AEW Rampage: Sammy Guevara retains the TNT Championship

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Last Friday, AAA tag team champions, FTR, challenged Lucha Bros. to a two out of three falls match. They felt cheated after their title match against the AEW tag team champions. Rey Fenix was injured and unable to travel. On Dynamite, we learned that PAC will take his place. Due to getting sprayed with Malakai Black’s Black Mist, PAC is sporting an eye patch.

Jade Cargill will face Thunder Rosa in the TBS Championship Tournament. She’ll be in action tonight as Thunder Rosa’s student, Janai Kai, challenged her. Kai’s mentor will be on commentary. “Smart” Mark Sterling compared Thunder Rosa on commentary to Spygate.

The “Premier Athlete” Tony Nese challenged Sammy Guevara for his TNT Championship last week. He’s been scouting Guevara and thinks he knows how to defeat him. Prior to tonight’s show, Nese was announced as officially being ALL ELITE.

Sammy Guevara (c) vs. Tony Nese

This was Guevara’s fourth TNT Championship defense. Guevara immediately went after Nese and within a couple of minutes, hit a tope suicida on his opponent. Guevara followed that up by throwing Nese into the steel steps and barricade.

Once inside the ring, Nese took control and caught the champ in midair to hit him with a gut buster. Nese focused on Guevara’s taped ribs. “The Spanish God” then started favoring his knee. Nese got the two-count twice before putting Guevara in the body lock.

The “Premier Athlete” continued to keep Guevara down on the mat. Guevara nailed Nese with a cutter, hurting his ribs even more. Guevara went for the GTH, but Nese reversed him into a single leg crab. Guevara rolled up Nese to get out of the hold. Guevara hit a Spanish Fly, but it wasn’t enough. Guevara successfully hit Nese with a springboard moonsault to the top rope. Nese hit him with a 450 Splash, but couldn’t pin him.

Nese hit a powerbomb into the corner. Guevara finally hit the GTH to retain his title.

Sammy Guevara defeated Tony Nese via a pinfall.

Backstage segment with Jurassic Express and Christian Cage. Jurassic Express are the number one contenders. Cage said that they will scout FTR and Lucha Bros., even without Fenix. Seeds are further planted when Cage refers to Jurassic Express as “we”, drawing a confused look from Jungle Boy.

Jade Cargill vs. Janai Kai

Thunder Rosa says that she’s only on commentary because of Kai. Kai started with a headlock, but Cargill easily picked her up and threw her down. Cargill hit the Jaded and defeated Kai in just 35 seconds.

After the match, Cargill continued beating up Kai. Thunder Rosa had enough and went to the ring to defend her student. Multiple referees had to pull them apart twice.

Jade Cargill defeated Janai Kai via pinfall.

Backstage, Adam Cole said Orange Cassidy took his attention. Seemingly cleared, the Young Bucks challenged Best Friends next Wednesday on Dynamite. Don Callis was walking around behind the Superelite on his phone.

After the commercial break, Eddie Kingston doesn’t care that 2point0 “beat up the great Chris Jericho”. He told them they “reap what they sow, patnuh.”

PAC & Penta El Zero Miedo vs. FTR

FTR started off with mind games with Penta, before Penta got the better of Wheeler. PAC tagged himself in and they hit stereo dropkicks on Wheeler. Wheeler got babied by Tully Blanchard on the outside. PAC and Harwood went at it, but PAC made quick work of both FTR. Penta hit a dropkick on Wheeler’s tailbone. FTR isolated Penta in the corner and took turns beating him up.

PAC and Harwood faced off again, with PAC taking over the offense. PAC caught his foot on the rope, causing him to fall. FTR quickly took advantage of the situation and kept him isolated from Penta again.

PAC kicked Harwood hard in the head to finally break free. Just as he went to tag Penta, Wheeler pulled him down. FTR again isolated Penta in the corner. Harwood put PAC on the top rope, which allowed PAC to hit him with a dropkick. However, Wheeler got to his corner first and they nearly kept PAC from tagging in his partner. Penta hit two sling blades. He then hit a cazadora on Wheeler and then a DDT on Harwood. Penta continued fighting off FTR on his own.

FTR turned the tables on Penta with PAC still down on the floor. Penta nailed a corkscrew Code Red. PAC went for Fear Factor combo, but Penta was pulled out of the ring. Harwood nearly won with the tiger driver. Blanchard argued with the ref and PAC got thrown into Blanchard. PAC hit moonsault on Wheeler on the outside.

Black misted PAC’s other eye while he was on the apron. Harwood pinned PAC. FTR took off Penta’s mask and Alex Aberhantes covered it with his jacket. Black gouged PAC’s eye and had blood on his hand (likely from the gash on PAC’s side).

FTR defeated PAC and Penta El Zero Miedo via pinfall.