Five inter-promotional wrestling trades that benefit all parties

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The current talent sharing between AEW, NJPW, and Impact Wrestling has opened up many possibilities in terms of matches and stories between the three promotions. It’s also increased interest in inter-promotional trades.

Here are five inter-promotional trades I’d like to see that would benefit all parties involved.

For the purposes of this exercise, the ground rules are as follows:

  • AEW/NJPW/Impact Wrestling will function as one combined entity because of the extent of their existing relationships.
  • Other promotions (WWE, ROH, MLW, STARDOM, etc.) will be their own, with WWE the umbrella for all of its brands,
  • Trades will be even, one-for-one.
  • There will be no one-sided trades (i.e. Roman Reigns for Michael Nakazawa) as the purpose is to find trades that benefit all parties, including the wrestlers.
  • Injury status will be considered, but not a determining factor in this fantasy world.
  • These trades function more as talent-sharing, so salaries and payrolls will not be considered.
  • The recently acquired CM Punk, Adam Cole, and Bryan Danielson will be exempt from these hypothetical trades.

Please remember that I’m basically fantasy booking here and your list will most likely be different. That’s fine.

With that, let’s move to the first trade.

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