AEW: Dynamite: 3 things that went right on the Nov. 24 episode

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On the eve of Thanksgiving (hope all of you reading this had a wonderful holiday, by the way), All Elite Wrestling made its way back to the friendly confines of The Windy City for another episode of AEW: Dynamite.

As usual, the show mostly delivered on the quality matches and story progression that keeps its loyal fanbase watching every week. But talking about everything that went right on this show would take too long, so let’s focus on the three biggest positives.

These are three of the things that went right on the Nov. 24 episode of AEW: Dynamite.

CM Punk and MJF

Since their brief interaction on the previous week’s Dynamite, fans have anticipated the inevitable verbal clash between CM Punk and Maxwell Jacob Friedman. Well, AEW only made those fans wait a week, as the two sparred on the microphone to open this week’s show, and they more than lived up to the hype.

This very long (especially for AEW) talking segment had it all, from the pet nicknames (MJF calling Punk “Punky Brewster”, Punk calling Friedman “My Jealous Fan”) to using WWE to take shots at one another (Punk calling Friedman a “less famous Miz”, MJF saying that Punk was always “second-best” behind “the ‘You Can’t See Me’ man and “The King of Kings”).

Memorable barbs aside, though, these two made sure that the main story of MJF being bothered by Punk not mentioning him as a potential opponent and MJF believing that Punk is washed didn’t get lost in all of the trendy lines. That’s that part that will keep the fans invested in the ensuing weeks.

More violence from heel Bryan Danielson

As tremendous as Bryan Danielson is as a babyface, this heel run he’s on makes me never want to see him as a protagonist again. What makes that sentiment even wilder is that he isn’t doing anything revolutionary to achieve this heat.

For one thing, he’s basically reentacting WWE booking by beating up beloved Dark Order members in their respective hometowns, starting with Colt Cabana in Chicago. To be clear, “beating” is being used in the most violent interpretation possible here, as Danielson went as far as dislodging on of Cabana’s teeth on his way to a submission victory.

And after breaking out the “fickle” line, Danielson physically engaged with AEW World Champion “Hangman” Adam Page before bailing when Page looked set to hit the Buckshot Lariat. Again, this is simple stuff, but Danielson has shown that the simplest stuff is often the most effective in wrestling.

Thunder Rosa vs. Jamie Hayter

For their TBS Championship Tournament quarterfinals match, AEW gave Britt Baker’s heater, Jamie Hayter, and the ever popular Thunder Rosa nearly 11 minutes to put together something really good on Dynamite, and it was time well spent.

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These two put forth an entertaining slugfest that highlighted why these two are among the best workers in the women’s division. The finish — Rosa winning with a rollup after a preposterously long interference spot with Baker and Rebel went awry — watered this down a bit, but it at least get AEW where it needed to go in terms of having Baker advance while planting seeds of dissension between Baker and Hayter.