NXT WarGames Results: Team 2.0 defeats Team Black & Gold

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The violence was set to come as NXT WarGames came to the WWE Universe live from the CWC on Peacock. With two WarGames matches, two title bouts, and a hair-versus-hair match, there was a lot on the line with the PPV.

The night started off with the women’s WarGames match as Dakota Kai teamed with Toxic Attraction against Cora Jade, Io Shirai, Raquel Gonzalez, and Kay Lee Ray.

Kai started out the match against KLR and they didn’t wait to get things started. KLR was in control early, taking the action to Kai. She was in control, dropping Kai on her head and stalking her around the ring. Kai took over control, bouncing KLR’s head off the cage. She took the opportunity to break out the kendo sticks to use against her opponent.

Kai tried to Superplex KLR off the top but she was able to fight out of the situation. Kai then went for the baseball bat, but KLR took her out with a top rope dive. That was the perfect segue into team KLR having the advantage as Cora Jade came out of the cage to join her first. She grabbed her skateboard and went to work on Kai’s midsection.

Kai found herself on the wrong side of double-team moves as Jade and KLR had their way with her. She took two suplexes from both women back-to-back, as they mocked her along the way. They went for a third but Kai countered, planting them both with DDTs. That came right on time as Gigi Dolin was the next woman to enter the cage.

She brought in a trash can and bounced it off Jade’s head before dropping her with a pump kick. She didn’t hesitate to take KLR down as well. The two women paired off with Team Toxic Attraction in firm control.

That was until Jade got her hands on the trash can, putting it over Dolin’s head and hitting her with a dropkick. KLR followed up, dropping Kai on the trash can over Dolin’s head with a Gory Bomb. They were welcomed by another member of their team, Io Shirai entered the match. Before she could get rolling, Kai and Dolin cut her off, tossing her into the cage multiple times.

Still, the numbers took over as Jade, Kai, and Shirai took over the momentum. At least momentarily until Jacy Jayne joined the match. She pulled a table out from under the ring before entering. She used the trash can to pump kick KLR with the trash can into chairs. She and her tag team partner, Dolin went doing well to lay out their three opponents. That was until a miscommunication caused her to hit Dolin, allowing their opponents to turn things around.


Jade climbed to the top o the cage and came off the top to put Jane through the table. She was on the mat in pain, and the medical staff tried to remove her from the match, only for Shirai to reset the dislocated shoulder. The buzzer sounded and out came Raquel Gonzalez. She pulled out a shovel but Kai cut her off, keeping her out of the cage. Gonzalez pulled out a fire extinguisher to blow them away and get into the ring.

Gonzalez went on a rampage, laying out all three women with big kicks. While she was doing that, Shirai climbed to the top of the cage with a trash can but Kai cut her off at the last minute. Gonzalez helped her, placing the can over Kai’s head, and allowing Shirai to land a moonsault onto her head.

Mandy Rose was the last person to enter the match. She grabbed a chair and went after Gonzalez first. She tried to attack the injured Jade but Jade’s teammates kept them away with kendo sticks. With Jade remaining in the corner, it was a three-on-four situation.

Gonzalez was going to powerbomb two members of Toxic Attraction until Rose made the save at the last minute. They attempted to pin Gonzalez but Jade made the save with the kendo stick. She held them off for a moment but the four-on-one played out with Rose hitting a running knee, but Jade kicked out. The rest of Jade’s team attempted to make the save, but it was once again Jade who was alone and she pinned Jane to get the victory.

Cora Jade, Raquel Gonzalez, Io Shirai, and Kay Lee Ray defeat Team Toxic Attraction via pinfall.

Tag team action was up next as Kyle O’Reilly and Von Wagner took on Imperium.

KOR and Barthel started out the match. Barthel’s size helped with the grappling matchup but KOR was quickly able to turn things around. Barthel’s size still stopped KOR’s offense until he tagged in Von Wagner to take over. He tossed Fabian Aichner around before bringing KOR back into the match.

Aichner as able to get things back under control for their team until bringing back in Barthel. He planed KOR but his boasting gave him the space needed to tag in Von Wagner. Imperium’s experience as a tag team allowed them to continue to control this match, grounding KOR and battering him with shots. He was able to get to Von Wagner who landed multiple clotheslines and a high knee. He followed that up with gut wrench suplexes on both men.

They ended up outside the ring where Von Wagner continued to put out the offense. KOR took out Aichner while Von Wagner hit an Olympic Slam on Barthel for a two-count.

Imperium was finally able to ground Wagner and went for the Imperial Bomb but Wagner fought out of it with a big chokeslam. He tagged in KOR who landed a knee drop on Barthel’s ankle. KOR locked in an ankle lock on Barthel but Aichner hit a springboard moonsault to break it up. KOR went or a guillotine but Aichner powered out of hit.

Wagner nearly secured the titles with a pinfall on Barthel but he kicked out at two. Wagner was dumped outside and Aichner hit a big dive off the top rope onto him outside the floor. He rolled back in the ring and KOR hit a brain buster for two but transitioned into an armbar. Aichner almost went out but made the tag to Barthel who hit the Imperial Bomb for the victory.

Imperium defeated Kyle O’Reilly and Von Wagner via pinfall to retain the NXT Tag Team Championship.

Cameron Grimes and Duke Hudson were out next for a hair-versus-hair match.

Hudson tosses Grimes into the corner at the start of the match, battering the smaller man. Grimes answered back with kicks to Hudson’s chest. Hudson tossed Grimes over the top and he crashed into the steel steps.

