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AEW All Out, one of the most anticipated shows of the year, featured some huge matches between CM Punk and Darby Allin, the Young Bucks and Lucha Brothers, and Kenny Omega and Christian Cage.

The preshow opened with the Countdown to All Out and soon thereafter, the teams were coming down to the ring for the 10-man tag.

The Best Friends (Orange Cassidy, Wheeler Yuta, & Chuck Taylor) & The Jurassic Express (Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus) w/ Marko Stunt vs. The Hardy Family Office (Matt Hardy, Marq Quen, Isiah Kassidy, Jack Evans, Angelico)

This started off as a standard 10-man tag, breaking down into a submission spot with everyone doing them, and Luchasaurus knocking everyone down. Orange Cassidy did his weak kicks on Private Party and Matt Hardy, but they took him out in response. Private Party hit Gin and Juice on Yuta, but Cassidy broke it up and did a ton of great spots with everyone with no hands.

Yuta and Taylor hit double topes on Private Party, and then Jungle Boy hit an awesome brain buster on Quen. Jungle Boy and Evans both ended on their partner’s shoulders, and fought back and forth before hitting a clothesline that took Evans off. Jungle Boy caught Quen off a crossbody and did a backflip with it off the shoulders of Luchasaurus, which was awesome. Blade got involved from the outside, and Marko Stunt hit a huge dive on him before Jungle Boy locked on the Snare Trap for the submission on Angelico.

Result: The Best Friends & the Jurassic Express

Rating: *** (3 stars)

That Jungle Boy kid is over. Jack Evans attacked OC after the match, and The Butcher made his return and continued the beatdown on Cassidy. Members for the Dark Order and the roster ran out to make the save, because babyfaces have friends in AEW.

The Men of the Year were with Dan Lambert, and they cut a promo about how they are teaming up to bring real wrestling back to AEW, and they’re going to take everyone on. This was good stuff.

Main Card

The crowd started hot, as Eddie Kingston’s music hit and the main card was on the way.

Miro (c) vs. Eddie Kingston – TNT Championship

Eddie Kingston took it right to Miro with chops and suplexes right on, forcing Kingston to the floor. Miro, however, drove Kingston into the guardrail and Kingston bounced out and hit a big boot to get Miro back. Miro didn’t stay long now and threw Kingston around on the floor, leaving him laying.

Kingston fought out of a choke and chopped him, but Miro suplexed Kingston and stood up angry again. Kingston keeps replying with hard chops that Miro sold more of. Both men were down after a suplex. Miro hit a huge forearm and Kingston responded with several chops, and several suplexes for a 2-count.

Kingston went for Backfist to the Future, but Miro rolled to the floor. Kingston hit a dive on Miro in response. Both men were left laying in the ring again, struggling to get to their feet. The turnbuckle pad got ripped off and a staggered Kinston ate a kick, and then Miro got the Game Over on, but Kingston tried so hard to get to the ropes and finally made it. That was amazing.

Kingston hit the backfist out of nowhere and killed him with a DDT, but the ref was getting rid of the turnbuckle pad, and Miro barely kicked out. Miro grabbed the referee and low-blowed Kingston before hitting a high kick and finally pinning Kingston.

Result: Miro

Rating: ****1/4 (4.25 stars)

That was an awesome, hard-hitting match. Kingston’s selling was absolutely incredible. Miro was outstanding.

Satoshi Kojima vs. Jon Moxley

Kojima and Moxley started exchanging forearms right away before Moxley spilled to the floor. They continued to brawl and exchanging chops, and Kojima hit his machine gun chops in the corner. Moxley and Kojima ended up on the top rope, and they bit each other before Kojima hit a suplex on Moxley into the ring.

Kojima escaped an armbar and hit a huge brainbuster on Moxley for a 2-count. Kojima went for the lariat, but Moxley ducked and hit a German suplex on Kojima. Kojima hit a left-arm lariat and a Koji Cutter on Moxley, but Mox kicked out. Moxley hit a Brodie Lee-style lariat and locked on the bulldog choke on Kojima. It wasn’t long before Moxley finally hit two Paradigm Shifts on Kojima for the pinfall.

