WWE Raw: Matt Riddle defeated AJ Styles in main event

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - AUGUST 21: Professional wrestler and former mixed martial artist Matt "Riddle" Riddle attends the WWE SummerSlam after party at Delano Las Vegas at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino on August 21, 2021 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Bryan Steffy/Getty Images for WWE SummerSlam After Party)
LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - AUGUST 21: Professional wrestler and former mixed martial artist Matt "Riddle" Riddle attends the WWE SummerSlam after party at Delano Las Vegas at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino on August 21, 2021 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Bryan Steffy/Getty Images for WWE SummerSlam After Party) /

WWE SummerSlam closed out a big wrestling weekend. Title changes, surprise returns, and amazing matches gave fans plenty to talk about. With another edition of WWE Monday Night Raw, the fallout from that event is looming.

Bobby Lashley and MVP started out the evening, running down their destruction of Bill Goldberg at SummerSlam. When they dared someone to answer the call, out came new WWE United States Champion, Damian Priest. Priest called his shot and the two men ended up fighting, creating a match immediately after.

Lashley immediately went on the offense, slamming Priest down and moving to knee-on-belly for strikes. Priest got back to his feet but found himself in the corner getting punched in the face. Lashley hit a flatliner then went for a spear, but Priest countered with a kick to the face. He fired back with his own combination, before knocking Priest down with a clothesline.

Before the match could continue, Sheamus ran down to attack Priest, causing a disqualification. That brought out Drew McIntyre and the four men started battling, creating a tag team match.

Sheamus and McIntyre were in the ring first, picking up on their feud from earlier in the year. Lashley came into the ring and he initially struggled against McIntyre until a chop to the throat changed the momentum. Sheamus returned to the ring and found himself facing off against Priest again.

Priest was isolated in the ring as Lashley and Sheamus took turns assaulting him. They ended up outside the ring where Lashley kept up the pressure, bouncing his head off the ring post. Priest continued fighting back but was slammed to the mat by Sheamus before tagging back out to Lashley. Sheamus hit an Irish Curse Backbreaker, toying with Priest at that point.

Priest was finally able to turn the tables enough and got the tag to McIntyre as Sheamus made the tag to Lashley. McIntyre was on fire and tossed Lashley with multiple suplexes. He was distracted before the Claymore and took a one-armed spinebuster for his troubles. Sheamus was able to slow McIntyre down, even hitting a White Noise from the second rope, but McIntyre kicked out.

Damian Priest was rolling, and Lashley had enough. He jumped off the apron and left Sheamus alone in the ring to face off against the two opponents. Sheamus was shocked and turned around right into a Claymore to get pinned after.

Drew McIntyre and Damian Priest defeated Sheamus and Bobby Lashley via pinfall.

Karrion Kross and Ricochet were out next for a singles matchup.

The match started with Kross immediately tossing Ricochet over his head with a suplex. Ricochet was able to land his own offense, hitting a springboard body press, but seconds later he was back on the match after a clothesline. Kross then hit a powerbomb into another suplex. Kross followed up with the Kross Jacket to get the victory.

Karrion Kross defeated Ricochet via submission.

Xavier Woods and The Miz ended up in a singles contest after The Miz and John Morrison got into an argument on Moist TV.

Woods was in control early in the match, until a stiff shoulder block sent him to the ground. Miz took too much time gloating to the crowd, eating a kick to his stomach. The Miz transitioned the match to outside the ring, causing Woods to crash face first onto the apron. Miz missed off the top rope, and Woods used that opening to pressure hm back into the corner with chops.

The Miz faked that his knee was hurt to create an opening to attack Woods. But again, too much taunting allowed Woods back into the match. They ended up outside the ring again where The Miz tossed Woods into the barricade. The Miz continued his onslaught back inside the ring, kicking Woods square in the chest.

Woods found an opening to hit a neck breaker while The Miz was caught in the ropes. Woods started blasting The Miz with strikes before pushing him outside the ring to hit a dropkick and then a plancha over the top. He hit a crossbody off the top, but The Miz kicked out at two.

