WWE Raw: Bobby Lashley defeated Rey Mysterio in main event

WWE, Bobby Lashley (Photo credit should read AMER HILABI/AFP/Getty Images)
WWE, Bobby Lashley (Photo credit should read AMER HILABI/AFP/Getty Images) /

WWE Survivor Series is a few short nights away and there’s a lot to build to on another edition of WWE Monday Night Raw. Plus, Big E has a big thorn in his side in the form of Kevin Owens, who attacked him after the main event of last week’s show.

The night started with Big E coming down to the ring with words for Kevin Owens. But before he addressed Owens, Big E had some words for Roman Reigns who he takes on this Sunday. Owens made his way down the ramp and had his own exchange with the WWE Champion.

Owens was frustrated for how last week played out and made it clear that he is going to embrace being the bad guy once again. Before Big E could get his hands on Owens, The Usos appeared and attacked Big E. Matt Riddle then man down to make the save, kicking off a tag team match between the four men.

Big E started out with Jey in the ring and went right to work. He backed Jey into the corner and laid into him with punches and shoulder charges. Big E was performing well but was momentarily isolated by the twins. But he was quickly back in control, tossing both men around with belly-to-belly suplexes.

Outside the ring, Big E tossed Jimmy right into Seth Rollins, angering him until Big E laid him out with a big punch. Rollins then attacked Big E in the ring, causing the disqualification. However, Randy Orton came to ringside, making this a six-man tag match.

Orton and Riddle teamed up on Rollins, with Riddle hitting an assisted moonsault for a two-count. Orton and Riddle took turns assaulting Rollins, keeping him isolated on the wrong side of the ring. He broke out, getting Riddle into the corner and tagging in the Usos. The teamwork switched side, with the Usos grounding Riddle. Now it was Riddle in a bad spot.

He was able to get over to Big E who came in on a run, tossing Jey with ease after three suplexes. He went for the Big Ending but Jey countered with an Enziguri. Big E hit the Uranage for a two-count. He followed that up with the big splash on the apron leading into the commercial break.

Orton was back in the ring and this time it was him on the wrong side of the teamwork. Orton was grounded while Jey went to work on his neck and upper body. Riddle and Rollins tagged in and Riddle took the action to all three opponents. Big E and Orton came in to help, but Rollins landed a spinning elbow to the back of Riddle’s head, pinning him to pick up the win.

Seth Rollins and The Usos defeated Big E and Team RKO.

Bianca Belair was addressing her issues with Doudrop but Tamina approached her instead, resulting in a singles match between the two ladies.

Tamina jumped all over Belair, but she quickly turned the tables, stomping away on her in the corner. She continued to taunt Tamina until she was dropped with a big clothesline. She then slowed down the match by locking on a chin lock. Tamina continued to dominate, landing an elbow drop and getting a two-count.

Belair fired back with a drop kick that forced Tamina back in the corner. She would then hit a big spinebuster for a near fall. Tamina landed a palm strike and a super kick to drop Belair. She’d climb up to the top but Belair cut her off, tossing her from the top rope. She went for the moonsault, but Tamina got her knees up. Tamina went for a Samoan Drop but Belair countered, hitting the KOD for the victory.

Bianca Belair defeated Tamina via pinfall.

WWE Raw Women’s Champion, Becky Lynch had some strong words for Charlotte Flair heading into their match at WWE Survivor Series. The end of her tirade brought out Liv Morgan, who is the number-one contender for the title. Their back-and-forth led to a brief scuffle where Morgan got the upper hand.

The Street Profits were out next for tag team action against Alpha Academy.

Angelo Dawkins and Chad Gable started out the match, with Dawkins getting the first advantage with a shoulder block, but Gable answered with a deep arm drag. Still, Dawkins was able to keep control with a suplex and arm drag of his own before tagging in Montez Ford.

Ford and Dawkins continue to showcase their teamwork, with Dawkins hitting a splash for a two-count. Gable got to Otis to make the tag and he immediately brought out the power game. Gable made an assist to keep Otis out of danger, but Ford responded with a front flip over the top. Otis answered immediately, laying out both members of the Street Profits.

Back from commercial and Gable was back in the ring dominating Dawkins. He rolled into a single crab to isolate Dawkins on the ring. Gable tagged in Otis who dropped an elbow. Otis continued the assault on that leg, keeping Dawkins grounded. Gable came back in to continue attacking Dawkins, keeping him in the corner with shoulder thrusts. He’d hit a Northern Lights Suplex for a two-count. Gable went for the moonsault and missed.

Dawkins then answered with the Silencer, leaving both men on the mat. He’d crawl over and make the tag to Ford while Gable tagged Otis. Otis wasn’t moving to any of Ford’s offense, even after a big kick. Otis tossed Ford into a World’s Strongest Slam for a two-count. Otis and Gable tried to hit a combo technique but Dawkins made the save. Gable came off the top onto Ford with a crossbody but Ford rolled through to pick up the win.