Result: Jon Moxley

Rating: **** (4 stars)

After the match, Minoru Suzuki’s music hit and he came down to the ring! The King of Pro Wrestling is here, and our Murder Grandpa has finally arrived in AEW. Suzuki and Moxley exchanged strikes before Suzuki floated under, locked on the rear-naked choke, and hit a Gotch Style Piledriver on Moxley. I have chills. I was marking out so much.

Britt Baker (c) w/ Rebel (not Reba) & Jamie Hayter vs. Kris Statlander w/ Orange Cassidy – AEW World Women’s Championship

Statlander and Baker exchanged some basic stuff early on that ended with Baker getting booped with her own finger. Baker didn’t take kindly to this, and hit a huge DDT on Statlander before getting her glove for the Lockjaw on her hand. Statlander blocked a superkick and hit a kick of her own before going for the Big Bang Theory.

Baker rolled through into a pinfall attempt and then hit a flatliner into the middle turnbuckle. Statlander almost lost Baker on the turnbuckle and hit a superplex on Baker. Statlander went for a 450 splash, but Baker went for the Lockjaw. Statlander got out, and Baker curbed stomped her on the floor. Orange Cassidy fired up and yelled at her to get in the ring, which popped the crowd.

Baker then hit a Panama Sunrise on Statlander and another curb stomp, but Statlander kicked out. Baker rolled her over and finally go the win with a Lockjaw after an awesome match.

Result:  Britt Baker

Rating: **** (4 stars)

This was an absolutely excellent match with Baker and Statlander. It might be the best match either woman has had in AEW, and it was fantastic. They gave them lots of time, peaked at the right time, and had an Adam Cole reference too. Everything you could want in a match.

Andrade and Chavo Guerrero were backstage and they claimed that PAC was scared of him, and that is why he wasn’t there. Andrade promised to defeat PAC on Friday on Rampage.

The Young Bucks (c) (Matt & Nick Jackson) w/ Don Callis & The Good Brothers (The Elite) vs.  Lucha Brothers w/ Alex Abrahantes (Steel Cage Match)

The Lucha Brothers got the coolest live music entrance, and I can’t comment on the state of Nick Jackson’s beard, but it’s hilarious. The Bucks tried to escape the cage, but this is like a real cage match with no escape, and pinfall and submission being the only way to finish the match. The action was fast and furious with Fenix and Nick Jackson both going for lucha arm drags up to the top rope, and Fenix hit a hurricanrana on Nick Jackson.

The action here was almost too fast to keep track off, and I was having a hard time doing so, so I’m just going to say: wow. Fenix ran up the ropes, kicked off the cage, and hit an armdrag on Matt Jackson. Fenix hut double cutters on the Bucks and Pentagon Jr. hit a Made in Japan on Matt Jackson.

Matt Jackson locked a sharpshooter on Pentagon, and Nick Jackson hit a German suplex on Fenix. Nick Jackson hit an assisted senton on Pentagon. The Bucks went for a BTE Trigger but Fenix dodged, but almost ate a Meltzer Driver. The Bucks tore away at the masks of the Lucha Brothers and Brandon Cutler threw a bag into the ring.

Pentagon was already busted open, and Matt Jackson pulled out a pair of Nike shoes covered in thumbtacks. He went to superkick Fenix, but Pentagon stepped in the way to save his brother to take it instead. They drove Pentagon’s face into it and he was bleeding even more before they went for a BTE Trigger.

Fenix stood up, and Matt Jackson superkicked him with the thumbtacks. They hit Pentagon with a BTE Trigger, but Fenix broke it up and ran wild. Pentagon and Nick Jackson hit stereo piledrivers on the apron, and then Pentagon hit a Canadian destroyer off the top rope, and then all four men exchanged superkicks before going down. There was blood all over the ring.