Morrison tried to help with the drip stick, and The Miz rolled up Woods but the referee didn’t see the pin. The Miz griped at Morrison and Woods rolled him up to pick up the victory.

Xavier Woods defeated The Miz via pinfall.

The Miz then attacked Morrison afterwards, leaving him face down in the middle of the ring.

Jinder Mahal and Mansoor were locked into singles match next, with Mustafa Ali, Veer, and Shanky in tow.

Mahal started the match tossing Mansoor around with ease. Mansoor rolled outside the ring and used the space to hang Mahal up on the top rope before hitting a crossbody. Mahal kicked Mansoor in the face and continued to pile on the hurt.

Mansoor got back to his feet only to eat a push kick right to his chest. Mahal stopped away on Mansoor in the corner. The referee continued his count, reaching five and being disqualified.

Mansoor defeated Jinder Mahal via disqualification.

Charlotte Flair came out to celebrate earning another run as the WWE Raw Women’s Champion after her victory at SummerSlam. Right before her exit, Alexa Bliss made her presence known and that she has her eyes on Flair and that title.

Tag team action was up next. Nikki A.S.H and Rhea Ripley were paired together to compete against Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler.

Baszler immediately got the match to the ground, controlling Ripley’s position. Ripley was able to counter out of the position and use ASH as a weapon against Baszler. ASH then rolled Baszler up but she kicked out at two. Baszler finally slowed down ASH and tagged in Nia Jax. They isolated ASH in the ring, tossing her outside with ease.

Jax and Baszler continued to dominate the smaller woman, keeping her away from Ripley. Baszler tossed ASH into the middle turnbuckle before Jax came in with the hip attack and stink face. They were rolling until Jax accidentally made ASH kick Baszler in the face. ASH was nearly hit with the Banzai Drop, but ASH stopped her, creating the space to tag in Ripley.

Baszler tagged in as well but she couldn’t stop Ripley’s momentum. Ripley dominated Baszler, hitting her with a big dropkick but Jax almost made the save, hitting Baszler again. ASH hit a crossbody on Jax outside while Ripley hit the Riptide on Baszler to pick up the win.

Rhea Ripley and Nikki ASH defeated Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax via pinfall.

Matt Riddle and Randy Orton were out to celebrate their victory at SummerSlam to become the tag team champions. Before the celebration was over, AJ Styles and Omos walked out and a match kicked off between Styles and Riddle.

Styles and Riddle went at each other right from the start. Riddle tried to take the match to the ground but Styles was able to fight his way back to his feet. Even still, Riddle was able to hit him with a headlock takedown. Styles then tried to exchange strikes with Riddle, but that didn’t work as well, getting knocked out of the ring and taking a PK.

Riddle’s momentum continued, hitting a series of gut-wrench suplexes on Styles and nearly pinning him. Styles had to take a short cut to get Riddle off him, but he was able to ground Riddle after a clothesline in the corner. Riddle almost locked in a triangle choke but Styles ran him into the ropes, sending them both over the top.

Back in the ring Styles was in control but he made the mistake of talking junk to Randy Orton. That gave Riddle the space to take over. Styles tried to counter some of his offense, but Riddle hit a senton and attempted a pin. Riddle forced Styles into the corner but he countered with a kick in Riddle’s face, before hitting a reverse DDT. He followed that up with a pump handle gut buster. Riddle tried to counter Styles off the top, but Riddle was able to roll that into the Styles Clash.

Riddle rolled it through into a choke, but Styles countered with a pin attempt. Both men bouncing back to their feet and Riddle landed a knee. Styles followed up with a modified Burning Hammer but Riddle kicked out. Outside the ring, Omos was attacked by Orton, stopping him from interfering.

Riddle landed another knee, hit the Bro Derek, and picked up the victory.

Matt Riddle defeated AJ Styles via pinfall.