AEW: Kenny Omega vs Bryan Danielson was a special moment

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This was a big week in professional wrestling. Both WWE and AEW brought out some big matches for their flagship shows. AEW Dynamite opened with a dream match that many thought would never come to fruition as Kenny Omega took on Bryan Danielson. After 30-minutes this match took its place among the best television matches of all time and helped set the tone for an interesting picture around the main event of All Elite Wrestling.

The anticipation leading into this match was palpable when Sunday evening arrived. Go back and listen to the fans in attendance pop over a simple measure of the bell sounding to kick off the action. From the first lock up, through every motion afterward, everyone hung on the action and the story that Danielson and Omega told in the ring. Even though some questioned the idea of the time-limit draw, this ending helps set the stage for a future showdown against each other and other top names in the organization.

First, there was Danielson. A few months ago, he was battling Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal championship, and on Wednesday he is facing down the top champion in AEW – and widely recognized as the top wrestler of 2021. Danielson put on a performance that will sit among the top of his career, breaking out false finishes with moves going back to his run in Ring of Honor. When he made his surprise debut at All Out, he promised fans that he was here to wrestle and that’s exactly what Danielson accomplished, a clinic in professional wrestling.

And then there’s Omega’s point of view. Danielson implored Omega to return to the form that is known as the “Best Bout Machine.” All the jokes and games with Don Callis were gone for at least 30-minutes, where Omega matched Danielson move for move. If there was ever any doubt that this was Omega’s year, those doubts should be gone after Wednesday.

The fallout from this match will be intriguing to watch. AEW has done an excellent job protecting the prestige of its title by having challengers fight their way to an opportunity. Danielson will have to do the same. With a wealth of names available on the AEW roster, imagine the opportunity for him to face the likes of Daniel Garcia, Lee Moriarty, Ricky Starks, Miro, Sammy Guevara, and plenty of others. Danielson did not come to AEW to help the young names like CM Punk, and the run he is going to need to go on to get back to the title goes through all of them.

Omega’s going to go on to Adam Page potentially, but his business with Danielson is not done. Just like the time limit draw between Cody and Darby Allin, that match led to a bigger moment months later. Expect the same here. AEW continues to excel in its ability to tell long-term storylines with stakes along the way. Danielson was one of the best at that in the WWE, so enjoy the ride of him doing it in a new space with fresh faces.

This is a wonderful time to be a fan of professional wrestling. Bryan Danielson versus Kenny Omega is one such example that fans received in the last few months. Enjoy it while the time is now because matches like this with performers like them do not happen every night.