Survivor Series Results: SmackDown vs Raw, Golden Egg

Nov 21, 2021; Brooklyn, NY, USA; WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns (black attire) along with his special counsel Paul Heyman (suit) celebrate the win over WWE World Heavyweight Champion Big E (colored attire) during their singles match WWE Survivor Series at Barclays Center. Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports
Nov 21, 2021; Brooklyn, NY, USA; WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns (black attire) along with his special counsel Paul Heyman (suit) celebrate the win over WWE World Heavyweight Champion Big E (colored attire) during their singles match WWE Survivor Series at Barclays Center. Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports /

As WWE’s final PPV for the year 2021, it was going to be interesting to see what WWE was going to do to hype up the start of the year, doing so with the SmackDown vs Raw narrative for this show. Unfortunately, Bragging Rights was the only stakes specified on the Pay-Per-View, but it had a loaded card with some really promising matches, and we will talk about everything that went down. Here are the results for Survivor Series 2021.

Damian Priest (United States Champion) vs Shinsuke Nakamura (Intercontinental Champion)

The Pre-Show Match was the clash between Shinsuke Nakamura, with Rick Boogs in his corner, and Damian Priest. This was a Match I was looking forward to as it had the potential to be a show-stealer, and was certainly a good showing, but with a suspect finish. Both had a hard-hitting brawl and the match was starting to cook up as Priest connected a Triangle Choke on Nakamura and it seemed like the match was going to be done, but then the finish happened.

Boogs started playing the guitar and it distracted Priest for a near fall, which lead to Damian Priest getting out of the ring, going ahead destroying the guitar of Boogs with his bare knee, and hitting Nakamura with what was left of it for the disqualification loss. The frustrating thing about this was that this is Damian Priest’s first Singles Loss in the Main Roster and it came from a disqualification. The match was alright, but the finish foreshadowed things to come in the night.

Shinsuke Nakamura defeats Damian Priest via Disqualification

Golden Egg Time

As an advertisement for The Rock’s latest movie, “Red Notice” on Netflix, there was a night-long narrative told about Vince McMahon showing off a random egg he was given, as this is the McGuffin the main characters of “Red Notice” try to chase after. There was a fun segment where Mr. McMahon explained the backstory of the egg, stating that it was worth $100,000 US Dollars. Roman replied to that saying the following:

"“Wow, that is as much as my next contract.”"

After he stayed that, Mr. McMahon continued to look at the egg until he looked straight at an off-shot Reigns in shock and confusion at what Reigns stated.

After that, it was revealed that the egg was stolen, and Mr. McMahon demanded both Sonya Deville & Adam Pearce to have wrestlers of Raw and SmackDown to discover who was the thief that stole the Egg. This was very odd, especially given what we would know later in the night.

Main Show

Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch vs SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair

The first official match of the night was the battle between Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair. This match had some real implications after their incident on the SmackDown after Crown Jewel, and it did not help that there were some frustrations with WWE rerunning the feud after the extended feud back in late 2018 – 2019, as described by Daily DDT’s own Amit Shukla in this recent article. The match started heated, as Lynch and Flair brawled by reversing each other’s finishers and going to the outside, but Flair would hit a backbreaker – Dropkick Combination on the Irish Ace of Raw. Charlotte would be taking dominance for the first legs of the match until Becky trapped Flair’s leg and hit her with an enzuigiri kick, but Flair would counter quickly by hitting a Knee-hit and running Becky into the post.

The worry of the match was if they were going to live up despite the situation, but Lynch and Flair showed out and managed to showcase the best of their abilities. Lynch and Flair would lock each other in heel-hooks at the same time, but the finish came after Flair went for a roll-up that was stopped due to a rope break and Becky Lynch reversed it by doing a rope-assisted roll-up for the win. A good finish, where both wrestlers would do anything to win the match and go to all the lengths to take the win. This was the match of the night, without question.

Becky Lynch defeats Charlotte Flair via Pinfall.

Men’s Survivor Series Match: Drew McIntyre, Jeff Hardy, Xavier Woods, Happy Corbin (with MadCap Moss) & Sheamus vs Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens, Finn Balor, Austin Theory & Bobby Lashley

The next match was the Team SmackDown vs Team Raw in a Survivor Series Tag Team Match. This was the longest match by a long shot, but the match had a lot of frustrating moments that took away from the quality of work the talent was showcasing. Kevin Owens was not one of those talents showcased as he walked out of the match as soon as the start bell rang, making him the first elimination of the match and leaving Team Raw one man down. While this is a good way to progress this new character Owens is portraying, it set the precedent that the match did not matter. Finn Balor would later hit Happy Corbin with a Coup De Graces for the pinfall, eliminating the former United States Champion and Madcap Moss was distraught because of the elimination.

King Woods got submitted by Bobby Lashley with a Hurt Lock, and Lashley was showcased tremendously as he got to steamroll through nearly everyone in Team SmackDown. Unfortunately, the build lead to nothing as he and Drew McIntyre got counted out at the same time, eliminating both wrestlers from the match. Seth would taunt McIntyre after his elimination, but he would be hit with a gnarly Headbutt which Sheamus took advantage of this and went to get the pin, but only got a near fall.

The match highlighted Jeff Hardy, but Finn Balor would shine with Seth Rollins as a semi-tag team for a small moment, including a spot where Balor got caught from a crossbody by Sheamus, but he would get hit with a Tope Suicida by Seth Rollins while also holding Finn. Balor would be eliminated after being hit with a Brogue Kick by Sheamus, but the former WWE Champion would be rolled-up by Austin Theory after trying to tag Jeff Hardy but with no assistance whatsoever. He would proceed to attack Theory and Jeff Hardy.

