WWE NXT: Raquel Gonzalez defeats Franky Monet to retain title

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With the WWE Draft beginning in a few nights, all eyes were on the next edition of WWE NXT. With three big title matches scheduled, the outcomes could impact who wrestling fans see on either WWE SmackDown or Monday Night Raw in the coming weeks. Either way, NXT 2.0 continues rebuilding the brand from ground zero.

The night started off with a big, no disqualification match between Elektra Lopez and B-Fab of Hit Row.

Hit Row comes out first with Legado del Fantasma quickly behind them. The two groups initially brawl, but the two ladies are left alone for their match.

This is a scrap from the very beginning with both women throwing blows and pulling on the hair. Lopez lands some knees to the stomach before B-Fab kicks her in the face. Fab then sends Lopez to the floor and hits an axe handle drop off the apron.

They continue to fight outside the ring, with Lopez taking the advantage. She grabs a trash can but Fab stops her before she can use it, slamming her to the ground by her hair. Lopez turns the tables, sending Fab into the steel steps. The guys are back out and brawling again before another commercial.

Lopez attempts to introduce a table but Fab stops her. Lopez is in control until Fab pushes her into the apron. Fab uses the table legs as a weapon to attack Lopez’s legs. Fab looks to continue using the table leg, but Lopez stops her inside the ring. Then she introduces kendo sticks and steel chairs. Lopez goes to the body then slams Fab into a chair. She follows it up with another slam into a chair. Fab returns the favor with a chair shot of her own, then a blow with the kendo stick.

Lopez uses another chair, then hits the sit-down powerbomb to pick up the victory.

Elektra Lopez defeated B-Fab via pinfall.

The next match out was Oney Lorcan versus Xyon Quinn.

Quinn immediately goes to the power game to control Lorcan, dropping him with shoulder charges. He then sends Lorcan over the top rope and to the floor. Lorcan fights back, hitting a clothesline, but it does not slow Quinn down too much. He was able to get in some offense, but he gets tossed aside.

Lorcan goes after Quinn’s legs, landing punches from mount before locking in a headlock. Quinn hits a running clothesline and then a shoulder charge, followed by a Samoan Drop. He finishes off Lorcan with a flying clothesline to pick up the victory.

Xyon Quinn defeated Oney Lorcan via pinfall.

Zoey Stark and Io Shirai defended their tag team titles against two members of Toxic Attraction.

Shirai started out against Gigi Dolin and after outpacing her, she was forced to tag out to Jacey Jane. Shirai tagged out to Zoey Stark and she continued the offensive pressure. Stark continued to work circles around Jane, landing a slingshot on top of her from the apron, getting a two count.

Dolin made a blind tag and used that opportunity to get the jump on Stark. Stark immediately fought back with a chin breaker and a short arm clothesline. Stark and Shirai hit tandem springboard dropkicks to knock their opponents from the ring. Stark and Dolin exchanged dives to the outside of the ring and Shirai followed suit with a moonsault of her own.

Toxic Attraction remained in control, with Dolin hitting a head scissors and Jayne following up with a knee. Jayne hits a snap suplex that gets a two count on Shirai. Shirai makes the tag to Stark who comes in with a head of steam. She lands a German Suplex and a basement dropkick on Jayne. Stark knocks her from the ring with a clothesline and walks right into a discuss punch. Stark went for a Phoenix Splash but missed, Jayne countered with a neck breaker.

Dolin and Shirai tag back into the match and Shirai are in control. She lands a Tiger Kick and knocks Jayne from the apron before landing a dropkick on Dolin. Shirai locks in a crossface, but Mandy Rose puts Dolin’s foot on the rope. Dolin lands a double-under suplex on Stark for a two count.

Stark drops Jayne again and makes the tag to Shirai. Stark is distracted by Rose on the outside while Shirai hits the moonsault on Jayne, pinning her to retain the titles.

Zoey Stark and Io Shirai defeated Toxic Attraction to remain tag team champions.

Andre Chase and Boa were out for singles action next.

Chase was in control early but Boa hit him with a stiff kick to the leg. Chase was crimpled from that point, barely able to stand. He countered a kick with a neck breaker, stomping away on Boa before landing some punches.

Chase continued to jaw at Boa until Boa got back to his feet, kicking Chase in the chest. Chase ended up getting sprayed in the face, allowing Boa to hit the reverse DDT for the victory.

Boa defeated Andre Chase via pinfall.

Roderick Strong was out next to face Greyson Waller for the NXT Cruiserweight title.

Waller jumped Strong from behind, knocking him out the ring and then landing a dive through the ropes. Waller remained in control out of the commercial break, but he made the mistake of pausing on the middle rope, where Strong pushed him over and to the outside.

That gave Strong the opening to put the hurt on Waller. Strong kept Waller grounded and used a combination of submission and strikes, including stomping on his arms. Suplexes galore also came out, including a high-impact, vertical suplex.

Strong then took Waller to the top rope, but Waller fought out of the position, landing a missile dropkick from the top. Waller landed a variation of a splash off the second rope, but Strong kicked out at two. Waller hit a rolling stunner on Strong but was still unable to get the three count.

Waller made a mistake and Strong quickly countered with a knee to the face that dropped Waller, allowing Strong to get the victory.

Roderick Strong defeated Greyson Waller via pinfall.

Ridge Holland was headed to the ring but was attacked by Kyle O’Reilly.

Holland’s power came into play early, but O’Reilly tried to counter with his grappling. It was not working at first, as Holland was still able to throw him around the ring. Holland locked in a bear hug to slow down the smaller man.

Holland went for a headbutt but O’Reilly countered with a front choke. O’Reilly then landed some stiff kicks to the legs, knees, and a sweep to get Holland off his feet. O’Reilly went for a pin but Holland kicked out at two, but O’Reilly used the position to transition into an arm bar. That led to a triangle but Holland powered out, throwing O’Reilly into the top rope.

O’Reilly rushed out of the corner and was hit with a tilt-a-whirl slam. O’Reilly fired right back but was power bombed, another two count. Holland dropped O’Reilly with a shot to the face, but O’Reilly chopped out his legs, then went to the top rope. Pete Dunne caused a distraction, and Holland attempted to use it, but O’Reilly rolled Holland up to get the victory.

Kyle O’Reilly defeated Ridge Holland via pinfall.

The main event of the evening featured Raquel Gonzalez defending her WWE NXT Women’s Championship against Franky Monet.

Monet was able to match Gonzalez’s power early, but that did not stop Monet from keeping up with the champion. Gonzalez lifted her in the air, slamming Monet on her face. Monet then started slapping Gonzalez in the face. That was until Gonzalez sent her into the corner and hit a fallaway slam.

Gonzalez followed them outside the ring, attacking Monet and putting her back inside. Monet immediately rolled back out, but Gonzalez stayed on top of her. Monet took control of the opportunity, slamming Gonzalez’s back into the apron. Back in the ring was only able to get a two count. Monet hit a snap suplex and still only ended up with a two-count. Monet continued to load up the offense on the champion, laying into her with knees to the back of her head.

Gonzalez got back to her feet, knocking down Monet and landing the twisting Vader Bomb for two. Gonzalez went for the one-arm powerbomb but could not get Monet up. Monet hit a double stomp to Gonzalez’s chest for another two count. Monet did get caught and Gonzalez hit the powerbomb to pick up the win and retain the title.

Raquel Gonzalez defeated Franky Monet via pinfall.