WWE Superstars test their knowledge about India, The answers will shock you


WWE superstars tour the world, so they have fans across the globe. While having fans is one thing, knowing the country and its terminologies is a different concept. WWE usually lets its superstars talk to their Indian counterparts and record videos for entertainment purposes. WWE did another video, where Damien Priest, Goldberg, Veer Mahaan, Shanky, Jinder Mahal, and Nikki A.S.H. joined the WWE India host Gaelyn Mendonca and answered questions from the popular host.

Goldberg knew almost every image, and the host seemed impressed with his knowledge. Shanky called The Deadman’s famous catchphrase ‘Rest in Peace’ as Maje Karo, Mar Gaye Tum, which translates to “Enjoy, you are dead.” It tickled the host’s funny bone. Jinder Mahal has Punjabi roots, and he answered pretty well. In Punjabi, what’s up is called “bruaah,” Jinder answered. Nikki A.S.H. answered mosquito repellent as something else but then answered it right. It was a pleasant experience for the host and Nikki ASH.

Samoa Joe was also a part of the video and was confident during his answers. Damien Priest wasn’t sure of Dosa, or so we think, because the host played mind games with him, but what happened? Well, no one knows.

It was an example of how WWE wants to set its sights on India, and they know that India is a crucial business market for them. A loss in this area will hit the company, and that’s why they keep engaging with their Indian fans through their show WWE Now India. WWE has released various superstars due to budget cuts, and they know that it impacts the global audience. Indian fans didn’t like their decisions, and so it looks like WWE wants to cut into their fans before they lose the market and the fans’ interest.

Damien Priest and Nikki ASH are in good storylines. Jinder Mahal and Shanky have not appeared on Raw in the past few weeks. The vignettes of Veer Mahaan have been on Raw, but the way it’s going, we may see him return during the 30-Men Royal Rumble match. Nikki ASH and Rhea Ripley lost their women’s tag team titles to Carmella and Queen Zelina, but will they get their titles back soon, or will we need to wait till Mania until that happens.

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Samoa Joe hasn’t been on TV since his NXT Championship run, and it’s still unknown if he will be back in any capacity soon. Goldberg is one superstar who is not in the WWE in any role currently.

It’s always interesting to see WWE Superstars interacting with cultures from across the world. We know that the Indian market is an important are of perceived growth for the company, so these efforts are enjoyable to watch.