NXT 2.0: Johnny Gargano addresses the NXT Universe

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Although WarGames may have been Johnny Wrestling’s swan song, NXT’s heart and soul has a message for the fans tonight.

The show opens up with a brief recap of NXT WarGames.

Kyle O’Reilly vs. Von Wagner inside a steel cage

After the recap, we kick things off with the first match of the evening. It’s Kyle O’Reilly vs. Von Wagner inside a steel cage. O’Reilly is a bit impatient this evening and jumps Wagner during the big man’s entrance before the match officially begins.

Despite gaining the early advantage, O’Reilly wasn’t able to overcome Wagner tonight. After that, we get a post-match beatdown from Wagner to O’Reilly. The fans in attendance let Wagner know exactly what they thought of him, as the segment ends with the big guy standing tall and the crowd showing their displeasure.

Winner: Von Wagner

Bron Breakker wants another shot at the NXT Title, Roderick Strong wants a shot at Bron

Next up, we hear from the man who scored the winning pinfall in the men’s WarGames match this past Sunday. Bron shows his respect for the vets, but shortly after, he challenges Tommaso Ciampa to one more match for the NXT title.

Before we can get a response, Bron is interrupted by members of Diamond Mine. While Bron has his sites set on the NXT Title, Malcolm Bivens states that Roderick Strong has his sites set on Bron.

Bron accepts the challenge, thus next week, Bron Breakker and Roderick Strong are set to do battle.

Duke Hudson and his new dew

Duke Hudson is up next and apparently, he wants us to believe that he still has a full head of hair. Honestly, the man is in denial. Moreover, Hudson berates Cameron Grimes and calls him a disappointment despite the fact that Grimes beat him this past Sunday.

Cameron Grimes then makes his way to the ring and challenges Hudson to a no holds barred match, next week. Huson accepts. Grimes attempts to yank that hideous abomination of a wig off Hudson’s dome, but the Duke manages to escape with his wig intact.

Carmelo Hayes vs. Dexter Lumis

If you’ve been keeping with NXT lately, you’d know these two have a bit of bad blood. This is due to the fact that Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams injured Lumis’ hand a few weeks ago.

After a few weeks on the shelf, Lumis made his return at NXT WarGames when he scared off Trick during the WarGames match.

Well, if one thing was made crystal clear during this match, it’s the fact that Trick Williams is scared of Dexter Lumis.

Anyway, the self-proclaimed A champion spent a great deal of time trying to re-injure the hand of Lumis anytime he got the upper hand during this one.

The match ends via DQ, courtesy of Trick.

Winner: Dexter Lumis

Toxic Attraction vs. Valentina Feroz and Yulisa Leon

It should be noted that this wasn’t a 3 on 2 handicap match, as Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne were the ones competing, whilst Mandy Rose was in their corner. It kind of sucks she wasn’t on commentary to confront Vic Joeseph about that drooling issue. That would’ve made for some good comedy.

Anyway, the tag team champs make short work of their opponents and win the match with little trouble.

After the match, Mandy gets on the mic and claims that they aren’t running from anyone. “Bring it on”, the NXT Women’s Champion says.

Cora Jade answers the call and asks Rose if she wants to handle a little bit of unfinished business face to face.

If Toxic Attraction thought they were going to take advantage of an injured Cora Jade, they thought wrong. Raquel González evens the odds a bit; coming to the ring with a steel chair and clearing Toxic Attraction from the ring.

Xyon Quinn vs. Santos Escobar

So, is Elektra Lopez just trying to make Quinn think she’s attracted to him, or is she really about to swerve Legado del Fantasma? Is it all just a ploy to throw Quinn off his game or does she really feel some type of way?

That question may be answered during this match… or we might get hit with the question mark ending.

Question mark it is. Lopez gives Quinn some knucks. This match isn’t a no DQ contest. Quinn seems a bit confused. Escobar capitalizes. Escobar wins.

Winner: Santos Escobar

Johnny Gargano addresses his future

Gargano apologizes ahead of time and says this may not be the most elegant promo he’s ever cut.

He states he always wanted to give the fans his best and he hoped he did. He recalls being told he’d never make it in NXT, but due to the fans’ love and support, they made his dream a reality. He thanks the fans for that.

He states the only place he’s ever felt special was in the squared circle. He then states that he knows change is scary but sometimes it needs to happen.

“You’ll never fail if you bet on yourself”, Gargano says.

He doesn’t know what his future holds, but he’s about to begin the most important role in his life soon: being a father.

Then, Grayson Waller earns himself the “biggest douchebag of the year” award by attacking Johnny with a steel chair and putting him through a table.

The show ends with the crowd jeering Grayson with some well-deserved choice words for his actions as he kneels over a lifeless Johnny Gargano.