AEW Rampage results: PAC vs Andrade el Idolo, Womens trios match

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AEW Rampage featured the match between PAC & Andrade that was meant to be a part of AEW All Out recently, and a big six-woman tag between Ruby Soho, Riho, & Kris Statlander against Britt Baker, Jamie Hayter, and Rebel.

The show wasted no time going to the first match, with no introductions, and the show started with the bell ringing.

Andrade El Idolo w/ Chavo Guerrero & Jose vs. PAC (Death Triangle)

PAC and Andrade began exchanging elbows, and PAC went down after a shoulder block, but kicked up. Andrade hit a dropkick on PAC and began beating on him a bit in the corner. PAC hit a huge Fosbury Flop on Andrade before driving Andrade into the guardrail. While this was going on, Taz commented that Excalibur was still out due to his wedding, complaining that it has been a long, three-day wedding, but Schiavone wants to see a picture of the whole family in their masks. This was hilarious.

Andrade cut PAC off at the middle ropes, and did a slingshot DDT on PAC onto the apron, and then a corkscrew springboard corkscrew plancha to the floor, which was insane. Andrade tied PAC up in the ropes and hit a flying stomp to the outside of the ring, crushing PAC and then falling to the floor.

Andrade hit a split leg moonsault for a 2-count. PAC reversed a powerbomb attempt from the top rope and hit a hurricanrana, sending PAC to the mat. PAC hit a pump kick and a superkick to drop Andrade again. PAC tried for a sunset flip powerbomb to the floor, but Andrade landed on his feet, so PAC just superkicked him. Andrade caught PAC on the top rope and went for another double stomp, but PAC dodged and then hit a moonsault to the floor.

PAC hit a 450 splash into the ring and got a 2-count. PAC went for Black Arrow, but Andrade hit a handspring Pele kick and went for a DDT, but PAC shoved him backwards into the corner. PAC hit a German suplex and a belly-to-belly into the corner, but Jose, who was with Andrade got on the apron and distracted the referee with a taser while Chavo Guerrero smacked PAC with a tablet and Andrade scored the pinfall.

Result: Andrade El Idolo

Rating: ***3/4

Solid match here from both guys, and Andrade looked far better in his second match with AEW than his first. Andrade had his working boots on, and he bumped like crazy for PAC, which was great.

As Andrade was heading up the ramp to leave, he nailed Guerrero and threw the tablet at him, indicating that he might have wanted to win this one clean. This was a bit confusing, but the Lucha Brothers got involved and threw Guerrero back into the ring and they laid him out.

Sting & Darby Allin came out, and Allin responded to the challenge of Tully Blanchard from Dynamite. Sting grabbed the mic and fired up the crowd, and said he challenged Blanchard and Spears to a fight right now.

Blanchard came down the ramp, saying that Sting always liked the numbers game as it was 2-on-1, which is hilarious coming from Blanchard, who is a Horseman, and this was him being a hypocritical heel. Shawn Spears attacked Allin from behind and hit the Death Valley Driver on the floor.

A video aired with comments from Bryan Danielson and Adam Cole on their recent debuts. Cole talked about how none of the additions, even Danielson and Christian, were not on his level. Danielson made it clear that he was coming after Kenny Omega, because he believes The Elite are insecure and don’t really believe they are the best. Meanwhile, Danielson had this look of quiet confidence that indicated he really believed he was the best. This was excellent.

Ruby Soho, Riho, & Kris Statlander w/ The Best Friends vs. Britt Baker, Jamie Hayter, and Rebel

Riho started the match with Britt Baker, and got some offence against her and Hayter. Schiavone accidentally called Taz Excalibur here and it was hilarious, as Taz said loudly, “I don’t wear a mask!” and Schiavone cracked up. After a bit more heat on Riho from Hayter, Riho made the tag to Soho.

Soho and Statlander double-teamed Hayter, but it wasn’t long before Hayter was able to hit a backbreaker on Statlander and resumed the attack, but Statlander suplexed both Hayter and Rebel. Baker hit running double knees on Statlander and then a superkick, but Riho made the save and hit a double stomp off the shoulders of Statlander onto Baker and Rebel before hitting a crossbody to the outside on Hayter. Ruby Soho then hit a Pele kick on Hayter for the pinfall.

Result: Ruby Soho, Kris Statlander, & Riho

Rating: ***

Riho was the most over wrestler in this match outside of Baker, and it is clear she should be on TV more because she is just the absolute best babyface. Ruby Soho is getting over easily too, especially with the addition of “Ruby Soho” as her theme music and being given a chance to shine too. We need more Riho, though. She’s great, and I want her to eventually win the title back down the line.

Mark Henry did the split-screen interview with Max Caster and Brian Pillman Jr., and both cut simple promos on each other. This was simple, but effective.

Max Caster w/ Anthony Bowens vs. Brian Pillman Jr.

Pillman went right after Caster, tackling and beating on him. The fans chanted “Flyin’ Brian!” which fired up Pillman. Bowens pulled Pillman off the apron when the referee’s back was turned, and this allowed Caster to start to get the heat on Pillman.

This continued for several minutes with basic offence, including a back elbow and dropkick to the back that popped both Schiavone and Taz. It wasn’t long before Pillman decided to deal with the outside interference and hit a crossbody on Bowens on the floor and a springboard clothesline on Caster for the win.

Result: Brian Pillman Jr.

Rating: **1/2

This was a perfectly acceptable match, slightly above average. Pillman being the hometown hero got him a nice reaction. The Acclaimed attacked Pillman after the bell, but Jon Moxley ran down to make the save, and Pillman and Moxley took out both members of The Acclaimed and both celebrated as the show went off the air.

Show Rating: ***

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This was probably the weakest episode of AEW Rampage to date, but it really wasn’t a bad show at all. This was a super easy watch, and one of the things I really like about it is that they are giving the talents that haven’t gotten much a chance to shine on Dynamite lots of chances to do so on this show, from cutting quick promos to getting in decent matches. This is how you build stars over the long term, and AEW is doing an excellent job at that.