WWE: Draft the Hurt Business to SmackDown to battle The Bloodline

WWE, Bobby Lashley (Photo credit should read AMER HILABI/AFP/Getty Images)
WWE, Bobby Lashley (Photo credit should read AMER HILABI/AFP/Getty Images) /

The WWE Draft is for some an extremely anticipated moment in the WWE calendar, and although some have tired of the novelty, I look forward to it every year. In many respects, it “shakes things up,” as Vince McMahon is famous for saying of the draft. And in this regard, he is undoubtedly right. And this year, I hope that the newly reformed Hurt Business is drafted to SmackDown.

First off, the Hurt Business never really got the chance at a long run I would have liked to have seen. WWE Creative dropped the whole angle the minute that Bobby Lashley got some momentum to ignite what was to become “The All-Mighty Era,” and it was a mistake in my opinion, as the whole reason that Bobby had that momentum was with the faction he had aligned himself with and led expertly.

That is why I have a coffee stain in the shape of the state of Texas on one of my favorite Winnipeg Blue Bombers shirts.

Allow me to explain. Raw was unfolding as it always does and I was excited to watch the match between Big E and Bobby Lashley for the WWE Title. But I must admit, I had my reservations, especially considering the rest of that night’s card, but whatever, like the rest of the show has no bearing on what made my night and ruined my shirt at the same exact time. (FYI: I won’t throw the shirt, though…hence the words, “favorite shirt”).

So yeah….I was taking a sip of a new pumpkin spice coffee blend I just purchased (after all it is a beautifully crisp fall up here in Canada, and what better time for pumpkin spice?), and there are Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander dressed in their Hurt Business shirts, surrounding Big E. Needless to say, I’m sure you can all deduce what went down.

On Shelton Benjamin, I’ll say that I’m sure you all know how I feel about him, as I’ve written about him often, but this athlete deserved so much more than he’s been given over the years. I often sound like a broken record: He was in the same class as John Cena, Randy Orton, and Brock Lesnar at OVW (Ohio Valley Wrestling – WWE’s developmental territory in the early 2000s) for crying out loud!

“The Gold Standard” indeed.

And it was in the Hurt Business that he could shine the way he deserved to shine. The same, although not as enthusiastically, can be said of Cedric…another fine athlete, although younger and in need of a bit more experience. But in the end, he was getting that experience as part of the Hurt Business.

But when the faction broke up, both men were once again being underutilized, although Bobby had his best run quite obviously. I wanted Cedric to gain a little more experience, yes, but not at all chasing after the 24/7 Championship, which is what we saw him doing in recent weeks.

Regardless, they’ve thankfully been reunited, and it leads us all to ask the question: What now?

Bobby lost his belt and he lost his rematch. Perhaps now, it’s time to have him chase after yet another title altogether, and what other title could there be other than the Universal Championship currently held by “The Head of the Table,” Roman Reigns?

Roman Reigns and The Bloodline have quite the dominance on SmackDown quite obviously, and despite the returns of Edge and now Brock Lesnar, no one really threatened Roman’s reign (see what I did there?) all that much…as we saw with Balor. Everybody knew where that match was going to go at Extreme Rules (there was nothing Extreme about it) because of the Lesnar vs. Roman match looming in the distance set for Crown Jewel. So of course that match finished as it did.

The Bloodline vs. the Hurt Business is a feud made in heaven for sure. There are so many possibilities; it’s not even funny, as the old expression goes. And yeah, it could lead to a tag team match, where Cedric and Shelton can finally get the respect they deserve in hopefully winning the tag titles on that brand, and really it can lead to Lashley getting the Universal Title, essentially putting a cap on an incredible career.

This would certainly cement his legacy and the overall run of “The All-Mighty Era” would be complete.

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Of course Roman has Lesnar to contend with at the aforementioned upcoming Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia on October 21st of this year, but if he manages to defeat “The Beast Incarnate,” and if the draft goes the way we hope, then he’ll have another beast to contend with altogether, as will his cousins.

Fingers crossed, dear readers.