WWE: 5 wrestlers the company should bring back to the promotion

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The dream for many wrestlers was to make it to the WWE, but unfortunately, for some, the success they reach on the independent circuit they never got to reach while in the WWE. The mass of releases has been a topic of discussion for the last two years.

Before the Covid-19 pandemic arrived, the company would usually do a spring talent release right after Wrestlemania, but that all changed in 2020. Even as revenue poured in, multiple big names, long-term roster members and others were cut. There have been 119 released wrestlers since April 2020, and some of the names released were wrestlers that fans thought was going to be with the WWE forever. Here are five names that I’d like to see return to the company.

5. Damien Sandow

Damien Sandow was one of the most underutilized wrestlers when he was with the company. Sandow should have been booked as a threat, and instead, he was reduced to being a comedy sidekick to the Miz. After he was released from WWE, he saw him in Impact Wrestling and in the NWA, where he won titles, but he could never reach the level of success that wrestling fans thought he would get to.

4. RVD

RVD is an ECW/WWE legend that still can be used to help elevate younger wrestlers. If WWE were to resign RVD, he would be a huge pick-up for Raw or Smackdown because they need more star power. MVP and Bobby Lashley are examples of book wrestlers who have been released and have returned and found success. A feud between Matt Riddle and RVD would help motivate Riddle to the next level if WWE ever wanted him to be taken seriously. The days of RVD being a world champion are gone, but he can help develop the WWE mid-card scene.

3. Daniel Bryan

When Daniel Bryan WWE contract expired after Wrestlemania, many fans thought for sure that he would stick around to continue contributing in some fashion. Talks of jumping to AEW have surfaced and looks to be looking more true. It would be very disappointing if WWE didn’t try to bring Bryan back because he was the best overall performer and most popular wrestler in the company.

Letting Bryan go to would be a massive mistake because Bryan is a once-in-a-generation talent who will be a top merchandise seller and PPV draw wherever he goes. WWE would be wise to make every possible effort to resign Bryan before going to AEW and bringing more attention to their company.

2. Bronson Reed

Bronson Reed being released is one of the most shocking releases to happen because of how over he was in NXT. The WWE had their next big star in Reed. All they had to do was book him how he was being booked in NXT. Before Reed got released, he had a great 2021 because he was North American champion and putting on good matches against Adam Cole and Isaiah Scott.

When you look at Bronson Reed, you would think he would be the perfect wrestler for the WWE because it is known how Vince McMahon likes big guys, and with Bronson being big and charismatic, it was strange to see him let go. Reed is 32 years old and has plenty to give inside of the ring. The WWE should sign Reed back and let him become the popular babyface star that fans want him to be.

1. Bray Wyatt

The biggest shock of the year is WWE releasing Bray Wyatt, who was once WWE’s number one merchandise seller ahead of top stars like Reigns, Lynch, Owens. Wyatt is a wrestler that many fans thought would be with WWE forever because of how creative he is. Wyatt is the wrestler that WWE should not have released because he is talented and can play any character.

Bray Wyatt will be successful wherever he goes off the mind and talent that he has. If AEW is smart, they will sign Wyatt as soon as his 90 days no-compete clause is up. The Fiend character was one of the most mystical characters in the modern WWE era and could have been the next generation Undertaker-type character that could have been the WWE backbone.

WWE has made some puzzling roster moves throughout history but these last few years have created many head scratching moments for wrestling fans and media members alike.