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Tonight, the first episode of AEW Rampage debuted on TNT, and had a stacked lineup of 3 title bouts, featuring Kenny Omega vs. Christian Cage for the Impact World Championship, Miro vs. Fuego del Sol for the TNT Championship, and Britt Baker vs. Red Velvet for the AEW World Women’s Championship.

The show started  off right away, with Christian’s music hitting and making his way to the ring.

Kenny Omega (c) (The Elite) w/ Don Callis vs. Christian Cage: Impact World Championship

Omega and Christian locked up, and Christian got the first blow with a shoulder tackle as the men cheered. Christian flipped off Omega, and the crowd popped huge. Omega faked a test of strength, booted Christian, and chopped him. Omega went for One Winged Angel, but Christian countered into the Killswitch, and Omega bailed from the ring before he could hit it.

Omega hit some chops in the corner and hit a corner charge. He went for a dive, but Christian countered and hit a dropkick. Christian ended up on the top rope, but Omega shoved him to the floor. Omega started getting the heat on Cage, shoving him into the guardrail and choking him on the ropes.

Omega went for a suplex, but Christian countered it into a snap suplex. Omega put Christian on the top rope and went for a suplex, but Christian blocked it and hit a sunset flip powerbomb on Omega. Christian took control here and went for the Killswitch, but Omega elbowed out of it and hit You Can’t Escape, including an elbow to Christian on the way down from the moonsault.

Christian slipped behind Omega and hit a reverse DDT. Christian charged right at Omega, but Omega nailed him with a V-Trigger, then a powerbomb, and another V-Trigger for a 2 count. This was a great false finish. Omega picked Christian up for the One Winged Angel, but Christian fought it and Omega went for a deadlift German, but Christian grabbed the ropes.

Omega went for another V-Trigger, but Christian dodged and Omega hit the turnbuckle before Christian hit a spear for a near fall. Christian picked up Omega, but Omega hit two snap dragon suplexes. Omega called for another V-Trigger but he rolled to the apron and snaped Omega’s neck on the ropes before hitting a frog splash for another awesome near fall. The crowd was on their feet at this point.

Don Callis distracted the referee and Omega low blowed Omega. The Young Bucks came down and handed a chair to Omega. Omega went for the One Winged Angel onto the upright chair, but Christian countered and hit a Killswitch onto the chair! The referee turned around and counted the pinfall! We have a new Impact World Champion!

Result: Christian Cage

Rating: ****1/2 (4.5 stars)

This was a fantastic match between these two, and now I can’t wait to see what they do at All Out. This was a great start to the show. Christian looked outstanding in this match, and he will help Impact a lot too, as he is a legend there. This also gives Christian some much needed credibility heading into AEW All Out as Hangman is off due to paternity leave, and you know this match is going to be great.

Mark Henry interviewed Christian Cage after the match, and Cage talked about how hard it was to beat Omega, and he promised he was going to take Omega’s titles one at a time, but now that he took the Impact World Championship, he knew he could take the AEW World Championship from Omega at AEW All Out. This was a fantastic promo.

A hype video aired for Miro vs. Fuego del Sol, and they highlighted how much this match meant to him, as he wanted the AEW contract and wanted the TNT title. This was a nice little package to get Fuego del Sol over.

Miro (c) vs. Fuego del Sol: TNT Championship Match

Before the match began, Fuego hit a tornado DDT, which stunned Miro when Lee Johnson did it, and it stunned Miro here. Del Sol hit a Tornado DDT off the top rope and Miro fell to the floor and almost got counted out. Fuego hit a 3rd once Miro got back in the ring, but Miro kicked out at 2, but just barely.

Fuego del Sol went for another, but Miro caught him and hit a Samoan Drop. Miro then took Fuego’s head off with a kick and indicated he was going to lock on Game Over. Miro locked it on, and Fuego del Sol tapped out.

This was a glorious squash match. Miro absolutely killed him, but Fuego del Sol looked fantastic in losing, hitting 3 big moves and almost getting the win. I really liked the tie back to the match with Lee Johnson, and that one of Fuego’s big moves is the tornado DDT, so this was about as good a 3-minute match you could ever get. That is how it’s done. Miro tore up the contract that was going to be offered Fuego del Sol.

After they came back from break, Sammy Guevara’s music hit, and he came out with Tony Khan. Khan passed Guevara a clipboard, and walked down to the ring. Guevara said that del Sol has been with AEW for a year over the pandemic, and even though he had a losing record, the fans loved him, and Guevara wanted to be the first person to hand him an AEW contract because Fuego del Sol is one of his best friends. Fuego burst into tears, and hugged Guevara. This was so great.

Mark Henry did a split screen interview with Red Velvet and Britt Baker, talking about their upcoming main event.

Britt Baker (c) w/ Rebel (not Reba) vs. Red Velvet: AEW Women’s World Championship

Baker went for the Lockjaw right away, but Red Velvet countered and went for the Final Slice, but Baker countered that. The crowed booed all of the chain wrestling Red Velvet did and cheered Baker every time she countered. That was some nice mat work. They continued this for a few minutes.

Baker went for a corner charge, but Red Velvet dodged and Baker hit her broken wrist on the top turnbuckle. Velvet worked over the arm a bit before hitting a leg lariat off the ropes. Velvet hit a moonsault press for a 2-count. Baker countered Velvet and hit a curb stomp on Velvet. Baker curb stomped Velvet into the bottom rope and Rebel choked her on the rope when Baker distracted the referee.

Velvet hit a neckbreaker on Baker and started hitting some punches in the corner and went for a big kick, but Baker ducked. Velvet blocked a clothesline hurting her wrist. Baker hit a Twist and Shout, and went for the Lockjaw again, but Velvet countered and pulled off the cast Baker was wearing and ripped off her glove.

The referee threw Rebel out, and as Baker turned around, she ate a superkick and then a moonsault off the top rope, but Baker kicked out. Baker fought back and hit a curb stomp again for a 2 count. Velvet countered a strike attempt and went for the Lockjaw herself, and even tried to roll back into the middle of the ring, but Baker countered and went for the Lockjaw again, but Velvet hammered on Baker’s hand which forced her to let go. Baker then floated to the other side and locked on the Lockjaw with her other arm, and finally got the tap out.

Result: Britt Baker

Rating: ***1/4 (3.25 stars)

Baker attacked Velvet after the match hitting another Twist and Shout before going for another curb stomp on Velvet to the championship. Kris Statlander ran in and attacked Baker, but Jamie Hayter returned and saved Baker, and Baker was able to hit the curb stomp onto the title to the delight of the crowd. Baker then posed with Hayter. This seemed to be the backup she was hinting at a few shows ago.

Final Show Rating: ****1/2 (4.5 stars)

This was a great first edition of AEW Rampage, that had 3 distinctly difference matches all with memorable moments. I don’t think I’ll forget anything that happened on this show any time soon. Christian winning the Impact World Championship was fantastic, the Miro squash was glorious violence, and Fuego getting signed as awesome too.

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Baker and Velvet was a great match, and Baker got over huge in her hometown getting a win (imagine that!). and now she has another ally to help her. Eventful first episode, but we all know what’s coming next week in Chicago.