AEW Rampage: Best Friends’ Trent returns to in-ring action

Chuck Taylor and Trent of AEW's Best Friends faction (photo courtesy of AEW)
Chuck Taylor and Trent of AEW's Best Friends faction (photo courtesy of AEW) /

This week’s AEW Rampage comes to us from Dallas.

After taking out CHAOS last week, the SuperElite want to officially do it this week. A medically cleared Trent is back to help his Best Friend and…friends. To add salt to the wound, the Young Bucks threatened the newest CHAOS member (and Trent’s mom), Sue.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve seen Eddie Kingston and Ortiz get attacked by 2point0 and Daniel Garcia. Since he doesn’t have Moxley to help him, the “Mad King” has asked for his best friend, Penta, Penta’s brother Fenix and Proud ‘n Powerful to help even the odds.

Tay Conti is fed up with Penelope Ford & The Bunny using brass knuckles, so she challenged Ford to a submission match. Ford believes that her Muta Lock will be enough to make Conti tap.

SuperElite and Bobby Fish vs. Best Friends, Orange Cassidy, & Rocky Romero (w/ Wheeler Yuta)

Chuckie T paid homage to his hometown of Mayfield, Kentucky, which was recently devastated by tornadoes.

Each team quickly rotated wrestlers in the early stages of the match. Cole is tagged in, but when he realized Cassidy was in the ring, he tagged in Nick. Cassidy walked across the top rope and continues to do Orange Cassidy things. All eight men wind up in the ring to go at it. The action quickly spilled to the outside where the SuperElite toss Trent into the apron before nailing Cassidy with a triple Superkick.

Cassidy is then isolated in the corner. His partners tried to come to his aid, but are chased away by referee Rick Knox. Cassidy and Cole got at it briefly, but when Cassidy tried to tag out, there was no one in the corner. Cassidy countered the Panama Sunrise and tagged in Trent, much to the fans’ delight. Trent easily cleaned house, even taking out Brandon Cutler with a backdrop. He nearly pinned Nick. Roppongi Vice reunited to take out Nick with a running knee strike. Trent & Chuckie paused long enough to give the people want they want, but promptly regret it.

SuperElite continued to focus on Trent’s surgically repaired neck. Fish nearly pinned Trent with a flying headbutt. Trent is isolated in the corner and they superkicked anyone who got in the ring. Cassidy makes the save, but it’s short-lived. There was nonstop action in this match.

Trent hit Fish with Strong Zero to win.

Best Friends, Orange Cassidy, & Rocky Romero win via pinfall

After the commercial break, Dan Lambert made his return. Men of the Year joined him in the ring while he put down Tony Khan. Lambert claimed favoritism over Sky and Page.

Cody Rhodes, who is next in line to get a TNT Championship shot, came out to confront Lambert. Rhodes snatched the mic from Lambert, who snatched it back, only for Rhodes to snatch it again. They continued fighting over the mic.

Rhodes tossed the mic to distract everyone while he attacked Men of the Year. That move quickly backfired and Dustin Rhodes had to come to help his brother. Guevara came out to even the odds. Lambert and Men of the Year ran like scalded dogs. Guevara mouthed “I got you” to his upcoming opponent.

Penelope Ford vs. Tay Conti

Conti wasted no time running down to ring and putting Ford on her butt. Conti quickly put her opponent in a submission move, but to no avail. On the outside, Ford got in a few chest slaps. Once inside the ring, Conti put her in another armbar.

Ford hit her patented cartwheels and slammed into Conti. She was able to get Conti down in the crucifix. Conti regained control and rained down elbows. The Bunny tried to distract Conti, but was met by Anna Jay on the outside. On the top turnbuckle, Conti had Ford in a submission move from the back. The two traded submission holds. Ford hit three backbreakers, but Conti used her knees to break the hold.

Conti hit a pump kick and Ford came right back. Conti got Ford to submit. The Bunny hit Conti with the brass knucks but was chased away from a chair-wielding Jay.

Conti wins by submission

The Owen Hart Cup will begin in May before culminating at Double or Nothing. There will be both a men’s and women’s tournament for “The Owen” and Dr. Martha Hart will be there to crown both winners.

Eddie Kingston, Lucha Bros., Santana & Ortiz vs. 2point0, Daniel Garcia, & The Acclaimed

Max Caster was rapping down the ramp when his opponents attacked him and his boys. This led to many shenanigans on the outside. After a couple of minutes, the bell finally rang. Penta and Caster officially started off the main event. Fenix took over for his brother and continued to beat up Caster. Santana and Ortiz were next to take on The Acclaimed.

During picture-in-picture, more shenanigans between the ten men took place. After the break, Santana took out 2point0 with a moonsault. Penta took out all of his opponents within seconds. Fenix ran the tightrope and kicked Caster in the head.

Fenix continued to take out his opponents and nearly pinned Garcia. Kingston finally got in the ring with Garcia, but 2point0 quickly pulled Kingston from the ring. Lucha Bros. hit stereo tope con hilos on 2point0.  Kingston and Garcia faced off again. Garcia grabbed Kingston’s gear and rolled him up for the win.

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The Acclaimed, Garcia, and 2point0 attacked Kingston afterward. Number one contenders Jurassic Express came from behind to take out The Acclaimed. Afterward, Jungle Boy picked up the tag team titles and handed them to the Lucha Bros. The teams pounded fists as Jungle Boy’s theme played. Kingston chased Garcia up the ramp.

Daniel Garcia, 2point0, and The Acclaimed win by pinfall