AEW: Shaloncé Royal could be a huge addition in 2022

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Shaloncé Royal has had a unique journey since her professional debut back in 2018. She made appearances for AEW a few times in the casino battle royale and participated in a tag team match on AEW Dark teaming with Shazza McKenzie against Leva Bates and Nyla Rose in 2019.

Since that time, the world was put on pause and the angelic voice superstar disappeared too. She appeared on AEW Dark Elevation against Red Velvet a few weeks ago. It’s clear she is a special talent and wise beyond her years. Shaloncé could be a great addition for AEW as they transition to TBS in 2022.

Shaloncé Royal could be a great addition as the AEW TBS title comes into force.

When AEW first announced they were going to TBS starting in 2022, it brought back some good memories. TBS has always been about unique characters and their stories. That’s where Shaloncé comes in and could fit the mold for the network and AEW.

The TBS title tournament has gone underway with the countdown of the first TBS champion over the horizon. With a new champion being crowned plus the AEW women’s title belt, there is a need for new talent to shake things up with contention.

When Shaloncé appeared on AEW Dark against Red Velvet, she showed a side that screams bold, driven, and confident. During that match, Shaloncé stood out for her vocal stylings throughout the match which echoed throughout the whole arena.

Even though she lost, she gave the crowd something special to remember. It’s poetic that her match is back for the first time before the pandemic comes as fans come back and the TBS title gets introduced.

Adding a person who fits the TBS philosophy of characters would be a great pickup to help short and long-term storytelling. To set the tone for new challengers and contenders, they need bold superstars who aren’t afraid for the moment and have a unique identity that makes them stand out.

When watching her matches on the independent circuit, she shows something that’s vital to success and that’s staying true to who she is as a competitor. Every move she makes in the ring is like a lyric to a smooth song as she tells a big picture story together.

She will bust out moves that she may not have done in previous matches and keep fans guessing. One thing that is guaranteed is fans will hear her gifted vocal range. How much they will hear and the pitch only Shaloncé knows.

Having a superstar with a personality that matches what AEW is looking for as they make that jump to TBS is vital. They will need more contenders, matches, and storytelling to change to give needed shake-up that fits the new era of another title and higher expectations for the AEW women’s division.

She is the kind of person to grab the attention of everyone within the sound of her voice. Whether it’s the first time or the hundredth time a fan has seen Royal, she wins fans over by the end of the night. That leverage is vital and becomes a domino effect where others who may not appear much or haven’t found their momentum can benefit from a driven Royal.

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Some fans remain optimistic for the AEW women’s division to tell more stories and some are waiting to see what could happen. Having a larger-than-life personality Shaloncé Royal who knows her voice and letting shine can lead to endless possibilities for AEW and the TBS title.