AEW Dynamite: Bryan Danielson continues to dominate Dark Order

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AEW Dynamite is live from the brand new UBS Arena on Long Island.

The show begins with Long Island’s own MJF’s music, only for CM Punk to come out. Punk insults the crowd for not being as loud as Chicago. After removing his hoodie, Punk revealed the Four Pillars shirt with Britt Baker replacing MJF. Punk referenced the Isles winless streak in their new arena for heeeeaaat. He referred to MJF as an incel. At the end of this heel promo,”PG Punk” said he wanted MJF tonight, but didn’t think he’d accept.

After the commercial break, a Ferrari is seen driving up. MJF got out of the car and walked across a football field, while a VoiceOver read off MJF’s accomplishments and called him the “Salt of the Earth”.

Dynamite Diamond Battle Royale

MJF is the first entrant into the Battle Royale. Matt Hardy, WARDLOW, Jay Lethal, Powerhouse Hobbs, Ricky Starks, Matt Sydal, Lee Moriarity, Lio Rush, Dante Martin, Frankie Kazarian, and Lee Johnson were already ringside during the MJF promo.

Spears saved MJF from being eliminated. Moriarity is the first eliminated. Hardy eliminated Lethal. Martin eliminated Hardy. WARDLOW and Hobbs were big meaty men slapping meat, but it was Rush that eliminated Hobbs.

During the break, MJF hid behind WARDLOW. Afterwards, Rush tried to eliminate MJF. WARDLOW was holding the ropes down to assist his friend, but MJF eliminated Johnson, Rush, and WARDLOW. He then eliminated Kazarian.

It came down to MJF, Starks, and Martin. Martin eliminated Starks much to the chagrin of Taz. He will face off next week at Winter is Coming for the Dynamite Diamond ring.

After the match, Starks beat up Martin. MJF started to leave Martin, but got in the face of Starks. The two double teamed Martin with Punk coming to make the save.

Dante Martin and MJF are the last two standing.

The Acclaimed,2point0, and Daniel Garcia vs. Jurassic Express and Varsity Blonds

Max Caster kept with the Isles hate for heat. Anthony Bowens and Jungle Boy start off the match, but Caster helped Irish Whip Jungle Boy. Jungle Boy cleared the ring. Griff Garrison hit a tope con giro and took out 2point0 and The Acclaimed.

Varsity Blonds isolated Caster in the corner. Bowens tried to help his partner, but is knocked off the apron. Caster is able to get Pillman over to his corner, where he was continuously stomped on. Both teams work together to punish Pillman. After several minutes of punishment, Pillman nearly made it to his corner, but was stopped by Caster. Jeff Parker pushed Garrison off the apron. Pillman tried to make it to Luchasaurus, but was thwarted once again.

Luchasaurus started clearing house as soon as he was tagged in. He stacked both teams in the corner, doing a splash on both before hitting 2point0 with a clothesline. Caster taunted Luchasaurus which didn’t end well. Bowens took down Garrison. Jungle Boy nailed Caster with a DDT. Eddie Kingston came out and took out Garcia while he was on the apron. Caster missed with the Mic Drop and Jungle Boy reversed with a snare to pin Caster.

Jurassic Express and Varsity Blonds defeat The Acclaimed, 2point0 and Daniel Garcia via pinfall.

Kingston took the camera backstage. Ortiz tried calming him down and they were attacked by 2point0 and Garcia. They continued brawling to the commercial break.

After the break, Tully Blanchard was with FTR talking about how many times they’ve beat Lucha Bros. Wheeler said Lucha Bros. won by a fluke. On Rampage, FTR will face Lucha Bros.

Young Bucks vs. Rocky Romero & Chuckie T w/Orange Cassidy

Romero and Nick Jackson started off the match. As Excalibur points out, the two have faced off many times as part of CHAOS and Bullet Club, respectively. CHAOS member Chuckie T faces off with Nick next. The Bucks took Chuckie T off the apron. Romero tagged back in and faced off against Matt. Romero got isolated in the corner, but Romero fought back briefly. Romero finally got to his corner to tag in Chuckie T. He hit them with a flatliner DDT and then a tope con hilo. Romero hit a crossbody on the Bucks and paid for it with a Superkick. The Bucks kiss Cole on the cheeks on the outside.

