AEW Dynamite: Sammy Guevara defeats Jay Lethal in main event

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AEW Full Gear is in the rear-view mirror and the next edition of AEW Dynamite was all about the new champion, “Hangman” Adam Page. While that was the focus, it wasn’t the only big moment on this week’s episode of the show.

The night started with a celebration for Page’s title victory, but number-one contender Bryan Danielson made his way to the ring. What started out as a respectful conversation between the two broiled over into a brawl between the two men, leading into a match between Danielson and Uno.

After a heated opener, Bryan Danielson and Evil Uno started out their singles match.

Danielson was in control to start the match, grounding Uno and working on his arm. Uno landed a shoulder block that rocked Danielson, taking him to the mat. From there he was able to employ his own groundwork for a roll up and a two-count.

Uno chopped Danielson’s chest and that just angered him, as he returned the favor with a nasty slap, kicking Uno while he was down. He followed that up with a suplex before playing to the crowd more.

Uno returned to his feet and the two men stood in the ring exchanging shots, with Danielson getting the upper hand again. He’s started to kick Uno in his back repeatedly with the crowd chanting “No” with each land.

Once again Uno and Danielson were facing off but Uno was not backing down. He’d blast Danielson in the face and go back to the heavy chops and punches in the corner. He’d follow that up with a Hurricanrana, and eventually hit a neck breaker for a two-count.

Uno was rolling until Danielson landed a nasty elbow to the side of the head. Uno was backed into the corner and battered with palm strikes to the face. Danielson followed that up with a series of running boots, but Uno countered the third with his own big boot. Uno went to the top rope but Danielson countered the senton. When Uno stood back up, he’d take the Running Knee into the face stomps on the mat.

Danielson rolled into the Triangle and Evil Uno went out.

Bryan Danielson defeated Evil Uno via submission.

The Butcher and The Blade were out next for tag team action against combination of Orange Cassidy and Tomohiro Ishii.

The match started off with Ishii against The Blade. They got right to it, exchanging forearm shots in the middle of the ring. Ishii dropped The Blade with one shot. He then tagged in Cassidy, who hit a lazy splash for a one-count.

Cassidy went for his series of kicks, landing a dropkick on The Blade, knocking him into the ropes where The Butcher made a blind tag. The Butcher ran right through Cassidy. He then went to work, tossing Cassidy overhead, before isolating him in his team’s corner. Cassidy was tossed outside where both Matt Hardy and The Bunny took cheap shots.

The Butcher and The Blade kept up the quick tags and tandem offense on Cassidy. The Butcher started to focus on Cassidy’s back, as they continued to take turns assaulting him. Back from commercial the offense continued to mount, but he was finally able to get away from them to make a tag to Ishii.

Ishii goes to work on The Blade, knocking him to the mat with a shoulder block. The Blade then took multiple chops in the corner, leading into a Backdrop Suplex for a two-count. The Butcher tagged in and the two big men went face-to-face in the center of the ring. The Butcher got the better of the exchange, knocking Ishii into the corner. But the offense suddenly stopped having an effect.

He backed Ishii into the corner and blasted him with an elbow strike before lifting him to the top rope. He finished off the sequence with a Superplex, but The Blade broke up the pin attempt. Ishii tagged in Cassidy who tried to go for a crossbody but was caught in midair.

Cassidy knocked The Butcher out of the ring and nearly pinned The Blade after a DDT. Cassidy went for the Orange Punch but he was cut off and double-teamed. Ishii made the save on the pinfall before tagging himself in. Ishii battered both men until Hardy and The Bunny got involved again. The Blade tried to use the brass knuckles but Rocky Romero got involved. Cassidy cleaned house off the top rope while Ishii finished off the match with the Brain buster for the victory.

Tomohiro Ishii and Orange Cassidy defeated The Butcher and The Blade via pinfall.

Nyla Rose was out to the ring next for a singles match against Hikaru Shida in the TBS Title Tournament.

They charge out of the corner throwing punches. Rose tossed Shida into the corner, but Shida avoided the next shot. Rose attempted to go after Shida’s injured leg, but Shida knocked her down with a jumping knee, before hitting a missile dropkick for a two-count.

Shida went for a suplex, but Rose countered and Shida countered the counter to a body press. Rose hit a suplex to slow down Shida. Shida went on to hit two big roundhouse kicks to Rose’s head, forcing her to roll out of the ring.

Shida followed her out and Rose cut her off when she tried to return to the ring. Rose was in control, attacking Shida in the corner. Rose tossed her out and hit a kick to the lower back before going back to work on the knee. Rose continued to attack Shida in the ropes, allowing Vickie Guerrero to get involved. Rose remained in control, ramming Shida’s knee into the top turnbuckle as she rolled outside.

