AEW Rampage: Jade Cargill moves on to the quarterfinals

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AEW Rampage comes to us from Norfolk, Virginia. Fans got immediate action as Darby Allin with Sting and Billy Gunn and his sons kicking off the hour-long show.

Darby Allin vs. Billy Gunn

Fun fact you may not realize: Billy Gunn has 43 wins in AEW.  The match started off with a lockup, before Gunn backed Allin into the corner, sat him up on the turnbuckle and patted his leg. This led to a “Mr. Ass” chant. Gunn is in control early. Allin slapped him in the face, but couldn’t get any momentum going.

As the pair worked their way up the ramp, Gunn picked Allin up by the belt of his pants and threw him down the ramp. This led to a staredown between Gunn and Sting, seemingly foreshadow a future face-off. Gunn looked Sting in the eyes and yanked Allin down to the floor, causing him to hit his head into the guardrail. Allin went for a tope suicida, but Gunn dodged it and Allin once again slammed into the guardrail.

Once back in the ring after the commercial break, the crowd was fully behind Allin, willing him to fight back. They fought in the corner before Allin hit a coffin drop on Austin & Colton. An angry Gunn picked Allin up by the back of his jeans, spun him around, and slung him into the turnbuckle. Allin hit a stunner and a Code Red before two Coffin Drops. After the second one, he was able to pin Gunn.

Austin & Colton got in the ring only for Sting to clean house. Gunn repeatedly tagged Sting in the face, leaving the Gunn Club standing tall over Sting’s body.

Darby Allin defeated Billy Gunn via pinfall

Before the commercial break, there was a quick backstage segment with QT Marshall and Tony Schiavone. Marshall called out CM Punk to face him at Dynamite Thanksgiving next Wednesday in Chicago.

Following the commercial break, we heard from Men of the Year.  Scorpio said their feud with Jericho isn’t over. Page says they shouldn’t be proud of pinning a man who didn’t even want to be in the match. He says that America’s Top Team will be back.

Red Velvet vs. Jade Cargill

In the semifinals of the TBS Championship Tournament, we finally got match three between Red Velvet and Jade Cargill. The match begins with a staredown before they begin throwing simultaneous punches. Cargill went for a big boot, but Velvet dropped down under her. Velvet tried for a hurricanrana, but Cargill reversed it. Cargill slammed Velvet down before rubbing salt in the wound by repeatedly kicking her opponent. Cargill hit a pump handle slam.

Velvet got in some offense, including a leg lariat that sent Cargill outside. Velvet got hung up on the ropes and Cargill slapped her before chokeslamming her down on the hardest part of the ring.

Cargill had Velvet in the corner beating her up. Cargill was proud of herself that she did pushups. Velvet hit a muscle buster and a front-face bulldog before slapping her in the face. Cargill hit Velvet with a big boot. Velvet nearly got the pin when she reversed the Storm Chaser. Velvet speed Cargill, but couldn’t get the pin. Velvet missed the final slice. Jade wins with Jaded.

Jade Cargill defeats Red Velvet via pinfall.

In a backstage segment with Thunder Rosa, she says she beat “Stooge Number One, Reba” and that’ll she beat “Stooge Number Two”, Jamie Hayter.

CM Punk responds to QT Marshall. He says there’s no bigger stakes than Punk in Chicago. He’s lost big matches there, but he’s won big matches too. Punk said to bring Commoroto, Solo, Ogoggo, and his bad attitude.

Adam Cole and Bobby Fish vs. Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus

Cole and Jungle Boy start the match with a lockup, with Jungle Boy getting Cole in corner for chops.  Cole returned the favor. Jungle Boy arm toss with Cole punches. Fish continued the assault on Jungle Boy while the fans chanted for Luchasaurus to get involved. Jungle Boy shows off his athleticism before giving the fans what they wanted. Luchasaurus immediately chopped Fish’s chest. Jungle Boy hit a delayed senton over Luchasaurus. Cole roughed up Jungle Boy while Fish distracted Aubrey Edwards.

Fish had Jungle Boy in a sleeper, but he was able to fight out of it. Jungle Boy connected with a lariat, but was struggling to get to the corner after being in the sleeper. He was inches away from Luchasaurus, but Cole grabbed his leg to drag him to the middle of the ring. Jungle Boy escaped and Luchasaurus came in and cleaned house, much to the fans’ delight. Luchasaurus was going for a double chokeslam, but Fish reversed out of the hold. Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus worked together with Jungle Boy nearly getting the pin.

Cole and Jungle Boy went for simultaneous kicks. Trade superkicks. Jungle Boy countered the Panama Sunrise into a powerbomb. Fish broke up the pin and moved Cole to the corner. Cole charged Jungle Boy in he corner with a running knee strike and continued to pummel Jungle Boy. Jungle Boy countered with an overhead suplex.

The Young Bucks came creeping out and down the ramp and taunted Luchasaurus. They were chased by a chair carrying Christian Cage. Fish rolled up Jungle Boy who reversed into a snare trap to get Fish to tap.

A defeated Cole and Bucks stood at the top of the ramp while Fish was laid out in the ring. The show ended with Jungle Boy and Cole jawing at one another.

Jungle Boy and Luchasarus defeated Adam Cole and Bobby Fish with a submission.