Back in the ring and Grimes tried to get some momentum going, only to take a stiff Uranage out of the corner. He continued to struggle but found a way to knock Hudson out of the ring. His momentum didn’t last, as Hudson tossed Grimes over his head with a belly-to-belly suplex. Hudson continued to overwhelm Grimes in the ring, slowing the pace down to a halt. He tossed Grimes into the corner and focused on his back with a backbreaker.

Grimes was finally able to answer back with a version of the Spanish Fly for a two-count. Hudson lifted Grimes up but was caught with a DDT for his trouble. Grimes landed kicks to Hudson before finishing off the combination with a Poisonrana. Grimes hit a kick in the corner and a high cross body for a two-count.

Hudson did not go away, hitting the Winds of Change for a two-count. Hudson went for the Razor’s Edge into the corner but Grimes countered and pinned Hudson for the victory.

Cameron Grimes defeated Duke Hudson and Hudson must cut his hair.

Joe Gacy versus Roderick Strong was up next for the NXT Cruiserweight Championship.

Strong and Gacy immediately devolved into a brawl and Strong planted him with a backbreaker. Strong was in firm control early in the match. Gacy responded with a clothesline to the back of Strong’s head, following up with stomps and elbows. His momentum quickly ended as Strong backed him into the corner, wearing his chest out with chops.

Gacy used an opportunity outside the ring to ground Strong, taking over when they returned to the ring. Strong fought back with chops but Gacy didn’t slow down. That was until Strong landed a knee in the corner. Strong landed a Superplex from the top but Gacy kicked out at two. They exchanged strikes but Strong took over with a Gut Buster and an Olympic Slam.

Gacy was able to lock in a crossface but Strong made it to the ropes to break the hold. Gacy knocked Strong out of the ring with a clothesline before tossing himself over the top to land on Diamond Mine. Back in the ring he planted Strong with a big powerbomb.

Not long after, Strong landed another backbreaker to put Gacy away and retain the NXT Cruiserweight Championship.

Roderick Strong defeated Joe Gacy via pinfall to retain the NXT Cruiserweight Championship.

The main event was up next as Bron Breakker, Carmelo Hayes, Tony DeAngelo and Grayson Waller took on Tommaso Ciampa, Pete Dunne, Johnny Gargano, and LA Knight.

Hayes and Gargano started things off. Hayes and Gargano went to grappling first with neither man able to take control. Gargano bounced Hayes off the cage before landing a kick to his head to slow down the younger competitor. They exchanged positions in the second ring before Gargano hit the springboard shoulder tackle.

Gargano and Hayes climbed to the top rope and Gargano bounced Hayes head off the cage repeatedly. Waller was the next man out. Gargano tried to take out Waller quickly, but he hit a backbreaker to slow him down. Gargano answered back with a Hurricanrana before landing a kick to Waller’s face as well. Hayes and Waller jumped him to cut off his momentum.

Trick Williams tossed a chair into the ring but Gargano used it to smash Williams’s hands as he climbed up the cage. Pete Dunne was next into the match.

He immediately took out both Waller and Hayes. He laid out Waller and hit the X-Plex on Hayes, dropping him on top of his teammate. Dunne wrapped Waller’s fingers in the cage and hit a suplex on Hayes bouncing off the ropes. Gargano and Dunne locked in submission moves while stomping the faces of the other man.

Hayes was finally able to swing the momentum by planting Dunne on the mat. Until he took a stiff forearm to the face. Tony DeAngelo was the next guy out. While DeAngelo entered the ring Williams pulled out three tables and a trash can to add to the action. As Williams looked for more under the cage Dexter Lumis made an appearance to get him away from the ring.

LA Knight was out next but the cage was locked with a chain from the inside. Knight decided to climb the cage and Waller tried to cut him off but failed, allowing Knight to get into the ring and run wild. He also took a kendo stick to everyone in the ring. Waller ended up with a trash can over his head, taking repeated kicks while slumped in the corner.

Bron Breakker was out next and ripped the chain off the cage himself to get into the ring. He got into the ring and went on a tear but Dunne put a stop to that. Breakker tossed Gargano over the top onto his teammates with ease. Breakker’s team had the number’s advantage and made their opponents pay for it until Tommaso Ciampa’s entrance.

Ciampa took over, landing running knees into everyone’s heads after laying them out in the corner. Hayes went to land a shot with the kendo stick but Gargano made the save with the crutch before giving it to Ciampa to do more damage. Gargano and Ciampa then went back to their days as DIY, landing tag team moves all over the ring until Breakker slammed Gargano on top of Ciampa.

Team 2.0 was in firm control of the match from this point. All eight men ended up meeting in the middle as the brawl continued. Team Black & Gold trapped Team 2.0 in the ropes and stomped away at the group.

Waller nearly put Ciampa through the table, but Knight made the save, hoping to the top rope and launching Waller through the table instead. That was followed up by a big Tower of Doom spot. Knight hit the BFT on Hayes but the pin was saved by DeAngelo at the last second.

Breakker and DeAngelo teamed up on Knight, but Ciampa made the save with a trash can. He finished of the moment with an Air Raid crash into the trash can for a two-count. Waller went to the top of the cage while Knight was placed on the table, landing a big elbow drop. DeAngelo went for the pin but Dunne broke it up.

Dunne then went on a run against Hayes, stomping on his fingers, hands, and arm. DeAngelo assaulted Dunne with the crowbar, pulling out Dunne’s mouthpiece before landing a version of a neck breaker off the top rope. Ciampa and Gargano hit more team offense, getting a DIY chant started. Hayes broke up the pinfall at the last moment, hitting a thumb to the eye on Ciampa and a low blow on Gargano.

Ciampa hit his running knee on Gargano and Breakker put him through the table in the corner. Breakker lifted him up into the big powerslam for the win.

Team 2.0 defeated Team Black & Gold to win the men’s WarGames match via pinfall.