CM Punk vs. Sting: The dream match that can happen in AEW

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Last Weekend’s All Out marked the first time CM Punk worked a match in seven years. It was a great showing, as he did not have ring rust despite his extended time away. The CM Punk vs. Darby Allin match even drew comparisons to the Bret Hart vs. Sean Waltman match from 1994.

With the dust settled, it is time to bring up a potential dream match nobody knew they wanted until they were both in the ring: CM Punk vs. Sting.

Sting vs. CM Punk is a dream match that AEW should book sometime in the near future.

I would usually be the first to say that this match is over a decade too late to happen and it is true. However, AEW has used Sting the right way and more effectively than his forgettable WWE run. Sting only gets in the ring when it matters. Plus, when he has had matches in AEW so far, Sting worked with talent who were safe and could give him a good match despite his age.

The last time CM Punk had a high-profile match against a legend was against The Undertaker at WrestleMania 29. That match was arguably the match of the show, and Undertaker’s age in that match did not slow him down.

So if CM Punk were to go against Sting in this once-in-a-lifetime bout on an AEW pay-per-view, it can draw in audiences of both sides to see this clash. The time to do this is now since Sting’s current run with AEW could be the last in his 35+ year career. We have to enjoy both Sting and CM Punk now for the time being. Let’s hope that this potential match could become a reality within the next year.

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I am not looking for a five-star classic. I just hope for a good match when these two are in the ring! Tony Khan if you are reading this, book this match.