WWE Draft 2021 Predictions: Full Raw and SmackDown Rosters Revealed

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Addendum: Why is the 2021 WWE Draft happening right now?

At the end of the day, the fact that the WWE had the audacity to schedule a Draft a month before Survivor Series is quite fatuous, especially if this company is planning on doing a brand war this year. Most superstars would not really have brand loyalty or have any motivation to achieve brand supremacy after just recently getting drafted to a certain brand.

Nonetheless, WWE’s contrived booking techniques are boundless and it’s only a matter of time until this year’s WWE draft ends up becoming as abysmal as NBA’s draft in 2000. As farcical as this draft may seem, there is one bright side to all of this: ratings. Indeed, expect the ratings to spike over the course of these two nights because fans love drafts.

Under the auspices of this global franchise, there is a sliver of hope that it maintains those ratings with more consistent booking and better-told storylines that could possibly create and establish future megastars, of which CM Punk vehemently claimed there are none. However, that would be too sanguine of anyone to actually believe, especially for the WWE.

Whether the WWE follows the guidelines of this article or not for this upcoming draft, the vices of excessive micromanagement, overproduction, recycled storylines, unnecessary on-and-off pushes, minimal creative freedom, lack of cognizance for diverse opportunity, and even the lack of a safe working environment still speak volumes for the pernicious future of this company.

If the WWE truly wants fresh feuds and less rematches for the infinitesimal division that was elicited by their plethora of releases in the past year and a half, the solution is not a draft. The solution is to merge the divisions with one world title, one women’s title, one mid card title, and one men’s tag title, and one women’s tag title. It’s time to end the brand split. Stay tuned.

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