All Elite Wrestling: Five Fearless Predictions for 2022

AEW, Chris Jericho Credit: All Elite Wrestling
AEW, Chris Jericho Credit: All Elite Wrestling /
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1. Darby Allin turns on Sting

There has been quite possibly no better alignment of a veteran of the sport with a future star of the sport than the one between Sting and Darby Allin.

Sting was there to have Darby’s back during the majority of his TNT Title reign, and the two will go into Holiday Bash with an undefeated record as a tag team.

So why then, would Allin ever think about turning on Sting?

Eventually, Darby Allin is going to get frustrated with his inability to win the big match.

Darby has been a part of many high-profile programs, including one with CM Punk and with MJF in this past year.  But Allin always seems to come up short in these contests unless it happens to be a tag match, where had and Sting have seemed unbeatable.

This will weigh on the mind of Darby and he will start to feel resentment towards Sting, blaming him for his shortcomings in his singles career.  Possibly, even calling Sting a distraction.

Allin was one of those guys that AEW signed, and was maybe not exactly sure what they had in him.  But Allin quickly showed them and as he continued to put on performances that left the crowd buzzing, AEW started to realize that they had a bonafide star on their hands.

Darby challenged for the AEW World Title against both Chris Jericho and Jon Moxley.  He challenged Cody Rhodes for the TNT Title three times, before finally winning it on his third attempt.  And as stated earlier, he lost big pay-per-view matches against CM Punk and MJF.

Darby Allin has always been the guy that can get the big match but just can’t seem to get over the hump.

Allin will finally come to the realization that he needs a change in philosophy to take his game to the next level.  And that is going to take him to a dark place.

And where a Darby Allin that played by the rules failed, a win at all costs Darby Allin will succeed.  And as Darby starts to embrace that side of him he will turn away from Sting, ultimately assaulting Sting and going solo.

This will inevitably lead to one of the best cinematic matches of all time, and the two have a blow-off match that fans will talk about for months after.

Next. I admit it, I was wrong about Sting in AEW. dark

And while it will be sad to see this mentorship end, Darby Allin needs this to continue to progress in his singles career, and ultimately achieve his goal of becoming the AEW World Champion.