WWE is fully investing behind “new” faces in NXT 2.0

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For the past couple of months, the WWE created a massive change for NXT. The fans who knew the original version may not recognize the product today. One reason is that WWE is entirely investing in some of the newer names on the roster, featuring younger talent in prominent positions and strong showings on television.

This past summer, WWE has announced a newer and revamped version of NXT. Now, this is a brand where more unknown stars are exposed to viewers. The hope for NXT 2.0 is to focus on these newer stars. Although many fans prefer the black and gold version, still, the change will need the fans to have patience for what’s to come in the future.

Investing in these new faces is an incredible idea because it gives the fans something new for the brand. With the WWE Universe witnessing the farewells of original stars such as Kyle O’Reilly and Johnny Gargano, there’s so much potential in the newer stars today.

On NXT 2.0, fans gain more exposure to these brand-new talents every week. Entirely investing in these particular stars can also be a grand experiment. This investment can help determine who will be the ones to carry the brand to the land of success. It is also wise for WWE to go back to its developmental ways by creating these stars. This strategic decision can give fans an idea of what they can expect in this version of NXT and expect the unexpected. Instead of WWE usually giving the original NXT talent the most television time, they now have a balance of television time between the older and newer stars.

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It will be interesting to see how WWE Officials will continue presenting NXT 2.0 within the next few years. For instance, some of these newer stars may have a bright future with the company. Whether it’s winning a championship or main eventing WrestleMania, there’s so much to occur.