MJF versus Chris Jericho breaks the rivalry mold for AEW

MJF enters the ring (photo courtesy of AEW)
MJF enters the ring (photo courtesy of AEW) /

The rivalry between MJF and Chris Jericho has been full of unique twists and stipulations. MJF against Chris Jericho’s storytelling deviating away from the typical format may be another possibility of what to expect from AEW in the future.

MJF’s rivalry against Chris Jericho has broken the mold creatively for AEW.

Fans have become accustomed to predicting and pinpointing a certain pay-per-view or show when the rivalry will come to an end. This rivalry has set a standard that goes beyond a planned end time and shows bounds being pushed to put everything on the line to create a captivating and unique story.

Every week, it seemed like the storybook of MFJ and Jericho was coming to an end. With every victory Jericho gained, fans prepared themselves for what was thought to be the final showdown between the two charismatic superstars.

Not surprisingly, Jericho passed it all with battle wounds from his labor. It was time for him to go against MJF on AEW Dynamite. Jericho tapped out and as MJF had his hand raised, it seemed to be the end of their story.

When Jericho came out to present another challenge to MJF, it was a bit of a surprise with All Out being around the corner. A man who has accomplished all there is to accomplish in his career not wanting that wrinkle of losing to a wrestler like MJF.

The obsessive element is truly interesting because even if Jericho was to win the battle on pay-per-view, MJF has won the war. From a story perspective, this keeps the story fresh even for as long as it has been going on.

In Jericho’s storied career, he has beaten some of the best superstars in the world at one point or another. Even though a superstar may gain a victory over Chris Jericho, there is no guarantee for a repeat in the next match.

Having Chris Jericho lose to a single superstar has not been seen in a long time, and only a handful of superstars can say they have beaten Jericho multiple times. It has come down to pride and being willing to put it all on the line for just one single victory over MJF.

On paper, MJF is the favorite due to his past wins, while Chris Jericho has been in a position of a must-win stipulation before. As a superstar who has been in this position before, he will surely bring every tool in his arsenal to bring a full blaze of glory in the match.

This story taking such a turn makes us think about how breaking the mold to raise the stakes even when a certain wrestler has been defeated numerous times. It goes beyond moving on to have a rivalry for a championship or just another wrestler.

It not only sets the tone for their rivalry with each other but sets the tone for how far a rivalry can go. Even long after a battle seems to be lost, there could be something more to push the bounds and alter AEW in some shape or form. In this case, Chris Jericho putting his career in AEW on the line and becoming one less wrestler on the roster.

The magnitude of what will happen on AEW’s pay-per-view All Out is an escalation rarely seen. Where a wrestler loses so much to a wrestler that they put everything on the line. This rivalry could be another layer that defines their identity as a company.

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AEW has broken the classic proverbial rivalry mold and it’s paying off. It provides a new element of surprise under AEW’s belt for fans to not know when a rivalry will truly end, it could be a few weeks or a year.

Will Jericho beat MJF for a bittersweet victory or will the walls of Jericho come tumbling down with a final blow of defeat? We won’t have long to wait as AEW brings All Out on September 5th.