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There are a number of performers on the AEW roster that fans want to see go on an individual run. Wardlow is on that list and in order to get there he’s going to have to turn on MJF and that’s a moment that has to come in the future.

I guess you could say that it’s inevitable, really. In professional wrestling, it’s been quite common for factions and tag teams to go their separate ways, and in such a gloriously controversial fashion to boot.

This has been the case for sure since Shawn Michaels broke up the Rockers with a Sweet Chin Music from hell right there in Brutus Beefcake’s Barbershop!

Talk about the superkick heard round the world.

Yeah, in WWE especially, epic turns like this, is what calls many to refer to professional wrestling as a soap opera of sorts. And actions like that certainly fit the bill.

And speaking of soap operas, doesn’t The Pinnacle’s entrance song sound like the theme music to a prime-time soap opera from the late eighties and early nineties? It does to me.

So can we expect a heel turn very much like the one mentioned above from the annals of WWE history?

If you ask me, we can expect an even bigger turn, and one with a more explosive reaction from the crowd.

But first, a look at MJF and Wardlow

The two have been paired together a lot recently, Wardlow getting the brunt of MJF’s exceptionally bad heel character—Wardlow acting like his personal henchman.

Let’s face it, MJF takes the cake in scathing promos and a kayfabe that he keeps up with even on social media. The man is an ace heel; there’s no one in the company like him in that respect. He also happens to be pretty amazing in the ring too, and only at 25 years old. Talk about bright futures, dear readers.

Wardlow is being patient, but behind those eyes, there’s mercury rising…rising to a high temperature that will erupt, and what will happen when it blows through the top of that thermometer, will be amazing to see for sure.

A look at the impressive Michael Wardlow

If you didn’t know, Wardlow’s last name is actually Wardlow. Michael Wardlow, from Cleveland, Ohio, started wrestling in 2014. He started running in the independent circuit and even had a tryout with WWE—a tryout that ended in rejection.

According to a piece at wrestlingnews.co, Kurt Angle had some wise and supportive words for an emotionally decimated Wardlow:

"“…I smoked that (WWE) tryout. I thought I had this in the bag, so much so that I sold my motorcycle. I sold my house. I literally got rid of everything because I was like, I’m going to put everything into moving to Florida. When the email came in that I was not, I actually had to pull over on the side of the road. I couldn’t believe it.  Then I started training personally with Kurt Angle when he was getting ready to make his comeback for his final couple of matches. Me and Kurt clicked in the ring really well. Him and I talked a lot and he expressed that he had a conversation with a certain somebody there about bringing me in. He told me it’s not a matter of it, it’s a matter of when…”-via Wardlow /AEW Unrestricted"

He has a background in martial arts and of course, is an avid weightlifter. He told Muscle & Fitness about his thoughts on working out and a plethora of other subjects that came up, including pro wrestling of course. He said:

"“…Everything I have done, has been for training to be a wrestler… Any outside activity that I do is ultimately to better myself in the ring. I just knew, at a very young age, that this was what I wanted to do with my life…I grew up on Hulk Hogan and the Ultimate Warrior…”-via Wardlow /Muscle & Fitness"

So, he’s had quite the journey and is an integral part of The Pinnacle, but a turn is imminent, friends.

Where the possible feud can go

I guess you could say that it could be considered imminent, really. Just look at the way he’s been treating him in promos in recent weeks. Of course, Wardlow is very patient though…you could say like the lion watching the poor antelope at the stream, but he’ll pounce and I think this is pretty much how it could go down:

And when will it happen? I say when MJF needs him most. MJF is having feud after feud, expecting the big man to stay by his side, and if we can compare these two to anyone in the annals of pro wrestling history, I’d have to say they come pretty close to Shawn Michaels and Diesel in the mid-nineties over at WWE (then WWF). This sort of situation is also happening in WWE with Omos and AJ Styles, although in a much less impressive way.

It should perhaps get to a point where MJF expects Wardlow to back him up in one of his upcoming feuds, and hopefully after he wins one of AEW’s major titles. MJF’s title win would surely get the big lion (Wardlow) to froth at the mouth, perhaps wanting the title for himself, especially after being abused by MJF and his bad temper and attitude.

And so it should be at one of MJF’s subsequent title defenses – maybe even against Sammy Guevara. See, in this wee bit of fantasy warfare, MJF defeats Guevara for the TNT title, and perhaps even with Wardlow’s help. MJF will berate Wardlow, far worse than he has thus far, and when it comes time for Wardlow to help MJF when Sammy gets his rematch, the big man will let him fall to his fate and be ready to jump in the ring and feast on his pray.

Yeah…a little out there, but possible. It would sure make for some good TV, dear readers.

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Essentially, MJF’s mouth will paint him into a corner, as his mouth keeps writing checks his (expletive) can’t cash, to perhaps quote the incomparable Stetsasonic via 1991; then and only then will we see the wrath of Wardlow.

And as the aforementioned song says: “Actions speak louder than words…”