NXT: Grayson Waller explains his actions; Ciampa attacks Breakker

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Results for the Dec. 14 NXT 2.0

NXT opens up with a recap of Grayson Waller’s heinous and callous attack on Johnny Gargano during his farewell address to the NXT Universe.

We cut to live TV and Waller is seen getting out of a vehicle and taunting some of the NXT fans outside the venue.

Duke Hudson vs. Cameron Grimes (No Holds Barred)

Cameron Grimes wastes little time, delivering a big boot before Hudson can get in the ring. Grimes does some damage with a trash can lid, using the lid and can itself. Grimes is wearing Hudson out with the lid and the fans request Grimes hit Hudson once more with it. Hudson soon gains the advantage. He put the boots to grimes.

Eventually, Grimes gains the upper hand and wins the match, but the real story was after when Grimes exposes Hudson and his baldness to the rest of the world. You have to admit, he looks sharp… Not!

Grayson Waller explains his actions

Not sure if it was canned or not but you can audibly hear a kid yell “you suck”. I’m not sure who that kid was, but hell yeah! That kid rocks. Anyway, Grayson states that he simply “bet on himself” last week and cemented his status in NXT by attacking Johnny Gargano.

One thing is for sure, Waller isn’t trying to make friends here. He taunts both Vic Joseph and Wade Barrett about what went down last week and addresses their reactions to said situation. “The only thing I need to go to the top of this industry is Grayson Waller”, he says. Well, Waller certainly has all the tools to make it as a great heel in WWE.

Amari Miller vs Ivy Nile

Well, Miller didn’t go down without a fight, but the NXT fans kind of predicted the future in regards to this match: “Ivy’s gonna kill you”. Don’t know about the killing part, but Nile picks up the win with a sick-looking dragon sleeper.

Harland (with Joe Gacy) vs Guru Raaj

As you may have expected, Harland dominates the guy who didn’t get an entrance (that being Raaj). He wins with ease. Post-match beat down from Harland, as he’s a heel, therefore he does things a heel would do.

Cora Jade vs. Dakota Kai (with Mandy Rose on commentary)


Dakota Kai and Cora Jade were involved in a backstage segment earlier in the night.

During the aforementioned segment, Kai attempts to “warn” Jade that her alliance with Gonzalez will only lead to a betrayal and that Jade will just end up with a knife in her back. Jade isn’t hearing any of it and states that after she defeats Kai she’ll be one step closer to facing Mandy Rose for the NXT Women’s Championship.

As you may have guessed, this was a very competitive match. Rose was on commentary and the banter between her and Vic was quite entertaining. After a brief back and forth match, it was ultimately Cora Jade who defeated Dakota Kai.

After the match was over, Kai attempts to take out her frustrations of losing to Cora Jade on… Cora Jade. Once again, just like last week, Ms. González comes to the rescue.

So, while Kai and Gonzoláz are doing their thing, the Toxic Attraction theme hits, and out comes Gigi and Jacy. This was all just to distract Jade, as the NXT Tag Team Champions didn’t get physical.

Mandy did, though.

Looks like the seeds are being planted for a Rose/Jade feud. Sweet!

*Up next, it appears we have a special bonus match. It’s me vs. Spectrum’s internet service.*

Apparently, Tony D’Angelo had a match next. The only problem is, I couldn’t see a damn thing because I lost my internet connection… You know, this seems to be a common thing for people with Spectrum as their internet service provider.

Quite frankly, I’m sick of it.

Anyway, if you’re reading this and notice that the post sounds different than usual, if you describe this article as “unique” for all the wrong reasons and you get the feeling I rushed through it or that it’s missing key details, please, by all means, blame Spectrum for the abysmal service.

Because while Grayson Waller may play a big, mean jerk on TV, I assure you that real heel is Spectrum.

Summing up the rest of the show in a nutshell

Bron Breakker defeats Roderick Strong in the main event. Tommaso Ciampa attacks Breakker after the match and lays him out with the Widow’s Bell. Grayson Waller’s night isn’t over, as he attacks LA Knight; adding more fuel to their heated feud.

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Pete Dunn and Tony D’Angelo brawl for a bit and it appears Dexter Lumis has got a bit of artwork designed with Trick Williams in mind.