AEW Dynamite: Malakai Black destroys Brock Anderson

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It’s Wednesday night, and you know what that means. Another edition of AEW Dynamite is here and there’s a lot to look forward to as CM Punk is prepared to make his first appearance in a Dynamite ring. While he may be the feature, there’s much more to see than “The Best in the World,” as AEW All Out is a mere 11 days away.

The night starts off with a singles match between Orange Cassidy and Matt Hardy.

The match started out with the usual shenanigans but quickly went bad for Cassidy after Hardy caught him on a dive to the outside, finishing off with a Side Effect on the floor. Hardy had his way with Cassidy on the floor, toying with him before taking the action back to the ring. Hardy landed two Belly-to-Back suplexes, then followed it up with a third for good measure.

Hardy then made fun of Cassidy with the soft kicks to the body. Hardy continued the domination, standing on Hardy’s throat. Hardy kept Cassidy grounded, landing a short leg drop for a two-count. Cassidy was finally able to get the momentum back in his favor, but he couldn’t get Hardy up for the Beach Break. Hardy then hit the Splash Mountain powerbomb but Cassidy kicked out again.

Hardy went for the Twist of Fate, but Cassidy countered, throwing him outside and finally hitting the dive. He followed it up with a cross body off the top rope. The Tilt-A-Whirl DDT followed but Hardy was able to kick out at two. Hardy was busted wide open and blood was everywhere. Cassidy pushed Hardy off the top rope and hit a Senton Bomb on Hardy.

Cassidy went for the Twist of Fate but Hardy countered, landing an elbow drop across Cassidy’s lower back. Hardy was hit with his own move but he still kicked out at two. Cassidy avoided the Leech submission but pinned Hardy with his hands in his pockets to win.

Orange Cassidy defeated Matt Hardy via pinfall.

Chris Jericho was out next to inform the AEW fans about his future after suffering last week’s submission defeat to MJF. Jericho lamented about losing to MJF, with him tapping out making it even harder to stomach. Jericho commits to beating MJF at all costs. He even puts his career on the line to face MJF at All Out. If MJF defeats Jericho again he promises to never wrestle in AEW again. MJF accepts the match for the PPV.

The semifinal round in the tag team eliminator was up next. The Lucha Brothers were competing against The Varsity Blondes.

Rey Fenix and Griff Garrison started the match out, with Fenix looking to out quick the bigger man. Garrison was ready to counter with his strength but Fenix’s experience didn’t let him fall to it. Brian Pillman and Pentagon entered the match to keep things going. Pillman started throwing punches first before they exchanged super kicks. Pillman landed a Hurricanrana but Pentagon responded with his own offense.

Fenix tagged into the match and the Blondes were able to team up on him. Garrison locked in a chin lock once he was on the ground to wear him down. Fenix escaped, getting to Pentagon who nearly laid out both men before they hit him with dual shoulder blocks. Fenix landing a big springboard dropkick on Pillman then knocked Garrison off the apron.

All four men ended up outside the ring and Fenix hit an assisted dive onto the Varsity Blondes. Back in the ring Pillman caught Fenix and planted him with a powerbomb. Garrison followed up with a springboard forearm. Pillman was left alone in the ring to take multiple superkicks. The assisted piledriver led to Fenix picking up the win for his team.

The Lucha Brothers defeat The Varsity Blondes via pinfall.

Jamie Hayter was back in the AEW ring for a match against Red Velvet.

Velvet hit the Lou Thesz Press and started throwing strikes, but Hayter was immediately back to her feet, launching a Fall Away slam. Hayter stomped away on Velvet who was grounded in the corner. She hit a snap suplex after, laying into Velvet with chops. Velvet low bridged Hayter who landed on her feet. Velvet then hit a series of dives onto Hayter on the floor.

But that momentum didn’t last long. Britt Baker’s presence on the outside caused the distraction and both ladies bounced Velvet off the post and ring barricade. Hayter knocked Velvet from the ring again with a stiff elbow.

Back in the ring the two women were throwing strikes back and forth. But Hayter got the better of the situation, dropping Velvet again. She followed up with an uppercut and a clothesline to drop Hayter. She hit the back elbow and landed a bulldog off the ropes. Baker again got involved, but Velvet knocked her from the apron, but she missed the standing moonsault. Hayter hit a backbreaker then a big clothesline to get the win.

Jamie Hayter defeated Red Velvet via pinfall.

CM Punk was out next to talk to Tony Schiavone. He made it clear that he is focusing on Darby Allin and making sure that he can still go with the young names in professional wrestling today.

Darby Allin teamed with Eddie Kingston and Jon Moxley to take on The Wingmen and JD Drake.

Allin and Drake started out and Allin was rolling early but Drake was prepared for the dive to the outside, quickly avoiding it. Kingston flattened Ryan Nemeth and that brough in Cezar Bononi. Kingston wasn’t having any luck but Moxley tagged in to help him out.

Moxley was in control against Drake until Bononi kicked him square in the face. That allowed Drake to isolate Moxley on their side of the ring where Nemeth came in to continue the fight. Moxley was taking damage from all three men, with Bononi planting him in the center of the ring. Moxley was in trouble until hit a suplex to get some space.

Kingston tagged in and immediately attacked Drake. Nemeth made the distraction to allow Drake to get back in control. Moxley returned the favor, biting Drake while he was in the corner. Kingston made the tag to Allin who hit a Code Red from the second rope. Moxley and Kingston assaulted Nemeth, while Allin hit a stunner on Drake. He followed up with a Coffin Drop for the win.

Jon Moxley, Eddie Kingston, and Darby Allin defeated JD Drake, Ryan Nemeth, and Cezar Bononi.

The Gunn Club was out for a match against The Factory in six-man tag action.

Nick Comoroto and Billy Gunn started out the match first, with the two big men exchanging shot. Billy tagged in Austin Gunn and he was rolling until getting isolated on the wrong side of the ring. Comoroto continued to control Austin, tying him up with a bear hug and throwing him to the mat. Gunn was able to get over to Colton to make the tag.

Colton was rolling until Comoroto ran him over with a clothesline. That left Colton and QT Marshall alone in the ring. Colton rolled up Comoroto and pinned him in the middle of the ring.

The Gunn Club defeated The Factory via pinfall.

Malakai Black and Brock Anderson were scheduled for the main event.

Brock landed a double leg to start the match and landed some strikes, but a knee strike cut that energy quick. Black stomped away at Brock in the corner before a stiff kick dropped him to the mat. Brock stood up and ate two more punches for his trouble.

Black was telling Arn Anderson to throw the towel in but Brock used the opportunity to attack. Black turned that into an exploder suplex. He finished off Brock with the Black Mass. Black pinned him and picked up the quick win.

Malakai Black defeated Brock Anderson via pinfall.