NXT TakeOver 36: Samoa Joe and Ilja Dragunov win titles


NXT TakeOver 36 capped off a big weekend in professional wrestling. The violence was set to be on level ten as multiple titles were up for grabs and the culmination of the rivalry between Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly was on the card. The setup was there for this to be another edition of the NXT action that wrestling fans have enjoyed.

The first match of the night was for the Million Dollar Championship as Cameron Grimes took on LA Knight once again.

Grimes was fired up early in the match, taking out his frustration on Knight with chops and kicks to the chest, followed up with a back body drop. Knight rolled outside and initially avoided the PK, but some quick moves from Grimes allowed him to kick Knight square in the face. Ted DiBiase even gave some assistance to Grimes, whipping Grimes into Knight for the dropkick.


Even after Knight showed some flash of offense, Grimes remained in control. At least until Knight knocked him from the top rope, sending him crashing to the outside. Knight took over outside the ring, eventually throwing Grimes back into the ring to stomp away on him. Grimes tried to get back into the match but a right hand put a stop to that. Grimes was able to hit a crossbody for a two-count, but Knight stopped his offense with a powerbomb.

Knight planted Grimes with a tilt-a-whirl slam in the middle ring and went back to mocking DiBiase. He missed an elbow drop when Grimes rolled to the side and he avoided a moonsault that sent Knight face-first into the mat. Grimes started rolling and went to apply the Million Dollar Dream but Knight fought out of the move. He couldn’t stop the German Suplex and Grimes followed up with a Hurricanrana into a pin that got a two-count.

Knight attempted to put Grimes away with a bulldog and then a Burning Hammer, but Grimes kicked out to stay alive.

Both men exchanged strikes but Grimes ended up on top after a modified Spanish Fly to Knight coming off the ropes. Knight sat Grimes on the top turnbuckle and tossed him over with an overhead suplex. Grimes still kicked out at two. Grimes countered the BFT into the Million Dollar Dream in the middle of the ring. Knight nearly pinned Grimes shoulders, but he rolled through. Still, Knight found a way out by launching Grimes into the turnbuckle to break the hold.

Knight tried to use the title, but it resulted in him being laid out by DiBiase who followed up with his own Million Dollar Dream. Knight rolled back into the ring and walked into the Cave-In. Grimes pinned him to become the new Million Dollar Champion.


Cameron Grimes defeated LA Knight via pinfall to become the new Million Dollar Champion.

Raquel Gonzalez was out next to defend her title against her former friend, Dakota Kai.

Kai tried to out-quick Gonzalez early but that came to a halt once Gonzalez got her hands on the smaller woman. Gonzalez tried to drag Kai into the ring but Kai countered into an armbar. She continued to outpace Gonzalez, finding unique ways to fight out of every position.


That was until Gonzalez brought her back into the ring. She would hit multiple fallaway slams, even catching Kai off the top rope. She tossed her into the top turnbuckle before kicking her in the chest. Kai knocked Gonzalez outside the ring with a big Yakuza Kick but could not get her pinned because Gonzalez fell outside the ring.

Kai was firmly in control, but she made the mistake of letting Gonzalez back to her feet. Gonzalez landed a clothesline, boot to the face, and launched Kai straight into the air with ease. Kai would have to kick out of the sidewalk slam that was followed up with the twisting Vader Bomb. Gonzalez went for the one-arm powerbomb but Kai countered into an armbar. Gonzalez responded by throwing her into the turnbuckles to get out. Gonzalez continued to bring the pain when she launched Kai into the top rope and onto the ring ramp.

Kai landed the Kai-ropractor but Gonzalez kicked out again. Kai sent Gonzalez outside the ring and went high risk with a double stomp to the midsection but she could not finish the pinfall. Gonzalez rammed Kai into the top turnbuckle and the two women exchanged shots. Kai went for the Yakuza Kick again but Gonzalez countered into a one-arm powerbomb from the middle turnbuckle. She made the pinfall to retain her title.

Raquel Gonzalez defeated Dakota Kai via pinfall to retain the NXT Women’s Championship.

Walter and Ilja Dragunov went to battle next for the NXT UK Championship.

Walter came out of the gate battering Dragunov with shots to the face. Dragunov was game to return the favor and that he did. The first big moment came when they rolled outside the ring and Walter planted Dragunov into the ring apron with a powerbomb. Back inside the ring Walter used the sleeper hold and hit a big German Suplex after.

Dragunov was twisted into a knot before Walter landed a stiff kick to the spine. The chops from Walter came out in rapid succession but Dragunov was able to counter the piledriver into a back body drop. Walter countered the Constantine Special into a modified Uranage but Dragunov was able to kick out. Walter landed a big boot to Dragunov’s head, but the smaller man kept fighting back.

