AEW: Lucha Brothers were the MVPs of All Out


Many people consider All Out to be AEW’s premier pay-per-view event and they sure treated it that way on Sunday night. The card was stacked (even with that one questionable match that’d be better suited for Dark), including CM Punk’s first match in seven years.

There were also the debuts of Satoshi Kojima, Minoru Suzuki, Ruby Soho, Adam Cole, and Bryan Danielson. The women’s Casino Battle Royale featured MVP performances from Soho and Thunder Rosa. Christian Cage and Kenny Omega had a great main event with awesome spots, such as the One Winged Angel from the top rope.

With all of those matches, as soon as the steel cage match was set with Young Bucks and Lucha Bros., most fans knew it had a high probability of stealing the show. Not only was it the match of the night, but it’s also a contender for match of the year.

These two tag teams have incredible chemistry and put on beautiful matches against one another every time. It’s hard to think that Escalera de la Muerte could be topped, but this cage match did.

Lucha Bros. make a statement with their entrance

Remember when WrestleMania used to be full of cool entrances and fancy new gear? The Lucha Bros. had their own version. They were accompanied by dancers in masks and had live music from Mikey Ruckus and Muelístico. Then, the brothers arrived in elaborate headpieces and red Lucha Bros. letter jackets. It was a statement and begged the question, “how do they lose after an entrance like that?!”

Lucha Bros. go All Out

Early on, the champions used the cage to their advantage, but it wasn’t long before Fénix and Penta El Zero Miedo matched them. Whether it was hurricanranas, superkicks, or the “Perineal Punisher”, Lucha Bros. absolutely brutalized their opponents.

Penta’s face got absolutely wrecked as it was a bloody mess before he got a face full of Matt Jackson’s thumbtack-lined shoes. The Bucks also tried to rip their masks off and while unsuccessful, they exposed parts of their faces.

The match reached a fever pitch when Penta signaled for his baby brother to climb to the top of the cage. Fénix jumped his way up the cage to make it to the top, where he hit a crossbody on the other three men. The brothers then spiked Nick for the win, ending the Young Bucks’ reign at 302 days. The crowd was on their feet, roaring with applause after what may very well be the best tag team match in AEW history.

After the match, Penta waved someone down to the ring. It ended up being his visibly upset daughters and his wife. He hugged them all, smearing his blood on their faces. It was quite a scene after the brutality those men went through (Cero Miedo, indeed) to finally earn the AEW World Tag Team Championships. AEW got it right with this one.

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While the Lucha Bros. were most definitely MVPs of All Out, the Young Bucks were also incredible. The feud between these two teams is far from over. Their matches are never boring. Fénix said in the media scrum that he’d like to have a Hair vs. Mask match down the road if Tony Khan will let them. The fans are in for more incredible matches as the brothers defend their titles in a stacked division.