Wrestling: Finding ways to support your favorite performers

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The professional wrestling industry has been hit with a lot of unfortunate news this week. First, Ring of Honor has shuttered its doors, then WWE put out another round of releases that included some big names across the roster. Wrestling fans were understandably upset with these situations as they directly impact some of their favorites. It’s important for fans to recognize the additional ways available to support these talented performers as they move into the next phases of their careers.

Rather than spending time on social media arguing about who is at fault or what promotion these performers should appear in next, look for other ways to help elevate their name and presence at a time such as this. For example, buying merchandise is a direct way to help put money in their pockets while supporting their brand at the same time. Keep an eye out for which performers begin promoting their own merchandise lines and if possible, support them by purchasing a few items. That step goes a long way.

Another avenue is the crossover between content creation and professional wrestling. Several wrestlers took to platforms like Twitch and Cameo to create additional revenue streams as the Covid-19 global pandemic pushed the industry to a halt. Even platforms like YouTube create another channel for performers to build their brand and potentially create revenue. As a fan, taking the time to like, subscribe, and share content go a long way in helping in times such as these.

With professional wrestling being such an online space, there’s also the opportunity to let the top promotions know exactly who you’d like to see perform at upcoming events. This doesn’t mean doing so in a harassing way, but when organizations bring in talent to platforms like AEW Dark or Dark Elevation on YouTube, make it a point to watch those streams, and support when they are on television. Promoters see that type of engagement and can lead to good things for some of the favorites throughout the industry.

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This is an unfortunate time when the bottom line can have such an impact on the livelihoods of some of the top names in the industry. This won’t be the last time that releases and promotions close their doors. Fans can continue to look at these opportunities and other ways to support their favorite performers.