Would Charlotte Flair be a good fit in AEW’s Women’s Division?

WWE, Charlotte Flair, Andrade (Photo by Brian Ach/Getty Images for WWE)
WWE, Charlotte Flair, Andrade (Photo by Brian Ach/Getty Images for WWE) /

With all of the reports that have surfaced about Smackdown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair recently, many have started to wonder if her time in the WWE is coming to an end. Flair came up in the WWE system and has never wrestled a single match outside of the promotion, so the idea of Flair being in a different promotion like AEW is both intriguing and slightly unsettling.

If the 13-time Women’s Champion were to ever evaluate her options in the wrestling world, there would be many companies knocking at her door and trying to bring her in. Flair is a very recognizable name and would be a game-changer for nearly any women’s division.

Would Charlotte Flair fare well in AEW?

If Flair ever did depart WWE, she would immediately be rumored to join All Elite Wrestling. The #2 promotion in North America employs Flair’s husband, Andrade, and has been making a somewhat decent effort to bolster their women’s division in recent months. If Tony Khan and co. were able to land Flair, it would arguably be one of the biggest signings in company history.

From a fit standpoint, I think “The Queen” would slide right in at the top of the card – and rightfully so. Flair has proven to be an excellent in-ring worker, as well as a good promo when given the correct storyline and circumstances. Although she is significantly better as a heel, Flair is interchangeable and can also work a babyface role if needed.

Many of the women in AEW are still very “green” or average in-ring performers at best. Adding a talent like Flair to the roster would improve some of the match quality throughout the promotion’s multiple shows.

Besides all of that, Flair has accomplished nearly everything that there is to accomplish with WWE. She’s won multiple titles, a Royal Rumble, had a Match Of The Year, etc. There isn’t much meat left on that bone.

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There is no reported word on Flair’s contract status and it’s highly unlikely that WWE would release her, so it’s unknown when exactly this move could become a possibility – but whenever it does, I think Flair should jump on the opportunity to do something different.