AEW: Dynamite: 3 things that went right on the Nov. 10 episode

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WWE, Lio Rush Credit: /

This past Wednesday’s episode of All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite — which took place at Indiana Farmers Coliseum in Indianapolis — was the promotion’s second-to-last stop before Saturday’s Full Gear pay-per-view (they still have a live Rampage to get through on Friday), and the episode was one heck of a final pitch for anyone contemplating whether to purchase the show.

With so many good matches and effective angles spread throughout the show, picking three things to specifically laud is a pretty easy task. So, let’s not waste any more time.

These are three of the things that went right on the Nov. 10 episode of AEW: Dynamite.

Televised legalese with Kenny Omega and “Hangman” Adam Page

As successful as AEW often is with eschewing the usual tropes that bog down WWE main roster show (and now NXT 2.0), but every now and again, they pull out something inherently nonsensical, like a televised contract signing for a match that the company has promoted for weeks prior.

The contract signing was the pretense for putting AEW World Champion Kenny Omega and top contender “Hangman” Adam Page in the same ring to air their grievances at one another. While this went the way that most of these segments go, but the combination of the great story between Page and Omega, some subtle references to Kota Ibushi, and Omega and Page’s great mic work pushed it past expectations.

The surprise attack by the returning Don Callis followed by Omega signing the contract with Page’s blood put this over the top and added more heat to an already anticipated encounter.

Giving Lio Rush, Dante Martin, Matt Sydal, and Lee Moriarty some time to cook on national television

Before going out for their tag team match, Lio Rush, Dante Martin, Matt Sydal, and Lee Moriarty all must’ve come to an agreement to fit in as many amazing spots as possible. That’s the only way to explain what we got from these four on this past Wednesday’s Dynamite.

While watching them defy what the human body can do in a wrestling ring, a few things became clear. First, Rush is every bit as fast, twitchy, and .smooth as he’s always been. Second, Martin makes even the most basic parts of his moveset look spectacular, which is a good sign for his already skyrocketing trajectory. Finally, Moriarty should be included in AEW’s “pillars” discussion; there’s no reason tho expect anything other than superstardom for him.

This “battle of mentors” story has been refreshing so far, with AEW sidestepping the babyface vs. heel dynamic in favor of a difference of philosophies story that should elevate Martin and Moriarty.

Bryan Danielson wins with another submission hold

To start Dynamite, AEW gave its fans a treat in the form of Bryan Danielson facing off against New Japan Pro Wrestling star Rocky Romero. Aside from inducting the Best Friends into the CHAOS faction (with Kazuchika Okada’s approval), Romero was there to put over Danielson before “The American Dragon” faces Miro at Full Gear.

Before doing the honors, though, Romero put together an excellent display of technique and psychology with enough of a back and forth to maintain Romero’s credibility while further establishing Danielson as a dangerous technician who can find different ways to beat opponents.

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They accomplished the latter by having Danielson force Romero to tap out using a fresh submission hold; this time, it was with the Tequila Sunrise. This was another good match for Danielson to add to his rapidly growing case for 2021 Wrestler of the Year. It’s a shame that he’s probably gonna lose to Miro at the PPV (that that’s what NEEDS to happen).