Dragunov was able to toss Walter to the ground and rained elbows to his head. Walter fought back to his feet and took a knee to the jaw for his trouble. Dragunov was swatted out of the air with a clothesline and the chops continued to rain down. Dragunov responded to the pain with chops of his own and a big German Suplex. Every time Walter landed a shot, Dragunov responded with his own.

Dragunov went high risk with a dropkick from one turnbuckle, followed up with a senton from the other. He tried to hit the Torpedo Moscow but Walter countered with a suplex. Dragunov got to his feet and hit the Torpedo Moscow on the back of Walter’s head. Dragunov hit another headbutt but Walter kicked out at two.

Walter nearly pinned Dragunov off a chop. He went to the top rope only to take a Superplex from Dragunov. Walter answered with a dropkick and then a powerbomb, but Dragunov kicked out again. Walter hit another powerbomb and went to the top, to hit a big splash off the top, but Dragunov kicked out. Dragunov fought out of the sleeper and landed another headbutt from the top.

Dragunov locked in his own sleeper and Walter kept trying to fight out of the position. Dragunov kept the onslaught up and Walter tapped out.

Ilja Dragunov defeated Walter via submission to become the NXT United Kingdom Champion.

Kyle O’Reilly and Adam Cole were up next for their two-out-of-three falls match.

Both men came out of their corners looking to fight. Cole was knocked from the ring and O’Reilly immediately followed him to keep up the pressure. They went back outside the ring where Cole continued the offense. Back inside the ring they continued to exchange shot after shot with O’Reilly going for an armbar. O’Reilly flattened Cole again with a discus clothesline but couldn’t get the first fall.

Cole went for the Panama Sunrise but O’Reilly countered that into a pinfall to get the first score. That switched the fight into a street fight. Cole went right for the weapons but O’Reilly beat him to it, grabbing a chair.

Cole was placed in a trashcan and O’Reilly nailed him with a dropkick. Cole regained the advantage, driving O’Reilly into the corner of the announce table, injuring his ribs. The street fight aspect of the fight allowed Cole to take over and continue his onslaught against O’Reilly. The pain followed with strikes from the kendo stick and into an assisted backstabber. Cole continued to taunt O’Reilly, resulting in both men throwing strikes until Cole kicked O’Reilly in the stomach.

O’Reilly tried to charge Cole in the corner but missed, running into a chair. They had the same idea of the pump kick, laying each other out. Cole rolled outside to the ring ramp and O’Reilly tried to follow, only to eat another shot to the midsection. Cole was able to get O’Reilly back into the ring, going back to the steel chair as the weapon of choice. Cole countered with a neck breaker across his knee. Cole tried to go up top but was tossed onto the chairs. Cole followed up with the Last Shot to even things up.

Cole pounced on O’Reilly as the cage lowered, knocking him outside the ring then power bombing him onto the table. Cole continued to dominant the match until O’Reilly launched him into the cage, following up with multiple forearms. Cole was tied up in the ropes and took a stiff knee drop to the back of the head. Cole missed the Last Shot but O’Reilly landed his own but could not get the win.

Cole hit the Panama Sunrise but O’Reilly kicked out before three. Cole broke out handcuffs to attach Riley to the ropes. O’Reilly was defenseless and Cole took advantage of it. Until O’Reilly countered into a heel hook forcing Cole to submit.

Kyle O’Reilly defeated Adam Cole via submission and wins two falls to one.

Samoa Joe challenged Karrion Kross for the NXT Championship in the main event.

Joe got off the first offense, backing Kross into the corner with shots to the body. Kross answered back but Joe was ready to lay into him with more strikes and a bicycle kick to the face. Joe locked in the choke but Kross countered, hitting a Saito Suplex and then a forearm to the back of the head. Joe fell outside the ring and Kross followed to continue the assault.

Joe fought back when he returned to the ring, but another suplex slowed him down. Kross locked in an ankle lock, but Joe rolled through, sending Kross to the floor. Kross continued to hit more suplexes but Joe would not go away, kicking out at two once again. Joe hit a powerslam and went back to the grappling to try to force a submission from Kross. His offense included a belly-to-belly suplex, but neither man could get back to their feet.

Joe continued to roll, hitting an atomic drop to big boot and senton combination. Joe locked in the clutch once again but Kross rolled through and attacked the arm before transitioning to the Kross Jacket. Joe fought to his feet and caught Kross charging in with the Uranage. Kross was caught on top but Joe countered with the Muscle Buster to get the win.

Samoa Joe defeated Karrion Kross to become the new NXT Champion.