AEW: Miro’s storytelling and future challengers for the TNT championship

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Miro is in the middle of a dominant reign as AEW TNT Champion. There seems to be nothing that can stop him. However, there is one flaw in his game that has made his future title defenses and the story interesting as his reign progresses.

On AEW Rampage a few weeks back, Fuego Del Sol unleashed a barrage of DDTs on Miro. “The Redeemer” shook it off and beat Fuego, but it was just the beginning for “God’s Favorite Champion’s” neck.

Miro being vulnerable to the DDT became a popular sound bite for his subsequent matches. This eventually led to a relentless Eddie Kingston challenging Miro for the TNT Championship. A cerebral competitor who is known for having a DDT in his arsenal.

Kingston was a realistic possibility to win the TNT championship, but Miro pulled it off to retain his title at All Out. It has left fans wondering about the future of his TNT Championship reign with that wild card factor of his vulnerability to certain offensive moves.

Miro’s neck will be an interesting story for AEW moving forward.

In Miro’s arsenal, there is speed, power, and submission, which means there is simply no room for error. Even when utilizing the strategy of the DDT leaves a lot of uncertainty whether an opponent can keep the momentum going.

There’s a lot of wrestlers who possess that specific offense and there are many who do not. This gives AEW a new feel where strategy could make or break their chances against Miro. It’s the first time AEW has been in a situation where odds are dependent on the wrestler.

According to the rankings on AEW’s website, Christian Cage, Orange Cassidy, and Powerhouse Hobbs could be next in line. All competitors have differing odds due to their contrasting strategies.

Christian has the veteran advantage and could be stiff competition for his notorious usage of the DDT. Christian could be the worst-case scenario and be the one to hand the DDT to Miro to take the TNT Championship.

Orange Cassidy has the orange punch, and while that punch has given him everything — including a world title match — he would have to adapt and tap into his agility to give Miro a headache. Miro’s odds could be higher since those traits could be neutralized.

Powerhouse Hobbs could be the best-case scenario for Miro since he has a power game, but nothing beyond that for now. Miro has the agility and it brings the odds in his favor against Hobbs.

Three different competitors who, under normal circumstances, have similar odds, but adding in Miro’s neck makes the ranking system that much more interesting with varying strategies coming into play with such a special situation.

In the end, it will come down to the best strategies that can keep Miro off-balanced. That is easier said than done. AEW fans could be in for a long run with Miro since he’s a super athlete with only one defining weakness.

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No matter what happens, Miro is solidifying himself as the most dominant athlete as he slowly moves closer to the longest TNT Title reign in AEW history. Can Miro retain from a failed game plan or will a wrestler aim straight for the neck of the beast? All of us will have to wait in the coming weeks on AEW Dynamite to find out.