The Street Profits defeated Alpha Academy via pinfall.

Women’s action was up next as Nikki ASH took on Zelina Vega.

Nikki was rolling in this match, landing all her offense with ease. She had Vega reeling, hitting a version of a Death Valley Driver for a two-count. She went to the top but Carmella’s placement caused a distraction that Vega capitalized on, hitting the Code Red to pick up the victory.

Zelina Vega defeated Nikki ASH via pinfall.

Carmella continued to chirp at Rhea Ripley who was outside the ring, kicking off a one-on-one match between the two ladies.

Carmella was not prepared to deal with the bigger woman, as Ripley tossed her around with ease. Carmella’s experience came into play as she caught Ripley in the ropes and kicked her head into the ring post. Carmella continued to mock Ripley but could not get the victory. She locked in a chin lock to wear Ripley down on the mat.

Ripley faked hitting Carmella in the face but slapped her back instead. That led to a series of short-arm clotheslines and a basement dropkick to the head. Ripley hit a Northern Lights Suplex for a two-count. Carmella dodged a dropkick and landed two superkicks to Ripley’s face for another two-count. Ripley answered with a headbutt, then hit the Rip Tide for a three-count.

Rhea Ripley defeated Carmella via pinfall.

The next match up was Kevin Owens versus Finn Balor in a singles match.

Owens and Balor locked up, with Owens pushing Balor against the ropes before landing a stiff elbow. He’s stomp on Balor on the mat, before dropping him with another elbow. Owens hit a senton on Balor for a two-count. Owens went for a piledriver, but Balor countered, rolling through for a basement drop kick to Owens’s face.

Outside the ring Owens went for the apron bomb, but Balor fought out only to get planted on his face on the apron. Owens hit a variation of a suplex for a two-count. Balor fought back to his feet but Owens did not stop with the offense. Balor was finally able to counter with a boot to the face and hit a flying forearm to drop Owens. That led to the double stomp to Owens’s chest. Owens tried to roll out of the ring, but Balor came flying over top to drop him again heading into the commercial break.

They ended up on the top rope and Owens hit a rolling senton for another two-count. Owens went for the Pop-Up Powerbomb but Balor countered, planting Owens in response. Balor then stomped on Owens multiple times. Balor went for a crossbody, but Owens caught him, planting him with a White Noise. Balor countered the Stunner and hit the Sling Blade. Owens countered the shotgun dropkick with a big superkick for a two-count.

They both ended up outside the ring when Balor hit a backdrop onto the apron. That opened the opportunity to hit the shotgun dropkick into the barricade. Balor went to the top for the Double Stomp but Owens rolled out the way. He used that moment to hit the Pop-Up Powerbomb for a close two-count.

Balor countered the senton bomb with double knees and hit the dropkick into the corner. He climbed to the top but Owens stopped him. He’d hit the Stunner to pick up the win.

Kevin Owens defeated Finn Balor via pinfall.

AJ Styles and Omos were out for a tag match against the Dirty Dawgs, Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode.

Styles immediately tagged out to Omos who was in the ring with Roode. Omos flattened Roode with a clothesline that sent him crashing to the mat. Omos stood over Roode, pummeling him with chops in the corner. Omos tossed Roode into the corner so Ziggler could get tagged into the match.

Ziggler tried to get to Omos’s back but was flipped off with ease. Omos then ran through Ziggler with a shoulder block. He followed that up with a press slam to the mat. Styles tagged in and hit the Phenomenal Forearm on Ziggler for the victory.

Styles and Omos defeated Ziggler and Roode via pinfall.

The main event of the night was Bobby Lashley against Rey Mysterio in singles action.

Mysterio started out the match very well, outpacing Lashley, but the minute Lashley got his hands on the smaller man, things went very bad for him. Mysterio landed a senton and started to hit the ropes, but Lashley kicked him in the chest, stopping all his momentum.

Dominick caused a bit of distraction, allowing Mysterio to knock Lashley out of the ring. Mysterio was able to stop being tossed into the ring post, instead sending Lashley into the post. He eventually knocked Lashley to the ground and followed it up with a sliding splash out of the ring to the floor. Mysterio launched himself over the top rope, only to be thrown into the barricade.

Back from commercial and Lashley was in firm control. Mysterio was able to fight out the corner, but Lashley caught him in the air again, planting him face-first onto the mat. Lashley took the match outside the ring again, finally slamming Mysterio into the ring post. Lashley landed a long-delayed vertical suplex as well.

Lashley hung Mysterio in a Tree of Woe, but Mysterio avoided it. That set up hitting two 619s on Lashley. He went to the top rope for the splash but Lashley sat up out of the pin with ease. He tossed Mysterio into the Hurt Lock and rag dolled him to the victory.

Bobby Lashley defeated Rey Mysterio via submission.