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In AEW, Kenny Omega has continued to build himself up, while Christian Cage has been building himself back up. Even though Kenny Omega is seen as a guy who makes greatness look easy, he has certain elements to himself that have not been emphasized when it comes to his rivalry with Christian Cage.

Christian Cage and Kenny Omega’s similarities add to their AEW rivalry.

On the most recent episode of AEW Dynamite, Don Callis put Kenny Omega on the highest pedestal possible. Don Callis would strike a nerve when he said: You are what you been your entire career, second best. Omega naturally is the poster boy for greatness in AEW, but their individual careers are different, but yet the same.

Before AEW, Kenny had to work twice as hard to make a name for himself. During that time, fans were still divided over Kenny’s greatness. It was even harder since fans couldn’t flip the channel to watch Omega on a weekly basis at the time.

The stage Kenny Omega graced was exclusive and some fans kept up with events faithfully. He had to work twice as hard, and it wasn’t easy winning some fans over, but it was a gradual process mainly through word of mouth.

Wrestle Kingdom 12 was where Kenny went against Chris Jericho to defend his IWGP United States championship. The match was given high publicity and left lasting memories as Kenny Omega retained his title, which many would describe as a big milestone in Kenny’s career.

Even though he had that monumental match against Jericho, he still was finding ways to keep the buzz going for American fans. At that time, there was a rumble happening in the wrestling world and little did fans know, they would soon see Kenny Omega on a weekly basis finally in AEW.

Kenny made his mark under the AEW banner being a former tag team champion as well as his current reign as world champion. He continues to build his already glorious legacy, and it shows why he is one of the best today.

Unlike Kenny Omega, Christian was on major television programming in America, but it was hard to imagine him rising to that next level. It was hard to envision it because there were no hints of him ever rising to the top.

That changed when he took a leap of faith in TNA. He eventually won the NWA championship twice and that leap took him to the next level. He solidified himself as a guy who can lead a company.

When it seemed like everything was going right and fans, companies, and pundits understood his value as a wrestler, injuries happened. Seeing his career come to a halt like that was heartbreaking since Christian finally was getting what he’s worth.

While enjoying wrestling week in and week out, there was always some focus on Christian. He didn’t have an official retirement, and his exit was too quiet for a man who worked hard to hit that next level. It was the same question every single time, will he come back soon? Took a long time, but the answer came later on.

He arrived in AEW after not being in the ring for so long, and his motto is to outwork everyone. There is always doubt when a wrestler comes back after a long hiatus and Christian is no different. Christian proved that he not only can still wrestle but wrestle at a high level.

Christian being the one to beat Kenny Omega for the Impact world championship was poetic since these two very different competitors had hurdles that made their rise to the top difficult. Now they must face each other one more time at All Out for the AEW championship.

Even though Don Callis likes to show their differences to make Kenny Omega look like a million bucks, the truth is the two athletes are the same. They have both climbed the ladder in their individual situations and have so much to gain and a lot to lose at All Out.

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Will Kenny Omega dig deep and step it up to keep the title? Will Christian continue his hard work run and prove he’s outworking Kenny Omega? No matter the result, it’s a special moment that fans are witnessing between two special athletes. Stay tuned to see it all unfold between these two at All Out.