AEW Dynamite: Thanksgiving Eve Edition Preview and Predictions

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AEW Dynamite is back on Wednesday night and will be aired live from Chicago, Illinois on the Eve of Thanksgiving.

This episode of the Dynamite will feature a couple of native Chicagoans on the card, another matchup in the TBS Women’s Title Tournament, and an eight-man tag team match that is absolutely loaded with talent.

In addition to these four matchups, we should also see the progression of a number of other storylines as well.

The SuperKliq, Christian Cage, and Jurassic Express will continue their long-running feud.  How will Bobby Fish react to being left behind by Adam Cole during their tag team match against Jurassic Express on Rampage last Friday?

After beating Billy Gunn last Friday, Darby Allin and Sting were viciously attacked by the Gunn Club.  How will the brothers-in-paint respond on Wednesday?

And what can we expect in the continuing war between Lio Rush and Team Tazz in their competition for the services of one of the brightest young stars in all of professional wrestling, Dante Martin?

But for now, let’s focus on the four announced matches scheduled for this week’s Dynamite.

What should we expect from the matches on this week’s AEW Dynamite?

CM Punk vs QT Marshall

Fresh off his face-off with MJF, CM Punk will square off in the ring with QT Marshall on this week’s Dynamite.

CM Punk will take care of business in this match.  Marshall has never been a threat to beat any of the big names in AEW but does play his role as the insufferable leader of a faction that struggles to get victories to a tee.

This match is more about getting Punk into the ring in front of what promises to be a raucous Chicago crowd who absolutely adores him.

Much more interesting than this match is whether or not MJF will create an in-person response this week to Punk blowing off his attempted handshake on last week’s Dynamite.

With any luck, we will get the first of what hopefully is many verbal exchanges between CM Punk and MJF this week.  Winner: CM Punk

Bryan Danielson vs Colt Cabana

After last week’s surprising flashes of heel tendencies, Bryan Danielson will continue his attempt to run through the members of the Dark Order when he goes one-on-one with Colt Cabana.

Having Bryan Danielson show heel tendencies last week was a bit of an unneeded turn.  AEW would have had no trouble selling his feud with Adam Page as just two popular wrestlers that are going to battle over the biggest prize in AEW.

But the fact that Danielson seemingly is taking on the role of a heel for this program builds in weeks of television as he systematically picks apart the Dark Order on his way to his AEW World Title match against Page.

Much like the CM Punk match, the outcome of this match isn’t in doubt.  The true question is just how brutal and destructive will Danielson be on his way to his win over Colt Cabana.

It will most likely be very brutal, as Danielson continues his psychological warfare on Page via the Dark Order.  Winner: Bryan Danielson

Thunder Rosa vs Jamie Hayter in the TBS Women’s Title Tournament

Thunder Rosa and Jamie Hayter will meet on Wednesday for the right to advance in the TBS Women’s Title Tournament to face Jade Cargill in the semifinals.

Rosa is one of the favorites to win this tournament and she is arguably the most popular female wrestler in AEW right now.

Hayter, however, always has a chance to win every match.  Not only is she a talented performer, but having Rebel and Britt Baker in her corner always increases Hayter’s chances of picking up a victory.

But this tourney feels like it is trending towards a Thunder Rosa and Jade Cargill showdown, which will be one of the most anticipated matches of the entire tournament.

But to set that match up Rosa will have to find a way to get past Hayter, Baker, and Rebel.  And she will.  Winner: Thunder Rosa

AEW superstars The Lucha Bros
Lucha Bros face Jurassic Express at the October 16, 2019 edition of AEW Dynamite. Photo: Lee South/AEW /

Cody Rhodes & Death Triangle vs Malakai Black, Andrade El Idolo, & FTR

Eight of the most talented men in AEW will share the ring in a tag match as Cody Rhodes teams with Death Triangle to take on FTR, Malakai Black, and Andrade El Idolo.

As we saw at Full Gear, this match may come down to which group of men are able to function more cohesively as a team.

One would think that would be the team of Death Triangle and Cody Rhodes since Death Triangle has operated cohesively for over a year.

But then there is the cloud of a possible Cody Rhodes heel turn hanging over this program, and that throws the previously stated advantage out the window.

This feels like a match that can go in a variety of different ways.  But the end result of Cody’s time with Malakai Black still feels like it is heading for a Rhodes heel turn and a possible run as a member of the House of Black.

So let’s say that FTR and the Lucha Bros end up battling outside the ring area, leaving Cody, Pac, Black, and Andrade to decide the match.

And Black and Andrade will earn a measure of revenge for their loss at Full Gear by earning a victory over Rhodes and Pac here.

Next. CM Punk's eventual heel turn will be a big moment for AEW. dark

Pushing Cody Rhodes closer to his completed heel turn, most likely at the Winter is Coming edition of Dynamite later in the year.  Winners: FTR, Malakai Black, & Andrade El Idolo