AEW: Powerhouse Hobbs’ match against CM Punk will be career-defining

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AEW Grand Slam will consist of an interesting match involving Powerhouse Hobbs and CM Punk. The match was made due to the ongoing rivalry between Punk and Team Taz. The match has all the makings to be a special night for Powerhouse Hobbs.

Powerhouse Hobbs will have a career-changing night on AEW Grand Slam.

Before signing with AEW, Hobbs was on the independent scene. He established himself as a powerhouse early on, even when there weren’t bright lights on him. He kept going and eventually went to AEW a little over a year ago.

It was clear this guy has something special that stretches far beyond him just being powerful. He has very fluid motions in the ring with the usage of his impactful spinebuster. The combination of quickness and power makes him an interesting power wrestler.

The more fans learn about Hobbs, the more they realize he has an old-school style with new school flavor to his game. In this era, there has been an emphasis on high impact and high risk, but Hobbs provides something for fans of power wrestling.

AEW has mixed in numerous wrestling styles, with their roster providing a little bit of everything. This includes fans of matches that tell a story through individual strengths, which makes it easy for individuals to stand out in their own way, especially someone like Hobbs.

That brings us to Grand Slam, where Hobbs will go one on one with CM Punk for the first time ever. Since Punk came back, it has been about working with the best talent. There are a lot of wrestlers who have established names, but there’s a lot looking to reach that next level. Hobbs is a wrestler looking for that next level.

Every week that has gone by, Hobbs has become more and more comfortable. He’s a very different wrestler today than he was a year ago, and this match against CM Punk will solidify him going to the next level.

As of right now, Hobbs is 16-2 in 2020. Punk going against a man who statistically could have a shot at the TNT or World Title within the next few weeks makes the stakes a little higher and more personal.

Hobbs has proven to be stiff competition for established talent and CM Punk will be put in an interesting position against a talent who is wise beyond his years. It can even be said that Hobbs has a spot to keep with talent below him within striking distance for his spot on the rankings.

He’s looking to assert himself as a credible threat to the two major men’s singles title belts of AEW and through a big performance against the best in the world. it may be enough to raise his stock as well as Team Taz.

As of right now, Miro is occupied with other challengers and the same can be said about Kenny Omega. Regardless of the results, Hobbs has a major case for a title match, with the rankings being his best friend right now for that shot.

There have been a few exemptions for certain challengers skipping ahead of the line to face for the titles, but after his match with CM Punk, Hobbs may produce enough confidence to draw attention to the rankings and power his way to a championship match.

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Will a top-ranked contender in Hobbs emerge victorious over CM Punk? Will CM Punk add a rare loss to the Powerhouse? All of us will have to wait and see this Friday as they face off for the first time ever on AEW Grand Slam.