The Lucha Brothers hit an assisted Fear Factor on Nick Jackson, but Matt Jackson made the save. Rey Fenix climbed to the top of the cage for an assisted Fear Factor off the top of the cage, but Nick Jackson superkicked Pentagon. Fenix did a dive off the cage and jumped onto everyone, and then hit another assisted Fear Factor for the pinfall. This was absolutely incredible.

Result: The Lucha Brothers

Rating: *****1/2 (5.5 stars)

This match was absolutely outstanding. One of the best tag team cage matches I’ve ever seen, and a perfect ending to the Young Bucks runs at tag champs, and a much-deserved win here. Pentagon hugged his family at ringside to a great reaction.

21 Woman Casino Battle Royal (Nyla Rose, Thunder Rosa, The Bunny, Big Swole, Tay Conti, Diamante, Penelope Ford, Red Velvet, Hikaru Shida, Emi Sakura, Jade Cargill, Kiera Hogan, Abadon, Lelya Hirsch, KiLynn King, Rebel, Jamie Hayter, Anna Jay, Riho, Sky Blue, and Ruby Soho)

This was mostly standard battle royale fair that isn’t worth commenting on too much. Leyla Hirsch suplexed Nyla Rose all over the ring, Cargill eliminated Hirsch by throwing her with a gorilla press, Nyla Rose eliminated Cargill, and Rose worked the heel as and eliminated several fan favourites.

Ruby Soho got an amazing reaction when she came out, and it came down to Rose, Thunder Rosa, and Soho. Thunder Rosa managed to dump Nyla Rose over the top rope, and it was down to Ruby Soho and Thunder Rosa, who exchanged great strong style strikes and attacks. Both women ended up on the apron and barely hung on after some strikes.

Soho went for a Saito suplex on the apron and a German suplex, but Rosa fought both off. Rosa went for the Death Valley Driver, but Soho cut her off with a kick and Rosa fell to the floor, and Ruby Soho wins!

Result: Ruby Soho

Rating: *** (3 stars)

This was a great little battle royal, and Ruby Soho was fantastic in this one.

MJF vs. Chris Jericho: Jericho’s Last Stand

MJF came out to a countdown like Jericho’s, pyro went off, and it said Jericho’s Last Match, to huge boos. Jericho came out to his guitarist playing Judas, and he and MJF went right to it with Jericho and MJF exchanging arm drags. Jericho and MJF spilled to the floor and brawled all over ringside, before getting back into the ring.

MJF worked over Jericho’s arm and started biting the fingers and throwing him around with arm throws and armbars. MJF hit a piledriver on the apron, but when he went at Jericho, Jericho hit a pop-up powerbomb on the apron on MJF. Holy cow, he’s bringing in references to his work with Kevin Owens.

Jericho hit a Lionsault but MJF kicked out. Jericho went for a hurricanrana off the top rope, but MJF countered into a sitout powerbomb, but he sold his back because of the powerbomb on the apron. Jericho fought off a superplex and hit a Codebreaker off the middle rope for a 2-count. Wardlow came down and Jake Hager ran out to brawl with him, which gave MJF a chance to hit Jericho with a baseball bat and a Judas Effect.

Jericho got his foot on the ropes, but the ref counted to three. The referee had this pointed out to them and they restarted the match to a huge reaction from the crowd. Jericho rolled up MJF and almost got a pinfall. MJF countered into a Salt of the Earth but Jericho rolled him up then countered into the Walls of Jericho, but MJF almost got to the ropes, but Jericho pulled him back and locked on the Liontamer and MJF tapped out.

Result: Chris Jericho

Rating: ****1/4 (4.25 stars)

This was about as great as it could for this match, and the story told here was executed perfectly.

Darby Allin vs. CM Punk

Punk wore full pants as gear here for the first time in his career, I believe, but looked to be in fantastic physical shape. Allin was able to keep control of Punk, but the two were relatively even. Allin hit a huge armdrag and several strikes, but Punk sent Allin flying into the ring post through the middle ropes, causing Allin to smash into the post with his back. That was disgusting.

