AEW: 3 women that could win Britt Baker’s Women’s Championship

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For nearly four months, Britt Baker has been the AEW Women’s World Champion. She would argue that she’s been the “Face of the Women’s Division” for much longer. At Double or Nothing, she ended Hikaru Shida’s historic (HERstoric) 372-day reign. The good doctor has about 80 more days before she reaches the halfway mark to Shida’s run.

Baker currently sits at 15-1 in 2021, as does her predecessor. Kris Statlander actually has one more win in 2021 than the D.M.D. Statlander came up short at ALL OUT as did the Casino Battle Royale winner, Ruby Soho. The champ has also padded her winning record on Elevation and Dark.

With no one seemingly able to best Baker in title matches, let’s take a look at who could eventually dethrone the dentist/champion.

Big Swole

One of the hottest feuds of the Pandemic Era was Baker vs. Big Swole. Even with Baker’s injury, the two found ways to keep their feud fresh, funny and front of mind. They were rewarded for their hard work by participating in the first-ever women’s cinematic match. The Tooth & Nail match opened ALL OUT 2020; Swole was victorious.

Swole was on a roll last year before complications from Crohn’s Disease sidelined her. She’s been trying to regain her spot since. Swole competed in another first recently: The first 3 Strikes match in AEW. She bested Diamanté on Dark. Swole is at 15 wins (and four losses) as of this writing. Perhaps she will get a shot at her former foe before the year ends.

Tay Conti

The Brazilian has taken the women’s division by storm. She’s competed in both singles and tag matches with her bestie, Anna Jay. While the other half of #TayJay was out with an injury, Conti racked up Ws and became even more of a fan favorite. As of Sept. 22, Conti sits at 26-4 overall.

Conti has never faced Baker one-on-one. She has faced her twice; once in a tag team match and in a four-on-four match. Could she end Baker’s title reign in their first-ever singles match?

Thunder Rosa

Thunder Rosa is the biggest threat to Baker and her AEW Women’s Championship. She is the most dominant, versatile woman in the division and one of the best wrestlers on the roster, period. Rosa faced Baker in the historic first-ever women’s main event in AEW. To add to the firsts, it was also the first-ever Unsanctioned Lights Out match featuring women. “La Mera Mera” beat the D.M.D., but since it was unsanctioned, it doesn’t count towards her win-loss record.

Currently, Rosa is at 27-3. She has been racking up wins on Elevation and Dark for months. Sooner rather than later, Rosa is coming for Baker and her title. She is in a prime position to become AEW’s fifth women’s champion.

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Baker has brought a lot of buzz to the AEW women’s division. She has come a long way from where she started in AEW where she struggled with promos and connecting with fans. She has worked very hard to build her character and improve in the ring. She has now main evented three times. No other women’s champion has done that. No matter how long her title reign lasts, Baker will be remembered as a champion who moved the division forward.