The Bucks taunt Orange Cassidy on the outside. Bucks hit senton on Chuckie T. After the break, Cole Superkicked Orange Cassidy. Chuckie T has on Cassidy’s sunglasses. Romero does forever clotheslines on the Buck before huricanranas. Romero nearly pinned Matt after Sliced Bread No. 2.  Cutler distracts the ref while cold spraying Matt.

Cutler cold sprayed Matt in the face. While blinded, Romero goes for Slice Bread again, but Jackson reversed it. The two traded moves before the Bucks hit Meltzer Driver for the win.

Afterwards, SuperKliq beat up their opponents. Wheeler Yuta tried to help, but is taken out. Cole nailed Panama Sunrise on Cassidy. Then, they set up for a three way BTE when Best Friends music hit. Sue dropped of the returning Trent, who then takes out all of SuperKliq. Kris Statlander brought Sue to the ring to GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT.

Young Bucks defeated Rocky Romero and Chuckie T by pinfall.

Backstage, Alex Marvez tried to interview Ruby Soho, but they are interrupted by The Bunny and Penelope Ford. The two say they’ll tag with Nyla Rosa on AEW Rampage and asked if she had any friends. Nyla Rose attacked Soho from behind. She’s saved by Tay Conti and Anna Jay.

Tony Schiavone began an interview with Sammy Guevara when they were interrupted by Cody Rhodes. Rhodes said Tony Khan made it official that he will face “The Spanish God” on Christmas Day for the TNT Championship.

Men of the Year were in the crowd and Ethan Page complained about how Rhodes doesn’t have to jump through hoops for a title shot. He then said that Dan Lambert in on the way back. Sky is mad that unranked competitors are getting a shot over him.

Jamie Hayter w/Britt Baker and Rebel vs. RIHO

Hayter pushed RIHO’s face to start off. Hayter kept most of the offense in the opening minutes of the match. Baker hit RIHO with a cheap shot while Aubrey was distracted. RIHO nailed Hayter with a Tiger Feint kick. Hayter tried to regroup, when RIHO jumped on her from the outside. RIHO slid down the front of her and Hayter had to pick her up. Hayter once again took control inside the ring. She held RIHO in a rear chin lock before stomping on her ribs. Hayter continued her assault into the commercial break.

RIHO finally got in some offense after the break. Hayter and RIHO struggled to get up. Once they did, they exchanged blows. RIHO rolled up Hayter and hit a dragon suplex. Hayter dropped RIHO with a brain buster and then a backbreaker. Hayter put RIHO in a single leg crab. RIHO reversed into a roll up, but it isn’t enough.

RIHO hit a Code Red, followed by a diving foot stomp. Hayter still can’t be put away. She hit RIHO with strikes. Rebel grabbed RIHO’s leg while she was on the turnbuckle. RIHO hit Hayter with an avalanche crucifix bomb before hitting the Area Code Shot to pin Hayter.

After the match, Baker puts RIHO in the lockjaw.

RIHO defeats Jamie Hayter via pinfall.

Taz announced that his son, Hook, will be making his in-ring debut on Rampage against Fuego Del Sol.

Tony Schiavone interviewed Varsity Blonds when the lights go out. Malakai Black black mists Julia and the lights went back down. After the lights came back up, Black is gone.

John Silver vs. Bryan Danielson

Hometown hero John Silver received a hometown pop and a “Johnny Hungee” chant. The match started with lockups before Danielson took Silver down. Silver took down Danielson, which angered him. Danielson repaid him with multiple kicks, but Silver hit a roundhouse kick. Danielson dropped to his knee before luring his opponent to the apron so he could punch him in the face and hit a diving knee drop.

During picture-in-picture, Danielson kept firm control of the match.The pair exchanged multiple kicks. Silver had Danielson’s ankle in heel hook. Danielson kicked Silver repeatedly and Silver just laughed them off. Silver took out Danuelson on the outside and then a German suplex once they got back in the ring. Danielson nailed him with a kick. Silver kicked Danielson in the back of the head before another German suplex.

Silver went for the Spin Doctor, but is gouged in the eyes. Danielson rained down multiple elbows. Danielson nailed a Gotch Style piledriver and pinned Silver.

Danielson “kicked Silver’s head in” before Hangman Page came running in and attacked Danielson. He promised to kick the “cowboy s–t out of you” next week at Winter is Coming.

Bryan Danielson beats John Silver via pinfall.