The Luchador: Pro-Wrestling Meets the Supernatural

With monthly PPVs and weekly episodic programs that often garner high ratings on their respective networks, pro-wrestling is one of the most popular forms of entertainment. Shows about the supernatural are popular as well.

Dan Valero Fletcher has created “The Luchador: 1000 Fights of El Fuego Fuerte”, a wrestling/supernatural action/adventure podcast drama that will be making its debut on October 5th. A lot of time and effort has been put into giving life to the show, with Fletcher and his team beginning their work on, “The Luchador” over two years ago and letting nothing stand in their way, even enduring setbacks that presented themselves due to the pandemic creating obstacles.

In the 1960s and 1970s, Luchador films were very popular, with over 100 of them being created during that time period. “The Luchador: 1000 Fights of El Fuego Fuerte” is very similar to those films, set in a supernatural world featuring gangsters and Aztec vampires, as well as rudos and tecnicos (the Lucha libre terms for rulebreakers and fan favorites, respectively).

“The Luchador” is receiving strong involvement from the pro-wrestling industry, with the show featuring the voice talents of former ECW World Heavyweight Champion Raven, AEW stars Colt Cabana, and Luchasaurus, ROH star Danhausen, Effy, and more.

The “Luchador” preview page provides more information on the show and the people behind it. There is also an audio trailer on the page.  After checking out the page, go to the episode website on October 5th to hear the first episode.

I listened to, “The Luchador: 1000 Fights of El Fuego Fuerte”‘s audio trailer, and I was very impressed. Dan Valero Fletcher has created a formula that would appeal to all pro-wrestling, supernatural story, and podcast drama fans. “The Luchador” has the potential to be a hit, especially since the popularity of podcast dramas continues to grow worldwide on a yearly basis.