NWA Empowerrr reactions show the importance of this event

WWE, Mickie James (photo courtesy of WWE)
WWE, Mickie James (photo courtesy of WWE) /

Professional wrestling is full of historic moments. Fans will be able to recount numerous examples across years of watching. Another one of those moments occurred on Saturday, with NWA Empowerrr featuring some of the best professional wrestling in the industry, with top women’s stars standing center stage.

NWA Empowerrr was the social watching experience of the wrestling weekend, as many social media platforms were buzzing with commentary about the importance of the event, results, performances, and much more. And it wasn’t just the fans taking to their profiles to let the world know how they felt, but personalities and competitors across wrestling chimed in as well. In fact, some of the biggest names had things to say.

One moment that caught a lot of attention during the show was the appearance of Awesome Kong. She came out to save Gail Kim when she was confronted by Taryn Terrell, Paola Blaze, and Jennacide. Both Kong and Kim have contributed a lot to this industry and seeing them have this moment inside the ring were a touching one.

The reach of this event was felt across all of wrestling and even beyond. Ronda Rousey, who hasn’t been seen in a professional wrestling ring since 2019, also expressed excitement over NWA Empowerrr.

Many of the top promotions in wrestling were represented at this event, including Impact Wrestling, AEW, and others. Deonna Purrazzo stood tall once again, continuing what has been a highly successful, post-WWE run.

Trish Stratus also chimed in about the event, praising Mickie James for her hard work in bringing the showcase to life.

Professional wrestling doesn’t always present itself as a space that is welcoming to minority groups. The importance of NWA Empowerrr is one that should send ramifications across the industry that the women who step between the ropes deserve the same time, promotion, and opportunities as their male counterparts. The “demo” for professional wrestling is not strictly “white male” as there are a variety of stories and personnel capable of performing at the highest levels.

NWA Empowerrr should be considered a success based on the response seen across wrestling Twitter and hopefully it becomes the start of an annual showcase.