Reginald has over delivered as the 24/7 Champion

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Reginald has been 24/7 Champion since July 19th, when he won it from Akira Tozawa on Monday Night Raw. Since his win, he has definitely over delivered in the role as 24/7 Champ, and I’ve set out to prove why in this piece.

The brief but important history of the 24/7 Championship

This belt has only been around since 2019 and since its inception, it has been primarily regarded as a comedic angle championship. Very much like the Hardcore Championship from the Attitude Era, the 24/7 Championship can be contested anywhere and…you guessed it, on a 24/7 basis.

So…the champion can find himself waiting in line at McDonald’s or waiting to use the Nautilus machine t the gym, and all of a sudden he gets jumped. All the challenger needs is 1) the element of surprise, 2) a referee, and 3) a WWE camera crew following him around.

When I see these segments I’m often reminded of the segments during WWE programming during the aforementioned Attitude Era and stars like Crash Holly were off, living their daily lives and all of a sudden…the Mean Street Posse shows up at Chuck E Cheese of all places. It was surely insane, but it made for a laugh and like so much during the Attitude Era, it was definitely amusing and entertaining to watch.

But, enough of the gazing back in time for now (no matter how great that is to do, especially for pro wrestling fans), let’s get back to the here and now, and back to the 24/7 Championship, eh?

Amazingly enough, in its brief but storied history, there have been 146 title reigns of the 24/7 Championship to date, Reggie being the latest. The most decorated and perhaps more prevalent champion was of course R-Truth, however.

R-Truth’s reigns and storied past in the game known as pro wrestling

R-Truth has been wrestling since 1997, although fans may remember him a K-Kwik back then. He tagged with the likes of the Road Dog Jesse James of the New Age Outlaws and of course DX fame.

Interestingly enough, he was also the Hardcore Champion in an earlier run with WWE/WWF at the time, a total of twice.

His Wikipedia page reads like an encyclopedia of title reigns, excessively dominant stretches of time at many promotions which include: TNA, the Pro Wrestling Federation, NWA Wildside (now defunct).

He has had a massive amount of matches and feuds in his time and has loads of experience under his belt, and his many accolades are no doubt impressive by any means.

One specific one of note, is his two-time reign as NWA World Heavyweight Champion at TNA (coincidentally, a title that was just retired by Christian Cage this week on Impact—an historic moment to say the least, and what an honor for Christian to have been the last to wear it on his experienced shoulders for sure).

He has won what he calls “his baby,” the 24/7 Championship an incredible 53 times to date and is still going after what he cherishes most.

Reginald and his rise to becoming 24/7 Champion

Reginald (Sidney Iking Bateman), or Reggie, as he prefers to be known now, has certainly stepped up the platform where the 24/7 Championship is contended.

Reggie, who trained at the WWE Performance Center, started with the company in 2020 and served first as Carmella’s valet and then Nia Jax’s. This led to disaster eventually, which was certainly to be expected, and this led to his greatest opportunity so far.

Reggie is an incredible acrobat and that element that h brings to his style in the ring makes him look very good on TV. Like Ricochet, the acrobatic element to his game definitely steps up the game quite a bit, and anyone going after this tile will definitely have to step up their own gain of they hope of taking the belt away from this 28 year old rising star.

What we’ve seen and what is still to come for Reggie

He had already showcased his talents in the ring in the storylines he’d already been a part of, but now that the likes of Akira Tozawa, R-Truth and other have been sneaking up on him, his aforementioned talents are being showcased all that much more.

Just this past week on Raw, he was seen on his day off in the park, the result—although comical—was pretty incredible to watch, and it provided a definitive break from the monotony often expected on Raw, so yeah…not only is he stepping up the playing field for the 24/7 Championship, but his segments make the whole show that much better if you ask me.

For now, he has definitely elevated the 24/7 Championship, no disrespect to R-Truth, as Truth is a legend in the game, as I stated above.

I hope that we see Reggie competing for other titles very soon—maybe even a feud between him and Ricochet. Now that should be something to feast our eyes on.

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Fingers crossed, folks, and as always in the pro wrestling game, rest assured, as time will undoubtedly tell.