the two ended up exchanging holds with Dolin getting the first advantage. Miller landed a nice clothesline into a back elbow and neck breaker takedown. Dolin took back over, focusing on Miller’s arm.

Dolin planted Miller with a slam out of the abdominal stretch with a unique move get the victory.

Gigi Dolin defeated Armani Miller via pinfall.

Trey Baxter and Odyssey Jones were out for the next match in the NXT Breakout Tournament.

Jones brought out the power game early and Baxter did not have much of an answer. Jones launched him across the ring and off the top rope with ease. Baxter was able to get to Jones’s back and attempt a sleeper, but Jones tossed him aside.

Baxter hit a DDT and finally got Jones off his feet but the big man kicked out at two. Jones planted Baxter with a modified Uranage to get the victory.

Odyssey Jones defeated Trey Baxter to move on to the finals of the NXT Breakout Tournament.

Boa was out for singles action against Drake Maverick.

Maverick charged out of the corner and was met with kicks to start the match. Maverick attempted to comeback but a shot to the throat slowed him down. Maverick went to Boa’s legs again, but another thrust to the chest dropped him. Boa isolated Maverick’s arm while delivering kicks to his body and slamming him to the match.

Maverick picked up the pace and was able to knock Boa down. He followed up with a flipping dive onto Boa outside the ring. Ying spit some mist into Maverick’s eyes outside the ring and when he stumbled back inside Boa landed a kick to the back of his head to get the win.

Boa defeated Drake Maverick via pinfall.

Ilja Dragunov versus Pete Dunne were the main event of the night.

Dunne takes Dragunov to the mat with a hammerlock to start the match. Dunne keeps control of the arm to keep his opponent grounded. Dragunov was able to counter, tying Dunne up in his own fashion before he was able to lock in an armbar.

They fought back to their feet until Dunne locked in an attack on Dragunov’s legs. The tide turned when Dragunov hit a stiff hip toss, floating over into a headlock. Dunne landed a knee to the face and a kick to the spine that slowed Dragunov down. Dragunov hit Dunne with a clothesline before following up with a kick to the head. He hit a suplex out of the corner and a knee drop from the middle turnbuckle. Dunne kicked out at two.

Dunne turned things around when he countered Dragunov coming off the top rope with an elbow to the face. Dunne was in firm control, kicking Dragunov while he was on the ground. Dragunov fought back to his feet and the two men started blasting each other in the face with strikes. They would both end up on the ground after Dragunov hit a discuss clothesline. Dragunov slammed Dunne to the mat from the half nelson position but only scored a two-count.

Dunne transitioned from submission holds, ending in a triangle choke but Dragunov fought out. Dragunov turned the position into a powerbomb, following up with a forearm but Dunne kicked out. Dunne attempted to hit the Bitter End but Dragunov countered out of it. Dunne rolled into an armbar but he rolled out into another pinning suplex but Dunne kicked out. Dragunov hit a big senton from the top.

Before he could finish off Dunne, Walter’s music would hit and he would show up on the ramp. Dunne used that moment to attack but Dragunov countered. Dunne hit the Bitter End and picked up the victory.

Pete Dunne defeated Ilja Dragunov via pinfall.