Theory & Rollins would continue to work on Jeff Hardy, making sure to double-team the former TNA World Heavyweight Champion, but Hardy would hit the young star with a Twist of Fate and a Swanton Bomb for the pinfall elimination. He would try to repeat the dose on Seth Rollins, but Rollins would hit his knees up and would go ahead and connect Hardy with the Blackout for the pinfall victory for Raw. It was good match that helped rebuild Jeff Hardy, but nothing else.

Men’s Team SmackDown defeated Men’s Team Raw via Pinfall

Rock 25 Battle Royal

Up next was the Battle Royal to celebrate The Rock’s 25th Anniversary, which was preceded by multiple segments celebrating Dwayne Johnson’s greatest moments in WWE. The match was the typical Battle Royal from WWE, but the goal of the match was to highlight Omos as much as possible and he shone with the chance. He eliminated 12 people in the match and he looked dominant, but his win was overshadowed by the Street Profits bringing in Pizza Hut to the ring and throwing Pizza to the crowd after the match, which is not ideal. At least Omos looked extremely strong, so this was inconsequential.

Omos wins the Rock 25 Battle Royal

Raw Tag Team Champions RK-Bro (Riddle & Randy Orton) vs SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Usos (Jimmy Uso & Jey Uso)

Next up was the Tag Team clash between RK-Bro and the Usos. Again, this was a dull match, which is a shame as these are outstanding teams and the crowd did not seem interested for a good portion of this match until Randy Orton stepped up for the hot-tag and went off on both brothers, hitting side-slams on both Jimmy and Jey in the table in consecutive fashion before hitting Jimmy with the Draping DDT.

After he tagged out for Riddle to come in, he would do a quiet-tag on Riddle that Jimmy Uso did not notice before he went for the Frog Splash, but he got blasted with an RKO from out of nowhere for the pinfall victory. With this match, Orton became the wrestler with the most Pay-Per-View matches in WWE History, and he showed out with this match and showcased why made it this far.

RK-Bro defeat The Usos via Pinfall

Women’s Survivor Series Match: Team Raw (Bianca Belair, Rhea Ripley, Zelina Vega, Carmella & Liv Morgan) vs Team SmackDown (Sasha Banks, Shotzi Blackheart, Shayna Baesler, Natalya & Toni Storm)

In the next match, we got a match pitting the Women’s Team Raw vs Team SmackDown. The theme of the match was the theme of the show, good talent doing good work with the crowd not being interested in large portions of the night, but this match got the worst reception for the crowd. With the exception of the interactions between Sasha Banks & Bianca Belair, the crowd focused more on doing the Wave and chanting for CM Punk. This is not in fault of the crowd or the wrestlers, but rather the result of a lackluster build for the match.

Carmella would be eliminated almost immediately by Toni Storm because she did not know how to use the face-protective mask she usually uses. Toni Storm would continue to be on a hot streak as she eliminated Zelina Vega with an outstanding version of Storm-Zero for the pinfall elimination, but she would be eliminated by Liv Morgan with the Flatliner. Liv Morgan would be eliminated after being hit with all the finishers in the world, including 2 Frog Splashes by Shotzi and Sasha Banks, which was an outstanding way to protect Liv for her impending program with Becky Lynch.

Then, it came the most bamboozling moment of the entire match as Natalya, Shayna, and Shotzi would remove Sasha Banks from the match after Shotzi and Banks had an altercation in the ring. This moment stated that the match did not matter and the teammates of the biggest name on the match did not care about having her on the team and having more members to quadruple-team on Bianca Belair. This strategy would backfire immediately as Natalya and Shayna would be eliminated with a pair of Glam Slams, leaving with her and Shotzi as the final two members of the match. While Shotzi would fight thoroughly, it would be Bianca who stood tall after connecting the KOD for the 1-2-3, leaving her as the sole survivor of the match. A much-needed performance for Bianca, as her booking has not been kind as of late. Hopefully, her feud with Doudrop is the start of the rebuild of Bianca Belair, as she has all the tools to become the ace of the Women’s Division.

Team Raw defeats Team SmackDown via Pinfall

Main Event

Universal Champion Roman Reigns vs WWE Champion Big E

In the main event, we got the match pitting Roman Reigns against Big E, two guys who were brought up from FCW all the way to where they are now. The match itself started out very slow, which has become a theme of discussion as this has become a common occurrence in matches involving the Tribal Chief, but the tide got turned when Big E connected a Uranage Slam on Roman for a near fall. Then, from out of nowhere, Big E would connect Roman Reigns with a Brock-Lock and it looked gnarly, but Reigns counter this to a pinfall attempt proceeded by a Powerbomb for a near fall before hitting Big E with a series of Superman Punches; however, Big E would no-sell these punches and the crowd came alive because of this as it looked like he would be the one to beat Reignsafter connecting the Big Ending, but it ended up leading to a near fall.  Reigns would connect a Guillotine Choke on the WWE Champion, but E would slam Roman into the corner and hit his dangerous Middle-Rope Spear on Reigns to the outside. In the end, Reigns would slam E onto the stairs, hit the Superman Punch, and counter the Big Ending attempt into a Spear for the pinfall win. After the match, the crowd was left baffled as The Rock was teased all night long but he never showed up.

Roman Reigns defeats Big E via Pinfall.

The match was outstanding, but it was overshadowed almost immediately after The Rock did not show up and the crowd booed at the top of their lungs. SmackDown lost 4-2 the war against Raw, but the only reward Raw will get is bragging rights and there needs to be more of an incentive to keep the audience hooked with the product. Overall, it was a decent show that would have been made much better if the stakes were modified and raised, and it was a slightly underwhelming way to end the Yearly Pay Per View Cycle.

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