5 reasons why Roman Reigns’ Tribal Chief storyline is becoming boring


Is the Roman Reigns’ storyline starting to lose steam?

WWE superstar Roman Reigns returned at the SummerSlam event last year and has used The Tribal Chief moniker to make himself a force on the blue brand. The Usos initially pushed back, but over time The Usos have joined forces with the universal champion. This association has given the fans a reason to enjoy Reigns’ reign as the champion while also witnessing him as a heel for the first time since his main roster debut in 2012.

The former Big Dog is now the Head of the Table, and he seeks acknowledgment from every WWE universe member and city. It is the start of the stale approach in his character, more than that which meets the eye. The former Shield member’s character looked impressive as a heel. It served its purpose, but all good things must come to an end.

A year has gone by, and the character has lost its charm in the course. Roman Reigns’ character and the performer are seemingly beginning to grow stale. There are reasons why, so let’s look at what is causing this character and story to slowly lose momentum:

#5 What is the story that is being told? 

WWE never asked people to acknowledge Stone Cold Steve Austin as The Texas Rattlesnake or The Rock to be The Great One. It changed with Roman’s character, who would step between the ropes and ask everyone to acknowledge him. It looks like he doesn’t have the confidence to be the Head of the Table.

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An individual or their character would seek acknowledgment only when they aren’t confident about themselves. Roman Reigns is one superstar that didn’t fit the fan’s perception when he was a babyface. Times changed, but it looks like the character itself has lost its confidence, and that’s why it seeks acknowledgment from others. Have Roman Reigns’ WrestleMania opponents, The Rated-R superstar, The Leader of the Yes Movement ever asked for acknowledgment as The Ultimate Opportunist or The American Dragon?

#4 The Bloodline Interference

Jimmy and Jey weren’t involved in Roman Reigns’ character and storyline until the former tag team champion didn’t convince Jey Uso that everything is about the family. The Usos became a member, but it would continually look like they were ready to strike and backstab their cousin.

They continually interfered in Reigns’ matches. Roman Reigns felt that The Bloodline should be dominant, but it hurt his character. It showed that The Tribal Chief wasn’t confident or didn’t have the skills to get the tasks done on his merit. Roman can still change the course of this storyline until it’s doomed and becomes unbearable.

#3 No Tribe Acknowledgement

Afa and Sika acknowledged Roman Reigns as The Tribal Chief after the Steel Cage match between Jimmy and the universal champion at last year’s Hell In A Cell. Roman Reigns’ character hasn’t received any support from anyone else in his tribe. Roman wants acknowledgement as The Tribal Chief, but he should be acknowledged by his tribe, not just two members of his own family, and a forced acceptance.

His new character came with the idea of having him go up against The Brahma Bull at this or next year’s Showcase of the Immortals. As of this writing, The Great One has a busy schedule, and it looks impossible for him to show up at the show. If so, how will he get the acknowledgement or the beating of his life from The People’s Champion?

#2 No New Members

The tribe can only survive if it continues to grow. If you remember The Attitude Era, some superstars would continually pledge their support to these groups. It could be the McMahon group, DX, or even Austin’s group. Members came to the group or changed to stir up the storyline.

It looks like The Tribal Chief has no charisma as no superstar wants to join the group. Tamina Snuka may be on Raw chasing the 24/7 championship, but Naomi can be a great addition to the group. She has the skills and can be a group member as the SmackDown Women’s Champion. If The Tribal Chief can’t impress other superstars, he can at least impress his bloodline.

#1 Weak Opponents

If you want to put someone on the Mount Rushmore of professional wrestling, you need to allow them to showcase their skills. Roman Reigns hasn’t received the right set of opponents until now. It looks like WWE wanted to push him for a year as they weren’t sure of The Rock’s status.

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With a year under his belt and counting, now may be the time to put him through some tough competition and put the belt on a part-time performer who is a bigger blue-eyed boy to Vince and Co. It would help them generate revenue and pull the trigger on an underwhelming character.