Shida reversed an Irish whip outside the ring, sending Rose to the barricade. Rose quickly rebounded, knocking Shida to the ground again with a shot to the head. She missed a diving senton, crashing through the chair and onto the floor. Shida then took the kendo stick to Guerrero, leaving her in pain.

She went to the top rope but Rose caught her, slamming Shida to the mat. During the commercial break, Shida tried to fight off Rose, but the bigger woman kept her grounded with ease. Back outside the ring, Shida sent Rose into the barricade again before jumping onto her from the second rope.

Serena Deeb came out of the crowd to attack Shida. Rose took advantage of that moment, hitting a big knee drop off the top rope. Shida still kicked out of the pinfall. Shida continued to fight back, stomping the Beast Bomb, and rolling into a triangle arm bar combination. Rose lifted Shida into the powerbomb and hit a senton on Shida’s knee.

Rose missed another senton off the second rope and Shida attempted a surprise pinfall but only got to a two-count. Nyla blocked the katana and went for the stretch muffler, forcing Shida to tap out.

Nyla Rose defeated Hikaru Shida via submission.

Tag team action was next with Lio Rush and Dante Martin taking on The Acclaimed.

Before the match could start, Rush and Martin launch themselves at The Acclaimed at the end of their rap. The match starts and Martin goes right after Anthony Bowens. Martin and Rush run circles around Bowens before Rush hits a basement dropkick for a quick pin attempt.

Rush and Martin tag in and out, allowing Martin to hit a double stomp on Bowens’ arm. Bowens was able to turn it around in the corner, landing chops on Martin. Martin fired back with a slap to the chest but was pulled outside by Max Castor and thrown into the barricade. The tandem offense outside the ring allowed The Acclaimed to isolate Martin.

Castor tagged in, keeping control over Martin. They continue to tag in and out, isolating Martin in their corner. Castor hit a neck breaker and went for a pin attempt for two. Bowens tagged back in, hitting a big suplex on Martin for another failed pin attempt. The Acclaimed hit their own tag team moves on Martin with Rush having to break up the pin attempt.

Martin was finally able to fight back, leaping over Bowens to make the tag to Rush. Rush was all over the place before hitting a kick to Bowens’ face and knocking Castor off the apron. An Axe kick dropped Bowens for a two-count. Martin got involved and took a big boot to the face for his trouble. Rush also took a superkick but Bowens turned around right into a big dropkick from Martin off the top.

Rush tried to get to the corner but Bowens cut him off, tagging Castor in who laid out Rush with a lariat. Castor hit the Mic Drop but Martin broke up the pinfall at the last moment. Martin continued rolling, hitting the Nose Dive to take down Bowens. Rush hit the Frog Splash to pick up the victory.

Lio Rush and Dante Martin defeat The Acclaimed via pinfall.

The main event of the night was a singles match for the TNT Championship as Jay Lethal made his AEW debut to take on Sammy Guevara.

The start of the match was amazingly fast paced with both men attempting quick pinfalls to no avail. Lethal landed the first offense, hitting a basement dropkick and going for a pin attempt. He would then focus on Guevara’s ribs, hitting a stiff backbreaker. Lethal would plant Guevara with a Flatliner, forcing Guevara to roll out of the ring.

However, Guevara quickly countered coming back into the ring with a knee strike, following it up with a dive outside the ring. Guevara went for the shooting star press but Lethal got his knees up to counter the move. Guevara rolled outside of the ring as the officials checked on him during the commercial break. Guevara pushed them off and got back into the ring.

Lethal and Guevara went to exchanging punches and Lethal targeted the midsection. He tossed Guevara high into the air, flat onto his stomach. Guevara blocked the Lethal Injection and hit a Spanish Fly of his own. On the floor, Guevara blocked the suicide dive and hit a brain buster on the floor.

Guevara hit a big knee that knocked Lethal onto the table and Guevara missed a senton bomb, crashing through the table. Back in the ring Guevara countered an elbow drop into a rollup, eventually hitting a superkick to Lethal who immediately attacked the knee.

Lethal then went for the Figure Four in the center of the ring. Guevara was able to get to the bottom rope to break the hold. Guevara was unable to lift Lethal but hit a big knee to the face. He countered a Dragon Suplex and hit another knee on Lethal, and a third. He would then hit the GTH for the victory

Sammy Guevara defeated Jay Lethal via pinfall to retain the AEW TNT Championship.