WWE Survivor Series 2021: Team Raw Predictions (Men)


WWE Survivor Series 2021! This anticipatory event will be full of thrilling eliminations and unforeseen sole survivors that encapsulate the ideals of bragging rights and the ultimate brand war between Raw and SmackDown. Since neither WWE Raw nor WWE SmackDown bothered to book any sort of build for this upcoming PPV, many fans are left wondering who the members of Team Raw and Team SmackDown will be. The following will provide predictions for this year’s Team Raw Men’s Survivor Series Team.

WWE Survivor Series 2021 will take place on November 21, 2021, at 7 p.m. E.S.T., live on the WWE Network. Here are the predictions for Team Raw.

5.) Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio was booked for the main event of Raw last week. Although he lost the fatal four way ladder match, it seems that WWE is remembering his main event appeal. He is amazing in these five on five elimination matches because he enhances the flow of the match due to his impeccable agility and fast pace offense. Also, his 619 finishing maneuver sets up some neat finisher tag combos with other wrestlers on the Survivor Series Team. As result, the master of the 619 would be a solid addition to Team Raw.

4.) Austin Theory

Austin Theory has picked up his momentum in recent weeks with two victories over Jeff Hardy and a victory over Dominick Mysterio on the most recent episode of Raw. It seems that his current feud with the Mysterios will come in handy here because he can elicit some tension with Rey Mysterio on Team Raw. As a heel, it would be characteristic of him to be the primary cause of Rey Myserio’s elimination from the team as a methodology to embarrass him and add more layers to his feud, especially since it seems that his goal is to embarrass the popular babyfaces in the WWE.

3.) Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens was booked for the main event of Raw last week. Although he lost the fatal four way ladder match, it seems that WWE is also remembering his main event appeal. Owens has not won a championship in the WWE since 2018. Since his contract is running up early next year, now is the last chance for WWE to turn things around for him at this PPV. The best way to do that is by booking him to defy the odds like Dolph Ziggler did in 2014 and become the sole survivor. This will solidify his status as a main eventer and hopefully lead to a future title opportunity.

2.) Keith ‘Bearcat’ Lee

Keith ‘Bearcat’ Lee has picked up his momentum in recent weeks with victories over Akira Tozawa as well as Cedric Alexander on the most recent episode of Raw. Due to his power, strength, and indomitable physique, Lee should have the most eliminations in this match. Obviously, the fall guys on this team will be Austin Theory and Rey Mysterio. Bearcats generally sleep during the day high in the forest canopy and love to bask in the sun, and the fans love to bask in Keith Lee’s glory. Henceforth, Keith ‘Bearcat’ Lee must be protected at all costs and be booked strong in this bout.

1.) Finn Balor

Finn Balor was booked for the main event of Raw last week. Although he lost the fatal four way ladder match, he has been rumored to be the face of Raw going forward. Henceforth, he should be a lock for this year’s Survivor Series Team. In fact, Balor will likely be the captain of this team even though he recently got traded from SmackDown in a draft that should not take place before a PPV that represents brand warfare. Nonetheless, Balor is a deserving superstar with sufficient momentum and main event appeal to captain Team Raw.

Of course, there are names like Seth Rollins, AJ Styles, and Bobby Lashley, who were not listed here. Due to Seth Rollins’ number one contender-ship for Big E’s WWE Championship, AJ Styles’ recently speculated injury, and Bobby Lashley’s storyline break from live TV that sells his loss to Goldberg, it is likely that these juggernauts won’t be added to Team Raw. Stick with Daily DDT for more predictions, news, hot takes, debates, and other forms of coverage on the upcoming Survivor Series PPV. You don’t want to miss it.

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