Punk has looked great so far. The dude has not lost a single step. Punk used an abdominal stretch. Darby countered into an over-the-top stunner. Allin went for the Coffin Drop but Punk cut him off and after an exchange, Punk managed to hit the GTS, and Allin spilled to the floor.

Allin made it back into the ring, and after another GTS attempt, Allin blocked it with elbows, hit a flip dive off the top rope to the floor, and went for the coffin drop, but Punk lured him in and sat up. Allin rolled him up but Punk kicked out. Allin went for the float over stunner again, but Punk countered and hit the GTS for the pin.

Result: CM Punk

Rating: ****1/4 (4.25 stars)

This was another excellent match on this card, with CM Punk looking fantastic. Darby Allin was the right choice here, as he made Punk look like a million bucks. Punk looked exceptional in this match, and I can’t wait to see what he does next.

Paul Wight vs QT Marshall (w/ the Factory)

This was short. Wight won with a chokeslam after some interference from The Factory. Perfectly fine cool-down match.

Result: Paul Wight

Rating: ** (2 stars)

This was perfectly fine for what it was.

Jon Moxley cut a promo on Minoru Suzuki, and how it was the best drug in the world with fighting with him. Moxley said he was going to bury the bully at Cincinnati, and said: “Welcome through the door.” We shall see if Suzuki likes what he finds. Amazing promo.

Malakai Black cut a good promo here on Dustin Rhodes as well.

Kenny Omega (c) (The Elite) w/ Don Callis vs. Christian Cage: AEW World Championship

Christian and Omega went right at it with strikes, but Omega hit a hurricanrana and sent Christian to the floor. Omega crashed into the guardrail and then ate a dive from Christian, but Omega threw Christian into the stairs and hit a flying stomp onto a table which broke over Cage’s body.

Omega went for a moonsault off the barricade but slipped, and the crowd started to boo his mess up, then he hit it picture-perfect before saying “It was slippery!” Omega kept the offence up and hit a V-Triggers and snapdragon suplexes. Christian went for the Killswitch on the apron, but Omgga escaped.

Omega went for the One Winged Angel off the apron, but Christian fought out, and speared him off the apron through a table. Christian’s side was cut from the table, and Omega got his knees up when he went for a frog splash. Omega went for the Dr. Wiley Bomb, but his back gave out from the spear through the table.

Omega killed Christian with several V-Triggers, but Christian was able to grab Omega and finally get the Texas Cloverleaf on Omega. Don Callis called for Gallows and Anderson, but Omega accidentally hit Gallows and Christian hit the Killswitch for a near fall. This was a great nearfall.

Callis got in the ring, but when Christian chased him off, Omega was given time to recover. Christian wanted to hit the Killswitch off the top rope, but Omega gouged his eyes and hit an Avalanche One Winged Angel off the middle rope on Christian and finally pinned him in an excellent match.

Result: Kenny Omega

Rating: ****3/4 (4.75 stars)

This was an excellent match, and Christian is an absolute mad man for taking that bump off the middle rope. The Young Bucks came out limping and with ice packs, to celebrate with Omega. The Elite continued to beat on Christian Cage, and when the Jurassic Express tried to make the save, but they continued to beat on him.

Omega got on the mic and said that there was no one who could beat him, and the only ones that could were already dead. Adam Cole’s music hit and he came out to a massive reaction. Adam Cole was “killed” on BTE, so that was a perfect reference.

Cole came into the ring and superkicked Jungle Boy and then hugged the Young Bucks, and Adam Cole has rejoined The Elite, some of his best friends. Cole said this shouldn’t shock anyway, and this was the real happy ending.

Then, Ride of the Valkyries hit and Bryan Danielson made his way down to the ring to make the save. Danielson, Christian, and the Jurassic Express made the save and cleared the ring to close the show.

Show Rating: ***** (5 stars)

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This was an all-time great PPV, with major debuts, fantastic matches, and huge angles going forward. Bryan Danielson coming into AEW is a huge get for them, and Adam Cole is just icing on the cake. Ring of Honor alumni, WCW guys, NJPW guys, and indie guys all in one promotion? I am so happy. This was fantastic.